Fake Demon Lord - Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – He’s Not The Palace Master

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Everyone was surprised when Qian Ren returned from QingYun Hall so soon. Usually, whenever the Palace Master passed through tribulation and reached the next level, he’d always seek out his Head Enforcer to test out his new strength. The process was typically long, so they often spent the night together, leading others to wonder whether they had done other activities. But today, how come the Head Enforcer came down this quickly? What about that exercise they used to exchange their passionate feelings?

So, in the end, was he successful or not? If he was, it seems that they may need to doubt their Palace Master’s ability as a man. However, if he was unsuccessful, one would need to doubt his current skill level. This…which one would be better to suspect?

Having just come down the stairs and seeing the confused stares of the crowd, Qian Ren instantly knew where these disciples’ minds had flown off to. He rudely poked a hole into their thoughts, “The Palace Master requires rest after undergoing tribulation,  Sai GuanYing accompanying him is enough.”

Sure enough, after hearing this, everyone immediately settled down, knowing that their Master was still their Master. Besides, even if the matter of cultivation was still unknown, his abilities as a man were still first class. Needless to say, Xiu Niang was even more pleased with herself and promptly added, “Formerly, this girl was a daughter from an influential family, only when her family offended someone they shouldn’t have, did she end up becoming a prostitute. It took me quite a lot of effort to obtain her.”

Unexpectedly, the white-robed girl actually possessed such a background. Once again, the crowd couldn’t help but appreciate Xiu Niang’s capabilities, but You Jiang still held his doubts, vigilantly asking, “Is someone from the imperial court trustworthy?”

Having long expected him to ask this question, Xiu Niang scoffed and waved her sleeve in disregard, “Second Enforcer needn’t worry, she’s slept with me these past few days. There’s likely no man in this world other than the Palace Master, who can satisfy her now. Therefore, even if she was an assassin, she’d still have to yield to our Palace of Bliss.”

And by sleep, it was of course the meaningful kind of sleep. Just thinking of Xiu Niang’s rumoured ability to be able to battle it out with He Huan on the bed for seven days straight and still not come to a conclusion of who was better at bed-arts, the most upright individual in the sect—Second Enforcer You Jiang—couldn’t help but feel sympathy for Sai GuanYing, “Wouldn’t this be too provocative for her aristocratic tastes?”

Xiu Niang’s expression became more pleased, and just as she wanted to thoroughly rub her superb techniques in the two’s faces, Qian Ren interrupted their conversation with a black face, “Why is it that I feel you two are trying to provoke me instead?”

Only then did Xiu Niang remember that this one standing beside her was different from the rest and quickly covered her face with her sleeve as she teased, “Aiya, Head Enforcer, I completely forgot that the Palace Master has long claimed you as his number one target. That’s why no disciple within the whole sect dares to climb onto your bed, truly too sad, too sad.”

“You Jiang, come, let’s discuss the upcoming guard rotation and mobilization.”

Qian Ren knew that after becoming a brothel keeper, Xiu Niang developed a habit of poking fun at people, so he didn’t bother staying any longer. With a blackened face, he walked to the side and called You Jiang over to resume their duties as enforcers. 

Seeing him like this, Xiu Niang also didn’t pursue the matter. With a smile and sway to her hips, she beckoned the disciples she brought over to leave with her; all of them chattering and laughing. Compared to the two male enforcers, she was much more in line with the Palace of Bliss’ style.

Noticing that Qian Ren’s expression wasn’t quite good, You Jiang realized that although he himself didn’t have those intentions towards their Master, he still had many daring female disciples throw themselves at him. Compared to Qian Ren, who was young and at the prime of his life yet couldn’t get close to anyone, he was already a lot better. 

Moreover, since Qian Ren was taken in by the Palace Master when he was young, it wouldn’t be too much of a leap to say that he may have harboured other intentions. After thinking along these lines, You Jiang hurried to follow while softening his tone, “If the Palace Master really wanted to force either of us, we couldn’t even dream of resisting. The fact that he doesn’t touch you is because you’re important to him.”

Unexpectedly, Qian Ren just glared at him, his face becoming darker. “I didn’t bring you along to gossip, what we need to discuss is—a problem has occurred during the Palace Master’s tribulation.”

