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Chapter 1417

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"The way that violates the contract of the gods is not only clear to me, but also to them."

The sixth generation spoke up again.

Su Yi was startled: "Who are they?"

"You and my first five lives."

The sixth generation's voice was a little strange, "Before I was alive, there were only five divine chains on the Nine Prison Sword, which sealed five kinds of karmic powers. I have searched for their roots more than once, trying to fuse them one by one... "

Su Yi was surprised, but he didn't expect that the sixth generation had done such a thing.

"Obviously, I lost."

The sixth generation sighed, "It wasn't until I met you that I finally understood that in order to integrate those past lives, I must be in charge of reincarnation!"

There was helplessness in the voice, and a hint of envy that was not easily discernible.

Su Yi ignored this and asked, "How did you determine that the previous five generations also knew about this path that violated the contract of the gods?"

"I tried."

The sixth way, "In my lifetime, when I found this way, I was attacked by the contract of the gods!"

"That is an extremely strange catastrophe force that does not exist in the world, it is above the immortal way, it suddenly appeared, and it was cut into my soul, trying to obliterate my memory and make me forget the way I found. way."

"But in the end, the power of the contract of the gods failed and was defeated by the power of the Nine Hells Sword."

"At that time, the Nine Prison Sword produced an extremely incredible change. The five karmic forces resonated and trembled together, and then a long river of destiny was reflected!"

"Above the long river of fate, a figure appeared, stepping on the waves of fate, as if outside of fate and cause and effect."

Speaking of this, the sixth generation couldn't help but exclaimed, "In my life, I have seen the long river of years, the torrent of the era, and the sea of ​​​​chaotic realms. I just never thought that there is a long river of destiny in the world! "

"I never thought that someone could surpass the long river of fate!"

At the same time, Su Yi was stunned.

Back then, he had also seen that long river of fate!

That long river rushes out of nothingness, rushing to the unknown and endless distant place, like eternal immortality, without beginning and end.

The waves of the years are galloping in the long river, and the changes of the world are evolving in it. The past, present, and future seem to rotate and change in it.

Su Yi can't help but be shocked when he thinks about it.

In the same way, Su Yi clearly remembered that the spectator had witnessed this scene by chance when he was in the One Realm, but in the end he found nothing.

But he is different. Back then, he was really in the long river of destiny, surrounded by years, beaten by world events, surrounded by waves of endless avenues, and he couldn't help but drift with the flow...

Everything you see and feel seems to be trapped in chaos, unable to extricate yourself.

In the end, it was the power of reincarnation that woke him up from the chaotic state that was engulfed by the long river of fate.

Then, he saw that on the river of fate, an illusory figure emerged.

The figure stepped on a wave, and despite the tides of time and changes in the world, it was unable to shake its figure in the slightest.

Steady as a rock, standing proudly above the long river of destiny, giving people a stalwart charm that is immortal and immortal!

"I've seen the person you mentioned before."

Su Yi took the initiative to speak up, "Also, I had a conversation with him, and I'm probably sure that it is your first life and mine."

The sixth generation was suddenly surprised and said, "You can actually talk to him?"

Su Yi nodded and said: "

you have not? "

The sixth generation was silent for a long time, and said: "No, when I was hit by the contract of the gods, that figure only appeared for a very short time, helping me dissolve the power of the contract of the gods, and then... just glanced at me from a distance. , said a word: only reincarnation can set foot on this road."

"Then, that figure disappeared."

"It was also at that time that I realized that although the path I found was hostile to the contract of the gods, if it was a dead end, it would be very difficult for those in charge of reincarnation!"

Speaking of this, Sixth World said, "Can you tell me what you and that person have talked about?"

He was obviously extremely curious, and his voice was full of anticipation.

Su Yi thought about it for a while, and stopped hiding it, saying, "He once said that when you see the eternal truth and understand the laws of destiny, you can stand on the top of ten thousand paths, look down on the changes of the world, and see the wonder of the passage of time. , so as to realize the secret of the rise and fall of the epoch..."

"It was also said that he asked about the sword, struggled in reincarnation, walked in the changing era, searched and searched, but couldn't find a reason..."

"Invincible in the world, he made himself the enemy, only to find out in the end that what he was looking for could only start from reincarnation..."

Hearing this, the sixth generation couldn't help but murmured: "The eternal meaning? The law of destiny? Overlooking the world and experiencing the secret of the changing era? Isn't this the power that only the 'Gods' can control?"

"No, the power of the gods may be able to penetrate the past, present and future, and may be able to surpass the era, but it is absolutely impossible to control fate! It is impossible to be immortal!"

Su Yi was confused when he heard it.

Before he could ask, the Sixth Pope asked again: "He... what else did he say?"

The voices became fast and eager.

It seems that the man's words are enough to solve the doubts that have been bothering him.

