Epic of Caterpillar - Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: 27

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Somewhere, on an underground cave section.

Hundreds of humanoid creatures crawled around, carrying heavy weapons, armor and supplies.

These creatures skin was dark green, completely bald and had sprouting and long noses; most of them barely had visible muscles but had big bellies. Their eyes were dark red, and their fangs came out of their mouths, generating a grotesque appearance.

A different creature, who was taller and more muscular, walked through the cave, despite its strength and size; it was wearing very basic clothes, with barely any armor, as if it were confident on its strength alone to fight. While it appearances and muscular structure was way stronger than the rest of the green creatures around, his face still looked quite the same than its fellow monsters, however, on each of his big hands, two black colored rings shined.

The monster walked until it found a big and wide cave section; there countless other green creatures were waiting for him, kneeling.

This being opened its grotesque mouth and talked on an aggressive tone.

"I'm glad all you trash is here! We will strike in 3 hours from now on; we have completely surrounded this demon castle!"

Some of the kneeling creatures cheered and praised its apparent leader.

"Those Trolls were a complete failure, no more than canon meat for us to prepare even further, and our master to see through this Demon tricks"

"But us, Goblins are different! We don't have the Trolls chivalry or honor! We strike! We kill! We eat! We mate! We survive! This is our "Honor"! This is what makes us so strong!"

"We are scheming! We play nasty! GAAHAHAHAHAHA! We will kill and eat every monster on that castle! We will survive! As we always do! GAHAHAHAHAH! STAND UP!"

All the green creatures stood up and started to celebrate its leader words, cheering and jumping around.

"I can't wait to kill them!"

"I wanna stab! I wanna stab!"

"Mate! I'm going to mate with every female there!"

"That Demon is a sexy babe! We will seize her and mate with her! She will become the mother of our children!"

"Mate! Mate!"

"Stabby! Stabby!"

"I'm going to eat them alive! I can't wait to munch on their agonizing faces! Hmmm!"

"I can barely contain my lust! I already want to mate with all of them, and then, eat them alive!"

Another green creature, who was taller and wearing a black robe, covering its entire body and head, only showing its big nose, came close to the Leader.

"The magic seals have been successfully planted around the castle, and the mages have already recovered they MP, we are ready, Emperor"

After hearing the robed creature words, the leader grinned, showing its ugly and yellow teeth.

"Very well…"




| DAY 27 |

Today two Spider Maids waked me up; it seems that last night left me too tired, somehow, even if I am an undead now.

When I looked on my sides, the naked bodies of Zehe and Nesiphae greeted me, soundly asleep.

Even to them, I would not tolerate laziness, so I slowly woke them up.

"Hmmm… Master? Uh?!"

"Honey… Let me sleep… Ah!"

The two girls saw each other naked bodies in shock!

"W-Why are you here?!"

"I-I'm sorry Lady Zehe!"

I sighed.

"You two really don't remember? Alcohol is really dangerous…"

I quickly resumed what happened last night, both girls were completely ashamed over their lewd acts, and kneel below me asking for forgiveness.

"W-Wait! There's no need to do this…"

"B-But Honey…"


"Sigh… You two enjoyed a lot what happened last night, perhaps alcohol just take out what you girls most desire… Don't you agree?"

Zehe and Nesiphae looked at each other with embarrassment, however, they recognized the attraction that both have for each other and to me.

"I think… There is no problem, I also love you two, and that both of you also like each other is certainly a relief, because this way there won't jealously conflicts, at least not as many"

"M-Master, but we love you the most"

"Yes Honey, I love you the most"

"Haaahhh… Okay okay, I understand, after what happened last night I won't run away from Nesiphae… She will become my wife too… Are you fine with this, Zehe?"

"I… Yeah, I think its fine… But I want your body all for me…"

"Ugh… You will be able to share it, or take turns… Sigh… This is too embarrassing to talk about… I need to distract myself in other things…"

I quickly took a warm bath with Zehe and Nesiphae, thankfully they did not woke up horny, and so they did not touch me too much.

We wore our clothes and went to the dining room, while on the way; I made Nesiphae my second Sub-Governor on the Kingdom Window.

"A second wife… That was too soon, I don't really want anymore, two is the most I can handle…"






"Hmm, I should gift her some skills alter today… Eh?!"

While checking on the Kingdom Window, a strange feeling resounded deep inside me.