“What happened?” Hearing this, You Jiang was shocked. Everyone knew that He Huan was the foundation of the Palace of Bliss. If anything happened to him, it will inevitably lead to something big.

Ignoring You Jiang’s stupid expression, Qian Ren worriedly lowered his voice, “The Palace Master’s style of speech was very different from usual, and the words he used were too proper.”

He Huan had basically raised Qian Ren since childhood. According to seniority, it can be said that he was He Huan’s only direct disciple, so naturally, he was very familiar with He Huan’s movements and speech patterns. From the moment “He Huan” opened his mouth, he’d already noticed something was off.

He Huan would never choose to deprive himself, in everything he did, whichever way was the most comfortable was the way he chose to do things. That act of deliberately suppressing his voice was completely out of character. Then, recalling what He Huan had said just before facing tribulation, Qian Ren grew increasingly worried, resulting in this situation. It’s just that, since the Palace Master had specifically told only him, it can be presumed that this information couldn’t be leaked to anyone else. Therefore, he could only confide in the one person he knew would never betray the demonic side—You Jiang.

Perhaps this was why he was appointed as Head Enforcer, he handled matters responsibly and was keen to details. In fact, he managed the sect more competently than He Huan did with that unreliable personality of his. 

When You Jiang saw his serious face, he’d thought it was some huge issue, who knew it was just Qian Ren finding some actions suspicious. Understanding this, he gradually calmed down before labelling this wariness something caused by Qian Ren’s years spent as a mercenary. Of course, he didn’t say this out loud, instead, he tried to soothe the other’s paranoia, “The Palace Master has always been more serious when in his QingYun Hall, after all, the words QingYun have a deeper meaning to him…”

Seeing this reaction, Qian Ren knew that He Huan hadn’t spoken to You Jiang before his tribulation. Although he doesn’t know the reasoning behind this decision, he didn’t reveal anything else that could be compromising and advised, “The tribulation to step into the Calamity Crossing Stage is very different from the ones that came before it. Even with the Palace Master’s cultivation, he’d still need a few days to recover. Within this interval, we need to be prepared.”

Towards this, You Jiang approved of his actions, agreeing without hesitation, “Once Yun Ce returns, I’ll ask him about the condition of our Palace Master’s body.”

You Jiang’s grasp over the big picture was extremely good, every task he approached was accompanied by a plan. Seeing that he really took the situation to heart, Qian Ren didn’t dawdle, only shooting him a warning look, “Don’t let Xiu Niang know.”

“Of course.”

Once Qian Ren and You Jiang had reached an understanding, You Jiang gathered all the guard disciples and strictly ordered, “The Palace Master has just undergone tribulation and needs to recover. Ensure you guard the gates well and prohibit anyone from entering QingYun Hall.”

Upon seeing You Jiang seriously delegating defensive contingencies, Qian Ren’s tension was somewhat abated. 

“If anything goes wrong, I allow you to take this Palace Master’s position.”

This line uttered by He Huan was the source of all of Qian Ren’s unease, especially since a month prior to his tribulation, He Huan had abstained from summoning someone to serve him in bed. Unaccompanied, he resided within his QingYun Hall, drinking alcohol and writing; more often than not, as he wrote, he would end up taking a break near the spring by wielding his sword and practicing. Everyone knew He Huan hadn’t used a weapon in 50 years, so needless to say, it was also then that Qian Ren found out his shifu still possessed his old sword. 

By stringing all this together and tying it with that crazy idea, it truly gave people an ominous feeling.

“Palace Master, did you succeed?” 

Gazing at the Hall on the peak, Qian Ren quietly muttered. He sincerely hoped that the one staying in QingYun Hall was the normal He Huan, at the very least, don’t force him to assume the Palace Master’s role.

“He Huan” was completely oblivious to the commotion outside, believing that he’d successfully deceived The Number One Mercenary. Currently, he was gazing at the two disciples through their reflection in the bronze mirror and racking his brain for a solution to his current predicament.

