Fake Demon Lord - Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

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The Chang’an battle for the throne was the beginning of many heroes’ stories, Bu QingYun was among them.

That night, the private soldiers of every prince fought in the streets and alleys of the city. The bodies of innocent commoners piled outside the city into a small mountain.

Following a sudden clap of thunder, a small child who had been dead slowly opened his eyes in the mountain of corpses. Without any warning or signs, he had crossed from the peaceful modern era into the chaos of the Jianghu.

He didn’t know who this body was, all he remembered was that when he first opened his eyes he was faced with the blood-soaked sky of the Chang’an outskirts.

Underneath his body was a city guard who had been cut in half, his right hand was near a woman’s hair which was dirtied in her struggle to survive. He looked to the side and saw the twisted faces of the dead frozen in fear.

He thought that he was just having a nightmare, that everything would be back to how it was before when he woke up. His parents would nag and chatter before the table, when he opened the window his friends would be on the streets waiting for him to play soccer. But, this dream was too real, to the point where even when he closed his eyes, he could still feel a pain in his chest from having the bones there broken.

This was Bu QingYun’s first memory upon arriving in this world. There was no heaven-defying luck like those portrayed in novels, he also didn’t have a protagonist’s surprise encounter with a secret treasure. If it weren’t for the passing green-robed cultivator that saw his trembling fingers and disregarded his companions’ dissuasions to check it out before hurrying to Chang’an, he would probably only have had the fortune of being one of the wandering souls buried amidst a pile of bones.

As for how Qing XuZi suppressed the Slaughter of Chang’an, the rumors on the Jianghu were very unified. In the days following the disappearance of the Third Prince who was supposed to succeed the throne, the remaining three princes battled it out inside the palace.

Fresh blood seeped from the palace gates and dyed the moat outside of the palace’s walls red. Just when everyone was entangled in battle, the gates of the palace were cleaved open by a sword. A green-robed cultivator slowly walked in while holding a six-year-old child. The palm of his right hand was pressed against the child’s life gate in order to preserve his life. The cultivator used his left hand and sent out three waves of sword energy.

The first wave broke through the layers of protection around the imperial palace. The First Prince who desperately clung to the throne spat blood and died.

The second wave went undetected by thousands of soldiers. The Second Prince who led his army to lay siege to the palace had his head cut off.

The third wave, in the beginning, no one knew where it had gone, but on the second day, the imperial guards found the Fourth Prince’s corpse in the secret tunnels pierced through the heart.

Unlike the Xuanmen Fairy before him, Qing XuZi didn’t come from an aristocratic background. He didn’t understand the affairs of the imperial court and didn’t have the desire to understand them either. He just knew that what his master gave up all her cultivation for was for the country’s people to be able to live in peace, but since none of these people could protect their people, then they all didn’t deserve to be emperor.

Since he succeeded that woman as the Xuanmen Righteous Sect’s Leader, then he would protect the world in his own way. At that moment, the people of the world realized that Qing XuZi doesn’t easily kill people, but when he has decided on killing someone, then that person is destined to die.

With three waves of his sword, this conflict which sacrificed countless lives finally came to an end. Towards the people who were left there, the cultivator didn’t admonish them, in fact, he didn’t even spare them a single look. He just calmly said, “Xuanmen doesn’t care who becomes the next emperor, I will just give everyone this warning: From today on, Xuanmen will kill whoever brings disaster to the common folk through their fighting.”

This was an extremely rude and unreasonable solution, it didn’t carry even a little of the intricate scheming of the imperial court, but it perfectly fit the Jianghu cultivators’ carefree and unrestrained nature. Countless cultivators looked up to the green-robed cultivator’s plain figure and finally found the true meaning of their cultivation journey. Through their own power, to control the world’s affairs and command the winds and clouds. That even the aristocracy and military generals didn’t dare to disobey, was there anything more carefree?

Because of this battle, no matter which sect and for what they were fighting for they would always keep in mind the teaching Qing XuZi gave that year——treasure the Xuanmen Leader who was willing to speak sense with you, when there comes a time where he no longer does, you will know what it means to be regretful.

In that battle, cultivators witnessed the tyranny and loftiness of the strong. Only the child held in that cultivator’s arms knew Qing XuZi stood silently outside the city for a long time as he waited until the Xuanmen disciples finished burying the mountain of corpses. He sighed to the child he saved, “I was late, if I had come earlier, there wouldn’t have been so many people dead.”

This was the first time the young man had met someone like this, before, he never believed the world had any so-called saints and also thought that to become such a person would have been the stupidest action. But now, he suddenly wanted to become someone like this cultivator. The cultivator used three sword waves and ignited the ambition of the world’s cultivators, he also woke up the young man’s will to live. On that day, that young man could finally proudly tell the world what his ideal was.

Looking at the cultivator’s white hair that seemed even ashier under the oppressive sun, the young man summoned his courage, reached his hand out, and said, “Then can you teach me swordsmanship? Later, if something like this happens again, I will get there before you and kill them.”

Qing XuZi had never encountered such a child. He had clearly just escaped from the sea of carnage and this disaster, but he actually asked to enter the Jianghu slaughter again. Facing those determined eyes, he asked, “Child, what is your name?”

