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Chapter 75.2

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Shen Xingsui drank a bowl of hangover soup on the first floor, and was taken to the rooftop on the second floor by Fu Jinxiao to get fresh air to help him to sober up. 

As soon as the wind blew over his face, his mind became clearer. The lamp on the balcony radiated a warm yellow light. Because the wind was a little strong, Fu Jinxiao stood in front of him and let him lean against the wall, blocking most of the cool wind for him.

Shen Xingsui came to his senses later, and then said softly with a hint of dread, “Did I get into trouble just now?”

Fu Jinxiao came back to his senses, and looked down at the youth. He looked like he was nursing a throbbing headache. “Huh?”

Shen Xingsui looked at the man’s handsome face. Because he was so close, he could even clearly smell the pleasant fragrance on his body. As his consciousness slowly came back, he became a little annoyed, “I… maybe President Fu will hate me after this…” 

Seeing his cute appearance, Fu Jinxiao smiled with a fond look on his face, “Well, you really know how to speak.” 

Shen Xingsui was cowardly and stammered, “Then, a man as big as President Fu shouldn’t get revenge on me, right?” 

Seeing the youth’s drunken face, the actor intentionally teased him, “Who told you to keep ranting on him in front of so many people?”

Shen Xingsui frowned in distress.

Fu Jinxiao: “However, why are you so courageous so suddenly? I have never seen anything like this before.” 

Shen Xingsui mumbled in a low voice, “I just saw him talking about you like that, so…”

The voice after that became weaker and weaker, almost dissipated in the wind.

The sloppy smile on the corner of Fu Jinxiao’s mouth faded a lot, and there was seriousness in his eyes that he didn’t realize. “So it’s to protect me?”

Shen Xingsui’s true meaning was known.

But soon, he glanced at Fu Jinxiao, and whispered, “I shouldn’t do that… Because you are so good, in fact, you don’t need me to explain it at all. If anything, it only annoyed President Fu even further.” 

Fu Jinxiao was lazily leaning against the railing, looking up at the bright moon in the sky.

After getting acquainted with Shen Xingsui, he had many novel experiences. For example, this was the first time that someone who was obviously scared, and yet brave enough to defend him against his own father. 

He was talented and intelligent since he was a child, but he had no mother. Even if he had a stepmother later, he would always feel lonely. It’s not like he didn’t think of Li Na as his own mother, but… there’s just a difference that he really didn’t know. 

On top of that, when he was little, his father was quite estranged from him.

“That’s the child of my business partner. You have to have a good relationship with him. Don’t worry about such trivial matters.” 

“Be polite and educated. Don’t let others think that you are a child without your mother’s education.” 

“It’s also hard for Dad. You have to be sensible and understand him, okay?”

He seemed to be alone all the time.

If he stumbled, he would get up and check his wounds by himself. If he got injured, he went to the doctor by himself. If he’s not injured, he needed to bear the pain and continue walking. When he’s hungry, he needed to cook by himself, when he’s tired, he needed to find a place to lean on by himself.

Himself, himself, himself.

It has been like this since he was little. 

He no longer has such beautiful thoughts as relying his own family. It’s all thanks to this little habits he built since he was young. 

Until one day, he met a person.

It was a small fan, who kept staying by his side come rain or shine. That fan could stood up against many anti-fans by themselves. They regularly sent him encouraging messages, even when he was down because of his own shortcomings. 

It was silly to think such a figure could give him the shelter he needed. But it happened. That fan was like a mini-sun that kept him warm whenever he went. 

And when he felt that Shen Xingsui was that fan… it was not a surprise he came to like him.

His little star, his little sun, his umbrella during the rain, his eaves during the storm. 

Maybe everything was different that day outside the rice cake shop. Maybe it was destiny. His destiny…

Fu Jinxiao came back to his senses, he looked down at Shen Xingsui. His smile was brighter than usual. “Why did you return the seal to grandma?”

Shen Xingsui got nervous, he absolutely didn’t expect this question to be asked by Fu Jinxiao himself. He really didn’t know how to properly answer that. So, he just tell Fu Jinxiao what he felt. “Because I feel that I am not its owner.” 

Fu Jinxiao’s smile deepened, and he asked meaningfully, “Well, how do you know that you’re not its proper owner?” 