"What?! What is this? So ominous!"

I quickly wanted to make sure that it was just a passing monster or something, and used my 8 Senses Skill.


Just when I used it, countless unknown and dark auras appeared out of thin air, surrounding my entire castle completely!

"What?! What are these? So many! Hundreds! All outside, surrounding us!"

Zehe and Nesiphae heard my words and became worried.

"Master, what is it?!"


"Call everyone! Quick! Make preparations! A massive army surrounds us! How could I let this slide?! How much time have they been surrounding us?!"


Flash! Flash!

Nesiphae and Zehe were quickly to understand, and using their Stamina, went to alert the Squad Leaders at full speed!

"There's not even time to eat! How could I let this slide?! I have been too careless! Ghh! I will go outside and defend the castle while the rest is preparing themselves, I must hold on!"


I used my full speed and quickly opened my item box, gulping any food or meat there and quickly recovering my Stamina completely.

"Ugh! Split Minds, wake up already! I need your help on this!"

My split minds inside my head woke up desperately.

"What?! Eh?!"

"Hmmm… Ah!"

"What is going on?"

"Lazy Mind, I need you to constantly use my 8 Senses skill, while also watching were the auras are heading!"

"Ahhh! This is too sudden…!"

"Cocky Mind, support me on buffing skills, activate them already!"

"Eeeh?! O-Okay!"

"Energetic mind, support me while I use different attacks, and help me combine spells"

"Leave it to me!"


When I finally got near the door that closes the cave (or castle inside the cave), five Alligator guards and Wagyu greeted me.

"Master Kireina, what's the matter?"

"Hurry! Prepare yourselves, we are surrounded by the enemy!"

"W-What? Understood! I will go call the rest of the Wolves!"

"Very well, you Alligator guards are too weak for this war, stay inside, I will hold off the invation!"

"Yes, Master! Please take care!!!"

I opened a little bit the massive door, and got outside.


The door immediately closed itself behind me.

"Ah, where are they? I don't see anything"

Suddenly, Lazy Mind alerted me in advice!

"Main Mind, behind you!!"




Behind me, a figure appeared out of thin air, as if it were using some kind of invisibility spell, thankfully, I dodged its blow in advice.

"Ghh! You won't run away!"

"Who are you?!"

"Me? You don't need to know, Demon! You are surrounded!"

Lazy Mind used 8 Senses and 8 Crimson Eyes on me.


Suddenly, I was able to see hundreds of shadows surrounding me!

"Ah! You were already waiting!"

"It seems they got some kind of invisibility spell on them, but with 8 senses and 8 crimson eyes, it will be easy to spot them, however be careful, Main Mind"

"Here we go!"

Cocky Mind was able to activate my full on Crimson Armor while also activating defense and physical enhancements.


A majestic and demonic-looking crimson colored armor covered my entire petite body in mere seconds, changing my appearance completely; I looked like some kind of Demon Knight of my games. It was too cool on a humanoid body!

Some of the beings surrounding me became alarmed!

"Eh? Is that an armor?!"

"Don't fear her; this demon is no more than a fragile woman! Kill her!"

"Kill her!"

"Let's kill her! Then we can do everything we want with her body! Guhehehe!"


More than 5 beings jumped over me, wielding their magic reinforced short swords and knifes!

"Can your armor take this?! Fire Fang Stab!"

"Disease Stab!"

"Knife Throw!"




In mere seconds, countless reinforced attacks and projectiles hit my armor, generating sparks!

However, right on this moment!


A gigantic great sword fell from the sky, right on the middle of the group, creating a big shock wave!


"What is that?!"

"A living sword?!"

A great sword started to float and without a second of rest, it quickly slashed the creatures!

Slash! Slash!

"It can move on its own! Attack it!"

The great sword slashed countless monsters, creating a massive rain of blood, meat and bones, when I looked at the bones and decapitated heads; they looked hideous and greenish, with baldheads and long noses.

"Goblins? So it was you guys…"

Some Goblins were still going all out on me, but quickly noticed that my armor was barely taking any damage from their puny skills!

"You are quite a lot; I can't leave it all to my Great Sword… Come back!"

The floating Great Sword answered my call and flew at a maximum speed towards my hand!



"Ah! It's quite heavy… Alright then, let's try it out…"

The Goblins became aware that I was no ordinary woman!

