Beastmaster of the Ages - Chapter 996

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Chapter 996: 996

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Due to the matter of the killer, all of the divine moonrace within the city had become really sensitive to battles that occured within its bounds. After all, there were proper places for duels between disciples to be carried out. The Shiyu Compound was within the residential area, so combat was usually forbidden there. As such, the commotion had attracted quite a lot of spectators even though it only took a short time, and they witnessed the samsaran Tianming completely defeating Huiye Yin, the daughter of the clan leader, and that was with Ying Huo not fighting beside him.

"He's only seventeen! That's godly!"

"Huiye Yin's at least twice his age."

"Word is that he came from Soulwell Mountain. Despite the lack of cultivation resources there, he truly turned out to be a miracle."

"This can't be the descendant of some big shot from Orderia that somehow ended up in our Divine Moon Realm, can it?"

Many people of all ages and genders were shocked and awed.

"Isn't it to our benefit that he married into our Huiyue Clan?"

"I really wonder what kind of miracles he’ll bring about in another ten years."

That was generally the consensus the divine moonrace had of Tianming now.

"Why’d Huiye Yin get into a fight with him?"

"I don't know. But it's hardly surprising, considering how rambunctious she usually is. The clan leader also spoils her too much. Something about Li Tianming must’ve ticked her off."

"Given where they were fighting, it's clear who the aggressor was."

"However, Huiye Yin is the clan leader's daughter, yet Li Tianming defeated and humiliated her. Given his low status, I believe those of the clan leader's direct line will have an issue with this."

As they were talking, a man suddenly charged into Shiyu Compound and lashed out at Tianming. Moments before, Tianming had defeated Huiye Yin and was going to get her to release the Moonsoul Blooddragon. However, she still couldn't let go of her pride and snapped at him, completely ignoring his demand.

Now that Tianming wasn't on his home turf, he had to control his temper if he wanted to live a long life. So, he brought his sword to Feiling. The bloody chains were wrapped around her, burning. Had it not been for the white jade wall patterns that appeared on her skin, she would have been completely charred. Even so, it still hurt a lot, though she endured it and tried to make it not show to make sure Tianming didn't lose his cool. All Tianming had to back him up was Huiye Shi, and he would always be considered an outsider. He was only trying to buy time to make as much progress as he can.

"I'll see if I can get it off with the Grand-Orient Sword. Just endure for a bit," Tianming said, a little troubled.

"I can take it, Big Brother," Feiling said.

Tianming raised the sword and slashed at the chains with all his power. At that moment, he heard shocked cries from all over and sensed danger immediately, so he turned back and slashed behind him. Within a split second, he saw the one who tried to attack him. It was the white-haired blood-eyed man with six red teardrops under his eyes. His gaze was cold and his palms were fast as haze. As he attacked, the countless albi within his body unleashed astralforce to suppress Tianming. He was undoubtedly far stronger than the Trisource Sky Huiye Yin—in a completely different league, in fact!

Huiye Yin's power had been only akin to a small lake for Tianming, but this new assailant's astralforce felt like a raging sea. Conventional wisdom dictated that there was a substantial difference between the four lower skies, four center skies, and four higher skies. It was very likely this person was at a level in the four center skies. The first level of the four center skies would be the fifth level of the Ascension stage, Pentarcanic Sky. Anyone under fifty that reached that level would be considered a peak genius among the divine moonrace, and that was Huiyue Jie.

It was completely shocking for someone of his level to mount a surprise attack. It was the first time Tianming had felt the extent of domination a true elite ascendant should have over a samsaran. The only reason Huiye Yin and her gang couldn't defeat him was due to their relative immaturity at the Ascension stage. However, Huiyue Jie was the real overwhelming deal.

Huiyue Jie's palm seemed like an illusion. In almost an instant, he appeared right in front of Tianming, grabbing his sword with hands that shone with a bloody light. The sheer force of his grip snapped the fingers of Tianming's hand. He snatched the Grand-Orient Sword and slammed Tianming in the face with boundless astralforce. With a snap, Tianming was sent crashing into the debris.

Given the sound of the slap, it almost seemed like Tianming's head would be caved in on the spot, resulting in his immediate death. What they didn't expect was that he would climb out of the rubble the next moment and spit out a mouthful of black blood. He covered his face with his palm and hid the healing from the sight of others. Soon, his caved face and fingers returned to normal.

"Did you not eat? How are you so weak?" Huiyue Jie mocked.

Tianming's eyes were bloodshot. It had been a long time since he’d been truly humiliated. The enemy hadn’t shown any mercy to him at all. If it weren’t for the Greenspark Tower, this wouldn't have ended with just some minor pain. He felt his rage simmering over, but having come to this point, he wouldn't lose his reason over literally getting face-slapped or having his sword taken away.

A true elite wasn't someone who never suffered from trouble, it was someone who would pay back their trouble ten times over. That was how Huiyue Yin had ended up becoming Tianming's ticket to the Divine Moon Realm. Despite his rage, he wanted to grow stronger and truly overcome his foe.

This turn of events had been something nobody could ever have predicted. Huiyue Jie's status on the Divine Moon Realm far superseded that of his little sister, so nobody even so much as thought of stopping him.

He didn't seem the least bit perturbed before the crowd, merely toying with the heavy sword and feeling out the patterns on the blade. "I heard your talent is decent, and I've seen it with my own eyes. You have a good future, but don't think for a moment that Huiyue City will revolve around you. Joining the ranks of the divine moonrace means respecting our customs. To think that you dared to humiliate the daughter of the clan leader... do you think you can act so lawlessly?"

"Brother, don't bother wasting your words on him. He dared to hit me even though he's just come to Huiyue City. He must think his talent makes him stand out above everyone else. He's only seventeen now, and if we don't give him a lesson, who knows what he'll be up to when he gets far more arrogant?!" Huiye Yin said.

The onlookers exchanged glances, with some thinking that her argument made sense.

"He's an outsider, and a young one at that. Someone has to show him his place."

"True. He did deserve a slap to be reminded of how things work in our clan."

"Huiyue Jie truly did him a favor there."

"Yeah. He's going to go to Divine Moon Skycity soon enough. By then, there'll be nobody among the younger generation remaining who can take on Li Tianming."

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