“It’s hard to think otherwise.” Shen Xingsui smiled. He leaned on the railing and hiccupped, “This seal is very precious. Otherwise why don’t my brothers not have it? They are all children of the Shen family, so why is it mine instead?” 

Fu Jinxiao looked at him, “Since it is for you, you are worth it. “

Shen Xingsui shook his head. He let the cool breeze blow over his face, sobering him up even further, “I used to have a lot of things, but then I lost them slowly. If I was destined to lose them, it would be better not to have them in the first place. “

“If it were me…” Fu Jinxiao rested his chin on the railing with one hand, and said slowly, “If it is something I like, I will definitely try my best to get it. Even if I may lose it in the end, at least I tried. So, I won’t regret it.” 

Hearing this sentence, Shen Xingsui showed a brighter smile. He glanced at the actor. Under the light, the young man’s delicate eyebrows and eyes were very vivid and lively. Maybe because he was still tipsy and more courageous than usual, he added a few more words. It was something like parting words. 

Shen Xingsui moved closer, and said with a small voice, “Do you know what I admire most about you?”

Fu Jinxiao raised his eyebrows.

“You… aren’t afraid to face any difficulties.” Shen Xingsui looked up at the sky, looking somewhat deep in thought, “If the sky is pitch-black, then you will become the light. A very dazzling light, a beacon for the lost. You will let others see your brilliance, so they can find their own way.” 

‘–If it weren’t for you, I might not be able to hold on.’ was left unsaid. It felt too private to share. 

This was the first time they chatted together so frankly, and it was also the first time that Fu Jinxiao saw Shen Xingsui who was so serious and eloquent. Shen Xingsui looked so stunning like this – bathed in moonlight, his expression serene as he spoke his mind. He just talked about what’s on his mind, but it was so, so, so attractive to Fu Jinxiao. He couldn’t avert his gaze at all. 

He just stood beside him like this, without any aggression, nor was he a particularly stunning person. There were only superficial words on his face, but Fu Jinxiao couldn’t move his eyes. 

“That seal…”Shen Xingsui said, his voice almost a whisper, “I want to be deserving of it.” 

It was midnight, but it was still full of cheers. Not far away, and yet not close either, a sharp whistling sound was heard across the dark sky. It exploded into a myriad of colors, a dazzling display, a speck of bright light illuminating the sky. The fireworks display halted their conversation for just a second. 

Shen Xingsui’s ears were buzzing, as if at this moment, the whole world was filled with the cheers from the crowd and the brilliant sound of fireworks exploding in the air. With his drunkenness, he also felt that his heart was also swollen.

“Teacher Fu,” The youth looked up at the person beside him, “I think you are right if you say you don’t have any regrets.”

Fu Jinxiao noticed that Shen Xingsui was talking to him. But due to the noisy fireworks and cheers, he couldn’t hear him clearly. 

The fireworks exploded in the air, and it was an extremely beautiful pink flower.

The light seemed to illuminate the entire manor. On the balcony, the shadows of the two people seemed to be elongated, as if they were leaning on each other. No one paid attention to them. It was so quiet here. It was the fireworks that Shen Xingsui had always wanted to watch, but his eyes fell on Fu Jinxiao’s body without blinking. 

As another set of fireworks exploded into the dark sky, Shen Xingsui seriously said:

“I like you.”  

It was a set of words that had been stuck inside for so many years. 

He finally could say it out loud. 

He had been afraid, nervous, and feeling-inferior all this time. But today he finally said this confession thanks to the alcohol. Shen Xingsui felt relaxed.

When the fireworks were completely over, Fu Jinxiao looked down at him.

What he said just now, although Shen Xingsui’s voice was not loud, he still heard clearly. The actor thought he was prepared for this, but… when this really happened, this veteran film emperor could only stand dumbly, saying nothing at all.

His heart, though, was racing as if it wanted to jump out of his ribcage. 

He was someone who had received many confessions from many people in all his life. He was used to it. He should be used to it.

But, Shen Xingsui’s confession was on another level. There was no feelings of rejection or disapproval in his heart.

There was only joy. Pure, unbridled joy. 

But then–

The young man in front of him looked at him timidly, before continuing: “But…”

Fu Jinxiao’s heart sank, he hadn’t had time to be happy, why is there a “but”?

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