Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 994

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Chapter 994: 994

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It wasn't just him. Ying Huo, Meow Meow, Lan Huang, and Xian Xian were all infuriated.

"How dare that bitch mess with my little mommy?! Xian Xian's pissed!" Even though Xian Xian often changed the way she addressed Feiling, what couldn't be disputed was its love for Feiling. If it weren’t for having to cultivate, it would prefer to remain by her side.

Even the sleepy Meow Meow immediately snapped awake in a hostile manner at hearing about Feiling's plight. "I'll crush the balls of anyone that dares to touch Ling'er!"

"Cat Bro, they have no balls," Ying Huo said.

After Meow Meow got a good look, its rage didn't abate in the slightest. "Then I'll claw their faces off!"


Tianming and his four beasts charged and started fighting in the Shiyu Compound. First, Xian Xian immediately put the entire area under its area of control, making sure all their opponents were surrounded by trees. Having reached the twelfth-level life phase, all of them had undergone a fundamental change, being really close to the Ascension stage.

Tianming's strong reaction stunned Huiye Yin for a moment. Then her expression turned savage. So the reason my brother had me bully Shishi is that he's unhappy with this fellow, right? How dare that outsider raise his hand against me? Nobody can blame me for crippling him, then! Does he even know whose turf he's on? Turning to her minions, she snapped, "Continue what you were doing! I'll take care of him!"

Even though Huiye Yin couldn't quite compare to her brother, she was second only to him in the entire city. She had just reached her forties and was at the Trisource Sky level of the Ascension stage, ranking her second among the juniors of the Huiyue Clan. As for Tianming, he had claimed to be at the twelfth-level life phase back then, so he wasn't even a god yet. Logically speaking, his abilities shouldn't have changed within a few short days.

Given his performance against Huiyue Yu and the rest, the clan had estimated his capabilities to be around the level of a Dipole Sky cultivator, which Huiye Yin could already deal with five years back. She didn't even bother manifesting her totems and charged straight at him while her minions continued bullying Huiye Shi.

As for Feiling, the moment she returned to normal, someone immediately tried to kill her once more. Ying Huo used Infernal Haze and Meow Meow used its blinding speed to run past Huiye Yin toward the minions, who were at best first-level ascendants; a few of them were even samsarans like Huiye Shi. One of the girls raised her sword toward Feiling once more, only for Ying Huo to charge in and use the Ninesky Beastsoul Formation on her. The nine beasts bit directly onto the four bane-rings on the girl's arm and immediately tore it apart with sword ki.

"Aaaaah!" shrieked the girl as all her totems faded away. Ying Huo's show of force immediately scared the others who were approaching Feiling into taking a few steps back.

"It crippled my totems!" she cried. "How dare a lowly outsider like you destroy the bane-rings of a divine moonrace?! You're dead! Dead, you hear?!"

All across the Divine Moon Realm, non-divine moonrace who married into divine moonrace families usually didn't dare to offend any divine moonrace, let alone ruin their totems, hence the girl's sheer disbelief.

"Kill all his lifebound beasts! Don't just stand there!" Huiye Yin said after witnessing it. Her queenly authority had just been challenged, and she wasn’t having any of it.

"Get them together!" The eight girls formed two groups and summoned their totems, sending some against Ying Huo and others against Meow Meow. Meow Meow had successfully defended Huiye Shi and tossed her near Feiling, then turned into its Regal Chaosfiend form. It glared at the tens of totems with a fierce gaze.

At the same time, Xian Xian's Radiant Vines and Bloodrain Swords came to support them. In its rage, it whipped and targeted all the totems, causing countless leaves and petals to fall all over the place and collapsing many of the buildings in the Shiyu Compound, causing quite a commotion. By now, the battle had attracted quite a lot of attention, though nobody dared to stop a fight the clan leader's daughter had instigated.

Xian Xian, Ying Huo, and Meow Meow alone managed to hold back eight foes, four of whom were ascendants. They didn't hold back at all, thanks to all the rage they felt. Xian Xian focused on controlling the crowd of totems, while Meow Meow unleashed its many offensive abilities. Ying Huo played the role of disruptor by charging straight into crowds with its small body, spilling much blood with its wings.

"If I don't thoroughly crush you here and now, you'll think we're easy to pick on!" Xian Xian said as the blood lilies bloomed, scattering its petals at the totems when Bloodrain Swords was used. Even though there was no blood to drain, the petals could still damage them by exploding, thereby lowering their combat capabilities.

Despite the chaotic battlefield, Ying Huo and the rest still managed to strike terror in their enemies' hearts. Now, they were all praying for Huiye Yin to come to their aid. After all, a third-level ascendant like her would definitely be able to take them all on singlehandedly.

Tianming and Huiye Yin clashed; Tianming only had Lan Huang by his side now. It was a beast almost as large as Huiyue City itself. Meanwhile, Huiye Yin manifested her totems, giants that stood two hundred meters tall, though they were puny in comparison to Lan Huang. Tianming, on the other hand, stood on one of Lan Huang’s heads as they roared. While it fought against Huiye Yin's totems, Tianming pinpointed her location.

Though Huiye Yin may be arrogant and boastful, she had the capabilities to back it up. With the legacy of the clan leader, she was far stronger than the likes of Huiye Shi's brother and Huiyue Yu, not to mention she was a hexabane. Apart from the five moons on her right arm, there was a silver moon in the middle of her left palm. They were six grand moons!

Her six colorful totems blocked Tianming's view. They had strong physiques that gave them a really burly air, which was only intensified by their deer heads. Six colored halos circled around their massive antlers.

If one's totems were gendered, they would usually match the gender of the terra, which usually corresponded to the actual body. However, female deer didn't have antlers. The only plausible explanation for that was that Huiye Yin's terra was male, which was almost fitting, given her tomboyish demeanor. Regardless, gender didn't factor much into the actual power of these hexachromic deergods.

With a single look, Tianming could tell how ferocious Huiye Yin was. Her totems, like her, wielded a blade and a sword each. Her blade was really thin and didn't look too different from her sword. Both of them were divine artifacts; the sword was called Frostmoon Heart and the blade was called Galemoon Sky. With the gigantic totems radiating all sorts of colors behind her, she looked like a psychedelic war god.

Seeing Tianming enraged, she felt the urge to laugh. "Who do you think you are to challenge me on my turf? Piss on the ground and look in your reflection, will ya? You're just a brat! I'll show you what adult society has in store for you. You don't even know your place. Don't think I'll stoop so low as to grab a bone from a desperate stray dog like you!"

The only answer she got was Tianming and Lan Huang's charge. The gigantic twin-headed dragon used Primordial Wheel, gathering much of the rubble and dirt for added mass before ramming toward Huiye Yin. The six hexachromic deergods immediately descended to defend her from the blow, slashing their swords and blades at Lan Huang.

Lan Huang let its Kilofold Rings revolve at maximum speed. Coupled with its impressive momentum, it couldn't be stopped even by the combined effort of all six totems! With a loud crash, the totems were forced back and slammed into Huiye Yin.

"I’ll send you flying!" Lan Huang howled.

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