"S-She is a Demon after all! Stay alert! Archers, attack!"

"Everyone, throw her everything we got, we are hundreds, we will win at the end!!!"


"Knife Throw!"


Countless Knifes were throw to my side and I easily intercepted them back with a swing of my Great Sword!



The magic reinforced Knifes reflected away, stabbing nearby Goblins.


"Idiots! It can reflect projectiles!"


"Ugh, these notifications are too annoying"

I decided to turn off the System notifications.


While I slashed the projectiles from afar, most Goblins stopped attacking me in close combat, only staring at me with caution.

"Alright! Who's next?!"

The Goblins became easily threatened by my words.

"Ghh! K-Kill her!!!"

"We must win time until the mages are ready!"

"Kill her! Stab her!"

Suddenly, hundreds of Goblins jumped over me at the same time, covering my body entirely, creating a mountain of Goblins!


I used all my might to swing my Great Sword, slashing my way out of the goblins!

Slash! Slash!



"Damned Demon! Die! Fire Knife Dance!"

Suddenly, big Goblin came from my back, using a strong Knife skill, imbuing it with Fire and then spinning like a flaming tornado!



I intercepted the flaming tornado with my great sword, but surprisingly, he kept spinning furiously!



"Ghh! You got quite the might!"

I raised my great sword with both of my hands, and reinforcing it with magic, did a strong vertical slash!



The Goblin could not contain the might of my great sword as it slowly sliced his entire body in half!


"S-She killed the Flaming Tornado!"

"No matter! Kill her!"

"If he died he was a weakling! Kill her!"


I saw how three Goblins used their stab skills in combination, creating a strong tackle!



The tackle of the three Goblins was quite strong, making me step back 1 meter.

"Hmph, not bad… However…"

This time, I raised my great sword and used all my might on a strong horizontal slash!




The powerful great sword slashed the three Goblins at once and threw their bodies far away!

Other Goblins started to freak out and more attacked me in tandem, making me receive countless triple tackles.




"Agh! One is quite weak but if they do this consecutively!"



More Goblins started doing the same, while on the back, some archers started to throw strong flaming arrows.



I quickly intercepted most of them bust some slipped and hit me on my armor, which lost some of its durability.

"If my armor durability goes to 0, I will be completely susceptible to their attacks, I need to be quick!"

I decided to let my great sword slash enemies on its own, which it happily did at max speed, spinning all over the Goblin group, slashing countless bodies and covering itself in a deep crimson.

Meanwhile, I used my Cursed Claws as main attacking method.

"She left her great sword off!"

"We got a chance now!"

"Attack! That armor durability must be pretty low now!"

A big group of Goblins used their Triple Tackle attack on me, however, this time, out of thin air, a grotesque and dark claw made of energy started grabbing and throwing the Goblins, while slashing some.



"What is th- Gyaaaaahhh!"

The hideous claw took a group of five goblins and squished them to the ground, making their whole bodies explode from the pressure!



Countless amounts of blood and meat painted the battleground.

I used my Cursed Claw to make some space for myself, and then started to cast spells on the big groups from far away, who were throwing me arrow attacks.



Suddenly, powerful fireballs and tornados started to appear on the middle of the massive Goblin group, destroying their formations and creating a complete chaos.

"What? Don't let her cast more magic! Kill her!"


The strong tornado absorbed countless Goblins, disintegrating them inside it.

Some Goblins kept trying to attack me, giving me strong Triple Tackles and others throwing me countless knifes.


I used my max speed with this armor and started to slash every Goblin I came across with my Cursed Claws and my bare hands.



"Fucking Demon!"

Slash! Slash!



I saw a big Goblin approaching me with his big fist, and I intercepted his fits with my bare hands.


"Ghhh! You are quite strong! However!"

I used my strength to jump from the ground, the strength created big shock waves on the ground, throwing some weaker Goblins away!


While on the air, I used my Cursed Claw over the massive Goblin and slashed his head off!



The big Goblin head fell to the ground, rolling across its fellow brothers.

However, they did not care about their fallen brother and tried to climb the still standing body of the giant Goblin and attack me!

"It's really a pain that my armor can't let me use my wings, this didn't happen when I was a butterfly…"

While my great sword slayed Goblins, I noticed that it leveled up a lot, compensating its durability decrease over taking damage.

