Forgotten Juliet - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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Covering her body with a sheet, Juliet watched the man with bated breath. When the man took off his bathrobe, turning his back to the bed, she saw his broad shoulders and strong back muscles, which were clearly visible in the morning light.



An impeccably, well-balanced physique, reminiscent of the sleek body of a predator, and an attractive angular face. There were large and small sword scars all over the body, but even those were perfect like works of art. 

Juliet was stunned for a moment, admiring the man in a daze.

Taking off his bathrobe, the man put on a white, clean shirt.

Though it was a habit unworthy of a noble duke who held such a high status. He was a man who spent half his life on the battlefield and hated the look of his body, so he preferred to dress himself.

So there were only two types of women he brought into his bedroom. A woman who was a one-night stand, or a woman he wanted to use.

Juliet belonged to the latter. 

‘Maybe it’s both…’

Thinking this, Juliet laughed at herself.

At that time, Juliet, who was burying her face in the pillow and helping herself, met the man’s red eyes. The eyes of the Duke fastening the cufflinks on his sleeves narrowed.

“Did I wake you up?”

His interest was quite natural.

After their night, Juliet was usually so tired that the next day she couldn’t even lift a finger. Instead of opening her eyes at dawn, she usually slept until noon.

“…No, Your Highness,” Juliet replied with a sigh.

She pushed the sheet and stood up. Now that he was caught, pretending to be asleep wasn’t very wise.

Last night Juliet couldn’t sleep at all. She stayed up all night, but she didn’t feel tired because of her nervousness. 



“I have something to tell you,” carefully said Juliet and got off the bed barefoot.

Her long hair, which must have been messy, was loosely draped to one side.

Juliet no longer cared about how she looked.

No matter how hard she tried to dress elegantly, Juliet always looked shabby when standing in front of her lover, who shone like the sun. Compared to him, bright summer dresses were nothing more than modest pajamas.

“Say it later.”

“Lennox,” Juliet hurriedly grabbed the man’s arm as he tried to look away indifferently.

There was no later for her. It was now or never.

Lennox Carlisle.

The youngest ruler of the Empire, the Northern Duke of Carlisle, was Juliet’s lover. And her lover was a very busy man.

They were always surrounded by people, so this was the only opportunity for them to be alone.

“It will only take a minute. I won’t waste your time.”

the Duke glanced at the woman  clinging to his arm.

Cold and heartless red eyes. Juliet shuddered at his indifferent and cold look, but didn’t let him go and didn’t look away.

Finally, after a short silence, permission was granted.


When Juliet breathed a sigh of relief, the Duke sat down on the edge of the table. He picked up a silver cigar box that lay on the table and took out a cigar.





Juliet parted her lips with difficulty. She didn’t know how to approach the subject.

How should I start?


“A present?”


“It’s about a birthday present, isn’t it?”


Birthday present?

Juliet, who was a little embarrassed by his unexpected reaction, finally realized. Her 25th birthday was just a few days away.

Duke Carlisle was an infinitely generous lover financially, but he was by no means affectionate.

Having a wealthy but busy lover meant you have to get used to his indifference. 

But her birthday was the only anniversary he never forgot. 

Only one day a year.

On that one day when Juliet Monad could ask him for anything.



The next moment, Juliet smiled broadly and nodded.

“Yes, that’s right. It was about my birthday present.”

Instead of noticing the sudden change in her face, the Duke smoothed his hair lightly. He gradually lost interest in the conversation.

It was a simple gesture of annoyance, but even that gave off a strangely dangerous atmosphere.

“Tell me what you want.”

Instead of answering right away, Juliet laughed a little. Seven years ago, when they first met, this man had said the same thing.

“Tell me what you want, except for marriage.”

At the time, disgusted by his arrogant behavior, she made unreasonable demands. But Juliet’s lover was a completely unattainable person for her.

By the standards of a man who asked her what she was asking for, she was just a cumbersome and annoying fool. Juliet was clever, and it didn’t take her long to realize it.


He wouldn’t blink an eye at Juliet’s demands.

Juliet knew that better than anyone. 

“I want you to do me a favor this year, not a present.”

“A favor?”



Juliet hesitated a little before she continued:

“…Will you please promise me that you will listen?”

Juliet’s rather serious demeanor brought a smile to Duke Carlisle’s lips for the first time. 

The tightly closed mouth drew a terribly attractive line.

It was an outright laugh. But no one could point out the arrogance of young Duke Carlisle. 

He wasn’t even afraid of the Emperor. Lennox Carlisle could have had the throne if he wanted to. Even more so, it’s just a lover’s birthday wish.

“Okay. I swear,” Lennox nodded dryly.

It seemed that he was just playing along to make fun of her, but for Juliet that was enough.

“Thank you, Your Highness. Then…”

Juliet smiled sweetly and blinked deliberately slowly.

And all this just to maintain the appearance of love a little more.

And the next moment, the demand that flowed from her mouth far exceeded Lennox Carlisle’s expectations.

“Please break up with me.”


“Your Highness.”

Juliet smiled brightly and continued with an angelic face.

“Let’s end what happened between us.”


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