Unfortunately, at the moment, all he could think of were unreliable ideas; one of them even being to declare impotence. At least He Huan—this body—when lying on the bed, still had a lot of deterrence. Of course, despite all the tales of brutality circling around the outside world, the Palace of Bliss disciples all knew that the gentlest temperament on the demonic side belonged to He Huan. To the point where if the ones who came were older disciples, they’d have already recommended themselves as bedding partners. However, the two who were currently waiting to service their Master didn’t dare act frivolously.

Only after the ordeals of Sai GuanYing’s family being hit with misfortune, with the loss of both her parents and being confined to the backyard of a brothel, did Xiu Niang bring her out. Needless to say, she was already uneasy, so when she was informed that the one inclined on the bed was the most powerful Demon Lord in the Jianghu—despite Xiu Niang’s insistence that the Palace Master was one who cherished the fairer sex, not to mention was handsome—she couldn’t bring herself to move as she kneeled in front of his bed; frozen with the fear that she’d anger the Demon Lord and be thrown back to the brothel to be defiled by those coarse and vulgar men. 

Compared to Sai GuanYing’s deferential attitude, Yun Ce was a lot more carefree. He was brought to the Palace of Bliss by He Huan just a month ago. Originally, he possessed some cultivation as well as a heroic reputation, but who knew what flowery words He Huan uttered to beguile this handsome youth into becoming a male pet in the Palace of Bliss. Currently, he was gazing in all directions at the arrangement of the room and curiously appraising He Huan. Internally he thought, how come this person is a lot more serious than when he first brought him into the Palace?

In the end, the youth was growing impatient seeing He Huan reading his book with no intention to move. Plus, kneeling wasn’t exactly the most comfortable position he could be in, so he simply took the initiative and asked, “Palace Master, didn’t you say you wanted us to cultivate with you?”

With his sudden question, Sai GuanYing had been frightened, internally screaming that this person was too reckless. What if the Palace Master became angry? In that moment, she started pulling at his sleeve anxiously, hinting that he should shut up.

But who knew this idiot would misunderstand her intentions. Showing her a bright grin, he continued loudly, “Look, she too can’t kneel for this long so she’s already begun pulling on my sleeves.”


No matter what, she could never have imagined that the one to service themselves with her would be this kind of brainless idiot. At that moment, Sai GuanYing didn’t know what to say. Just as the atmosphere in the room entered a state of stagnation, she saw the one on the bed flip over so that he was facing them. With a pillow cradled in one arm and the corners of his mouth hooking upwards into a licentious smile he spoke, “This Master also doesn’t want to keep you darlings neglected, but unfortunately, this Master experienced a qi-deviation. Say, little beauty, what’s to be done?”

This expression, this tone, then remembering the rumours about He Huan flying about everywhere, Sai GuanYing immediately understood that this was the Palace Master’s new method of play. Just as she was thinking of a way to continue the scene, the fool beside her actually innocently believed what He Huan had said, even answering in sympathy, “Really? Then do you still remember your name?”

With a deep melancholic sigh, “I don’t remember.”

Well, that works too…the Palace Master’s amusement was thicker now, it seems this idiot has managed to foster some interest.

Helplessly kneeling, Sai GuanYing didn’t know whether to be depressed that her charm lost to an air-headed boy or to be thankful that he attracted the Demon Lord’s attention so she didn’t need to be fearful anymore. However, she soon didn’t need to be so nervous, because the Palace Master suddenly gave an order with a smile of understanding, “This Lady may leave to rest, let this youth thoroughly ‘heal’ my amnesia instead.”

Knowing that the Palace Master was getting prepared to thoroughly ravish this dimwitted boy, she couldn’t help pitying the still oblivious youth. Taking in his dress and posture, he seemed to be some family’s young master; who knew how he’d ended up falling into such circumstances. However, in this world, looking out for number one was the most important, where would one have enough benevolence to care for others? Ultimately, she just silently whispered a few words of advice, “No matter what happens, as long as you’re still alive, then that is good enough.”

Finished saying her piece, she cautiously looked towards the figure on the bed to find him staring straight at her with a slight furrowing of his brows. She was scared that with his higher cultivation, he’d heard what she just said. Not daring to make any more small talk, she quickly retired from her post.

Arriving at the bottom of the stairwell, she looked up to see the azure curtains covering the intricately carved main entrance. Only after making sure that there were no guards, did she sneakily wipe at her eyes with a sigh.

Pity the young ah.

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