"This is a good way for it to power level…"

To the other side, I saw how the tornados destroyed the Goblin formations, giving the archers a hard time.

However, I felt that something was wrong!

"I noticed that these goblins are easily slayed, if they are so weak, why giving their lives to me so easily? Are they trying to buy time? Eh?"

Suddenly, I saw how my great sword and tornado quickly dissipated out of thin air!

"What? Why they disappeared?!"



"A-Anti-Magic?! W-What?! So these were all cannon fodder! Where is the culprit?!"

Suddenly, even my armor disappeared.


"Aggh! Right! This armor is also magic!"

The Goblins around me saw how my armor disappeared and saw this opportunity to strike, climbing their dead brother body towards me.

Suddenly, my minds became aware.

"Main Mind, this Zone is no simple thing! It completely negates your magic! It's incredibly hard to crack! I can't even understand these spells used to make it, such ancient magic!"

"For now, we must endure and fight our way out; we can still use most boosting moves and physical attacks, including demon transformation and Cursed Claws!"

"We must understand who's behind this first, we can still use 8 Senses thankfully, it's not a magic spell"

"Ugh, they're here"

I saw how countless little Goblins crawled to me, and suddnely, one grabbed my leg.

"Hahaha! I got you!"


Using all my strength, I kicked the Goblin right on his skull, completely sharing his head and making his bloody eyes pop out of them.

"Hmph, do you really though that I was all magic?"

Some goblins stopped crawling and became shocked by just my raw strength.

"H-How is it possible?!"

"She's just a fairy!"

"That strength is impossible!"

"Remember! She is a Demon with the body of a Fairy!"

"Expected from a Demon!"

"Kill her!"

"Without her armor, we got a chance!"

Suddenly, I used my wings to fly over the ground, and saw everything from above.

The Goblins tried to jump and crawl but they weren't able to fly.

"She can fly! Damn it!"

"Archers! Shoot her down!"

"Throw her Knifes!"

"Destroy those beautiful wings of her!"

Around 50 Archers started to shoot me with powerful arrow skills, but I swiftly evaded them with my speed.

"Hmph, I can't see anything, just Goblins, the zone is closed…"

"Counting them all, I killed around 120+ Goblins, there's at least 200 more around…"

Suddenly, a strong I felt a strong presence entering the Zone!

"Eh?! Who is that?!"

A giant Gobling came walking inside, it had barely any armor and was completely bald, but a big an ugly nose on its face, there was some beard growing from his chin, giving an experienced look.

"Good job wearing the Demon down, minions!"

"The Emperor is here!"

"We are safe!"


The Goblin Emperor glanced at me with an ugly grin.

"You are a beautiful woman, Demon. I give you that…"

"What did you just say?!"

"I am very merciful, if you surrender at will, we won't kill you. However, we will cut your wings off, and you will become my personal breeder slave, you will give me countless children! GAHAHAHA! How's that? Aren't I merciful?!"

The other Goblins couldn't keep silent and started to celebrate and jump around, excited by the idea.

"Surrender! Our Emperor is benevolent!"

"Become the mother of our children!"

"Give birth to our children, you will be forgiven!"

Such disgusting proposition made me puke right in the spot!


I vomited all over the stupid Goblins watching me, and the Emperor saw this as an insult!

"You dare puke in front of me?! Are you calling me ugly!? Look at my muscles! My might! My power! You are nothing, Demon! You will die!"

The Emperor put his weight over the ground, and using his full might, activated countless buffing skills, making his size double and his muscles bulge with veins!


Suddenly, the green skin of the Emperor changed to red, and his beard grew larger and thicker, looking like a mad demon!

"Nnnnnnnnggggghh! YOU WILL DIE!"


The Emperor jumped with such power, that every goblin around 20 meters was blown away, and the nearest ones instantly became meat paste with the shockwaves alone!

In mere seconds, a strong figure blocked every light in front of me!

"Damn it!"

The Emperor did not lose any second and raised his strong and muscular arms over my head, hitting me with all his might!



I felt an incredibly strong blow from my head to my toes!

Even my strong reinforcement's buff could not mitigate such damage!


I fell to the ground like a mad meteor, creating a deep pit, and powerful shockwaves around it, instantly turning every Goblin around into minced meat!

The Goblin Emperor laughed.