“You also haven’t told me your name.”

He didn’t expect the child would first ask about him, he recalled for a moment before slowly answering, “My name is Bu QingRou, but no one has called me that in a long time.”

Everyone only knew the Xuanmen Righteous Sect’s Leader as Qing XuZi, the only people left who still knew his name would probably just be a few elders. At this moment, the young man silently remembered this name. He turned to the cultivator and said, “I don’t remember my name, why don’t you come up with one for me?”

Perhaps they were destined to be master and disciple or perhaps Qing Xu Zi caught a glimpse of the clear sky within that child’s eyes, back then, he didn’t have the slightest bit of hesitation and said, “How is Bu QingYun?”

“Ok, then from today, I will be Bu QingYun. Master, please accept my bow!”

Within the span of a day, the child had buried his past and left his previous naive self on the burial mound on the outskirts of Chang’an. From then on, the world only had the Jianghu’s sword-wielding Bu QingYun.

This was what the people of the world thought, Bu QingYun was peerlessly talented, he was a treasure Qing XuZi dug out from a pile of corpses. Only Bu QingYun, himself, knew that the talent of this commoner child’s body was just so-so.

It was actually Qing XuZi who used the priceless treasures left behind for him by the previous Xuanmen Leader and secretly made them into pastries and snuck them to him daily. It was years of meridian and bone marrow washing that created the genius cultivator Bu QingYun, and also the reason why Qing XuZi ended up being a Xuanmen Sect Leader who hadn’t ascended even after 300 years.

So, even if He Huan had to spend the next hundred years being disturbed by demonic energy daily, he was still grateful from the bottom of his heart that Qing XuZi appeared when he was weak and confused and needed guidance.

There was a hero in every youth’s heart. They sought to become that person and would subconsciously imitate their mannerisms. Perhaps they would be too embarrassed to admit to it in front of that person, but they would believe that person’s every word. To Bu QingYun, Qing XuZi was that hero.

As a youth who had walked out from a sea of blood, he held a wary heart towards people. His lively and playful side would only show up in front of his master. Later, to make sure he was not lonely, Qing XuZi went down the mountain and picked up a second disciple. And because he looked very cute as he lay by the pond to pluck lotus flowers, he was named Bu YaoLian. Just like this, Bu QingYun’s family in this world was formed and his momentous life began.

These years when he was living alone in the QingYun Hall, He Huan also once thought that although he didn’t regret having this kind of start in this world, if he could have the freedom to choose, then he wished that the world he opened his eyes to would have been a clean and fascinating one.

That was why he didn’t leave any memories about the past for He Ku. He Huan was already strong enough, he could protect himself, no one could make him lie in that corpse pile, as long as he was here, no matter which faction, nobody would dare to hold ill intentions towards He Ku. He kept all of the world’s schemes and calculations away from the young man, he liked his appearance of carefreeness and liveliness under the sun.

This was the thought He Huan kept hidden in his heart and wouldn’t tell anyone (rephrase), in actuality, that moonlit night before he heard that Bu YaoLian had disappeared, he looked into the youth’s completely trusting eyes and had wanted to abandon his grand plan.

He was submerged within the demonic path for eighty years and had long adjusted to their kind of lifestyle; it wouldn’t be a big deal to live like this for a few more centuries. Moreover, the days with He Ku by his side as opposed to returning to the Xuanmen Righteous Sect might be more suitable to the current him.

Yet, Bu YaoLian disappeared. In the past, there was no one who dared to scheme against the Xuanmen successors like this. Xuanmen must use overwhelming might to demonstrate their power to the world because only the strong had the right to determine the world’s order. Just like in the past, he chose to betray himself for Xuanmen’s name.

Those three sword waves have become the older generation’s memory, so now he wanted to use the Demon Lord He Huan’s death to let the world know that that green-robed cultivator was still the strongest in the world, he wanted to make sure that nobody would dare to scheme against anyone from Xuanmen again.

Since he chose to betray himself, then he must completely separate himself from the youth’s life. The hesitation and like he felt for him must also remain unknown.

When the youth wakes up he will find out the truth from Bai Chen, perhaps he might feel sad for a while, but when his wounds have healed, he would be able to enter the Jianghu he had always envisioned.

His master would protect him, Yun Ce would be there to accompany him, his own divine sword intent would be enough to keep him safe.

The young He Ku would inevitably grow up, he would no longer need He Huan. When a long time has passed, perhaps he would also be able to smile as he mentioned to others that he was an evil person, someone that could even use himself as a tool, but everything has already passed, he would have long forgotten that person.

He Huan spent his entire life only walking the extremes, no matter what he did he just pursued the ultimate results, never leaving himself room for retreat. He accounted for people’s hearts, but didn’t know that the moment their souls were split apart, all of the memories he erased would return to the young man’s divine consciousness.

The things he wanted He Ku to know, He Ku knew; the things he wanted to bury in his heart and tell no one, He Ku also knew.

He Ku even saw the truth He Huan never told anyone: the reason Bu QingYun entered the demonic path.

End of Chapter 35

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