Su Yi thought for a while, and said, "He once sighed that those who comprehend reincarnation can see a corner of their destiny in reincarnation. Brother Chen Xi is honestly not deceiving me!"

Chen Xi?

The sixth generation was startled, who is this?

But he refrained from asking.

Seeing Su Yi continue: "According to what that person said, it is precisely because I have comprehended reincarnation that I opened a corner of destiny, and let him and I meet on the long river of fate between the reincarnations."

"He also said that he was the initiator of the struggle for crossing in reincarnation."

Hearing this, the sixth generation was obviously completely unable to calm down, and said, "That is to say, he is the real first generation, that is, the master of the Nine Prison Sword?"

Su Yi nodded and said, "I think so too."

"They have already stood on the river of fate, and they exist as if they are eternal, but why does he want to reincarnate? What is he looking for?"

The sixth was confused and muttered to himself.

Su Yi said with emotion: "I also want to know, but unfortunately, he only said at the beginning that nine is the best number. Back then, he started a journey to find a higher path with reincarnation, and I was the only one who found reincarnation. Just like the return of nine and nine to one, everything returns to the origin, and a cycle of reincarnation is formed in the dark."

"According to him, all this is not predestined, but the collision of chance and cause and effect."

"Because of this, I had the opportunity to see a corner of my destiny in reincarnation."

"Of course, if I fall like this... then it may all be over."

The sixth generation was surprised: "Everything is over? Are you using that person's identity to scare me on purpose?"

Su Yi smiled and said:

"I also disdain the fox and the tiger's prestige."

The sixth generation was silent for a moment, and said: "I understand, it is because you are in charge of reincarnation that you can see that corner of destiny, and meet the figure of the first generation on the river of destiny."

"And other past lives, who have never been in charge of the secret of reincarnation, can't see the original... self from the long river of fate!"

In the end, the sixth generation couldn't help but sigh, full of disappointment.

In the final analysis, the core lies in whether or not to take charge of reincarnation!

"I tell you this, not a threat or intimidation, but to let you understand that when I die, all past lives in the past will disappear."

Su Yi said, "Of course, you can understand that this is my attack on you. But what I said is true. Of course, you can completely ignore it."

The VI rarely did not refute.

He was silent for a long time before he said, "What else did he say?"

Su Yi shook his head and said: "No, at that time, he just took a profound meaning of the great road called 'Xuanxu' from the river of fate, and gave it to me, saying that this is not only helping me, but also helping himself."

"Xuanxu? Is there anything special about such avenues?"

The sixth generation couldn't help but ask.

Su Yi said: "According to what he said, this can break the cause and effect and forbid fate, so that when I set foot on the road of the realm king, I can build a state of 'great freedom' and not be fettered by reincarnation and cause and effect."

"Cut cause and effect, ban fate!!!"

The sixth generation shouted, "This... this must be aimed at me! No, it is aimed at all the past lives that were suppressed on the Nine Prison Sword!"

"I understand, the first life is paving the way for you, so that you will no longer be bound by the karma of the previous life by virtue of the profound meaning of the Xuanxu, thus cutting off all the possibilities of replacing you in the previous life!!"

The sixth generation completely lost his composure. He seemed resentful, lost, and deeply unwilling.

All he had been thinking about was to replace Su Yi, and he never concealed his intentions.

But now, he realized that the first life had already paved the way for Su Yi! Completely eliminate the possibility of other previous lives taking Su Yi's place!

Su Yi also trembled in his heart.

When he first talked about the profound meaning of Xuanxu, he didn't want to do this.

But after listening to the words of the sixth generation, he also realized that it turned out that the first generation had taught him the profound meaning of Xuanxu, and he had such an intention!

Break cause and effect, forbid fate...

It is not the cause and effect that you have encountered in this life, but the cause and effect of your past life, thus prohibiting the past life to replace yourself!

At this point, Su Yi suddenly became enlightened, and could not help but secretly cry out ashamed.

If it weren't for the conversation with the sixth generation today, he probably still wouldn't be able to understand the first generation's intentions!

"No wonder you have no fear, it turns out that you are full of confidence."

After a long time, the sixth generation's voice was low and ironic.

Su Yi shook his head and said, "I am not afraid to have a real contest with you in the battle of mood, and I have never thought of using the profound meaning of Xuanxu to suppress you, whether you believe it or not, when you integrate your Taoism, you will Know it for yourself.”

He really never thought of cheating!

His arrogance, his Dao heart, and the swordsmanship he seeks are not for him to take advantage of!

The VI did not argue.

A divine light emerged, turned into a brand, and appeared in front of Su Yi.

"In this one, the mystery of stepping on that path is recorded. For others, it is a dead end. For you, it is a path that is enough to attract the enmity of the gods' contract... taboo!"

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