"Gahahahaha! Was that it? One hammer from my arms and it was d-"


When I fell down the pit, I immediately activated my Demon Form and flew at such speeds that the Goblin Emperor could not notice at time.


I raised my hand and created a grotesque dark claw out of thin air, slashing the Goblin Emperor chest, luckily for him, he was able to protect himself with his bulging arms.


However my Cursed Claws might did not lose to him, slashing a big chunk of his arms, and inflicting him with Poison, Paralyze and Burn!

"GGGAAAHH! S-Status ailments?!"


I quickly moved to his back in just a second and slashed his back again, throwing him several meters away!



The Emperor clashed over a massive rock, turning it instantly into dust!

"I need to constantly attack him with my speed! With my low defenses, it's the only way to win!"


I flew towards the Emeperor, having a Cursed Claw already activated.

The Emperor could not react in time, and was slashed once again, being thrown again several meters.

Suddenly, the Emperor started to vomit blood.

"Gaaahak! W-What the fuck is this?! How could she be this strong?! Do I need to use the rings already?!"


I appeared behind the Emperor again for a sneak attack!


"Ghh! Damn it!"



The Emperor was thrown once again, losing a chunk of his HP.

"Hmph, he does have good blows, but his reaction is quite bad, I can see that he lacks any kind of Sense skill. He's probably used to overwhelm his enemies with pure strength"


I swiftly flew at max speed near the Emperor, giving him a strong kick right on the back of his head!


However, I felt as if I hit a piece of rock itself!


I suddenly realized that the Emperor body was enveloped in a deep purple armor, which exuded a deadly aura!

"Another Shadow Awakening?!"

The Emperor grabbed my leg with his incredible might; it grabbed it so hard that I felt how the bones started to crack!

Crack! Crack!


The mighty Claws slashed the Emperor armor over and over, however, it barely lost any durability!

The Emperor grinned.

"GUHAHAHAHA! It's useless! Now that I grabbed you, you can't escape from me!"


The Emperor enjoyed himself torturing my leg, inflicting more might on it, even with all my defensive enhancements activated, his big hand overwhelmed my leg!

"Ghhhhh, hahaha! You think so?!"



Without a second of doubt, I slashed my leg right on the spot!



I flew far away, making a decent distance from the Emperor, and opening my item box, consuming several HP Potions in one go.

Gulp gulp

The wound closed easily but a new leg did not grow.

"Does not matter… I would pay every limb of my body if it means that I can live"

Such demonstration of bravery surprised the Emperor tremendously!

"HAHAHAHA! Amazing! Your determination is amazing! I can't wait to destroy it! You will make a good wife! Even if I need to rip apart the rest of your limbs!"

"You god damn bastard! Bring it on!"

With his new armor, the Emperor was filled with confidence, and even I doubted if I could win, this armor was nothing I have ever seen, it was much stronger than the Troll Emperor armor, and without magic, it is hard to penetrate!

While using all my speed to dodge the Emperor attacks, I needed to think on a way to solve this problem!

"Lazy Mind, do you got soething?!"

"No! Nothing at all, we can't use magic, how will we infuse our attacks with Light magic?"

"Hmph, the only way then is just fighting to the death…?"

"There is another variable, your servants! We must count on them to destroy this Zone before you get killed, for now intercept and evade!"

"I will!"

The Emperor used his incredible might to jump off to my direction, and using his fist, came for another of his Hammer attack!

"I will intercept it! CURSED CLAWS!"



The Emperor increased its power countless times, as if he was saving some buffs!

I had to do the same to not be blown away, activating Cursed Claws multiple times.

While using Cursed Claws, I noticed something interesting. If I activate this skill simultaneously, more than one claw can be formed, and if I keep concentrating on both, they can be controlled as if they were extensions of my body. Every time I use a cursed claw to attack, after hitting, it disappears, but what if I just keep the floating around?

I quickly activated Cursed Claws multiple times, while intercepting the Emperor strong blow, in mere seconds; his back was surrounded by more than 5 gigantic Claws.

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"Eh? You can do this?!"

Using this opportunity, I used the Cursed Claws to tightly grab his back, moving him away, and giving me time to fly away to a good distance.

"Tsk! Damned Demon!"


The Emperor used his powerful dark pressure and made the claws disappear!

Using this small window, I quickly activated Cursed Claws multiple times, and made more than 10 Giant Claws float around me. If I was not an Undead, I would never be able to abuse this skill because of my Stamina Stat hitting bottom immediately; however, as and Undead, one can ignore Stamina fatigue effect, and continue using it even if it becomes a negative value!

"Is this desperate combat helping me evolve my fighting style? If it wasn't for this, I would had never been able to figure this out… Perhaps, there is a chance! I must try! I can't let my servants with everything!"

While the Emperor kept coming for me, I made use of my Claws as shields, intercepting his strong blows.

Some of my Claws intercepted his blows; others grabbed his extremities to stop him on place while I threw more Claws at his head and back.



"Uggh! This is unexpectedly hard! How this Demon changed her fighting style like this so easily? In addition, her Stamina never wears down! Is she an Undead?!"

The thick and hard armor of the Emperor was too strong, and even after countless slashes, it barely lost 20% of its durability!

"Haaahhh… Still not enough! I need to keep! Aaaghh… My head… I feel dizzy!"

"Main Mind, eat something! Even if you are immune to physical fatigue, mental fatigue will still occur!"

"We will take care of your body for now, while you multitask on eating something!"

"Quick! He already destroyed the Claws!"

The Emperor destroyed the last Cursed Claw and flew towards me at max speed!

While my spit minds moved me around and activated Cursed Claws, I checked my Item Box, but I quickly noticed that I already ate all my food!

"Fuck! What do I…"

I glanced at the cowering Goblins on the ground, and the countless minced meats and bones.

"Better than nothing…"

More than 10 Cursed Claws maintained the Emperor on place while I flew down below and started to absorb the blood of the living Goblins around, while also eating gulping out their meat.

I noticed that I learned tons of new skills but I could not check them in peace for now, it was a desperate time!


"Run! She is eating us!"

"Don't eat me! Nooo! Guaaahh!"

Slurp slurp

I quickly absorbed tons of Goblins blood and revitalized my mind.

"I'm done!"

"Main Mind, watch out!"



Suddenly, the Goblin Emperor flashed ahead of me, with a speed not of his own!

"What? He was not this fast before!"

I quickly noticed that on his back he had three pairs of demonic looking wings.

"To think that you would make me use my second ring! Having a feast? Sorry to interrupt!"

Using its amazing new speed, the Emperor used its armored fits to blow me away several meters!



"Cursed Claw!"


I activated Cursed Claws countless times, making three of them grab me around the air.

"Ugghh… Thankfully I healed my HP just before, but these are bad news, he got more rings too"

"Main mind, we also got our Wing skill! Activate skill: | FAIRY VAMPIRE EMPRESS 8 DEMONIC WINGS |!"


Suddenly, my two giant butterfly wings transformed to eight bat-like wings, they were crimson colored with beautiful golden markings all around them.

I noticed that my speed suddenly became even greater!

"Split minds! Keep activating Cursed Claws!"

"We will!"

Flash! Flash! Flash!

While I dodged the Emperor attacks, more than 10 Cursed Claws were already formed, which give me a small advantage.

"More of those?! They won't do shit!"

"You think so?!"

I used more than three Claws to shield the Emperor blows while ten others grabbed his immense body from behind.

While activating my Cursed Claws, I also noticed that one could inactivate them. What would happen is that the Claws had such a strong density of energy based on the countless skills it had, that instead of dissipating, it would explode, throwing away the excessive energy on them that they could not use on a Slash attack. Because, when stated earlier, a Slash attack would make a Claw disappear without detonating.

"Your claws cannot even take an inch of my armor durability! What can they do more than grab me in place?!"

"THIS! Deactivate skill: Cursed Claws!"

Suddenly, the cursed claws grabbing on the Emperor stopped on place, as if the System tried to erase them, they instead expanded and detonated in front of the Emperor!






"Guuaaaaaaaaaaahh! Impossible!"

The massive armored body of the Emperor was filled with dark colored explosions. When a Cursed Claw detonated itself, it would release the entire energy equivalent to the skills it was made of, and my Cursed Claws were carefully crafted with countless offensive skills all stacked in one skill!


The detonations varied, some exploded in a dark and poisonous energy, while other exploded on corroding flames!

Some flames even stuck on the Emperor armor and inflicted its armor with Burn Status, which decreased its durability each second.

"This must be at least 10% less durability… I need to keep going… Activate skill: Cursed Claw!"




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