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Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – Human Punchbag

On the day of Lin Fan’s return to the country, he caught up with Fang Yuan’s kidnap case and he went straight to the hospital. He didn’t even have a place to stay. Initially, Fang Yuan wasn’t used to having someone in her place, but it’s all because of her handsome guy being saved, he let Lin Fan sleep on the couch.

At night, there was suddenly a strong typhoon in Linhai city. The temperature dropped from 28 degrees to 15 degrees. At night, Fang Yuan was woken up by the lightning and thunder. When she got up and closed the window, she thought of the man in the living room. After hesitating a bit, she took a set of pink bedsheets and tiptoed to the living room.

Shen Ming was still lying there. The open-styled corridor was filled with the wind, Fang Yuan, even with a jacket and a pair of trousers, still felt pretty cold, let alone Shen Ming who’s just wearing a T-shirt.

“Hey, are you already frozen to death?” Fang Yuan kicked Shen Ming’s leg.

“This kind of weather is a paradise on earth compared to Siberia. I used to stay there.” Shen Ming sat straight up.

“You’re really full of crap. Come on, take this and cover yourself. I don’t want to open my door and see a corpse in the morning, what an unfortunate thing.” Fang Yuan handed Shen Ming the blanket, but he didn’t take it.

“Isn’t this your favorite hello kitty black velvet sheet, with limited edition? There are only 10 of these in the world.” Shen Ming did not dare to pick it up, since he felt that he’s really dirty at the moment, and he’d ruin the blanket once he had it.

“How did you know……I almost forgot that you’re a bodyguard, and I’ve already taken a look of your information.” Fang Yuan was holding the blanket, and she was a bit pissed off, “I really don’t understand it, just tell me why you’d make yourself look like that? Do you want me to pity you? If so, could you at least use your brain before trying? Your home is just 2 meters away, and you chose to look pitiful here, from whom are you looking for sympathy actually?”

“I am not going back, and it’s not because it’s too far away; it’s because I’ll be too far away from you and I won’t be able to protect you. Haven’t you realized how dangerous the situation you’re at now? Even if I’m one second too slow, people will see me as not doing my job properly.” Shen Ming said persistently.

“Whatever then. Crazy.” Fang Yuan had given up talking to this stubborn guy. She went back to her bedroom and closed the door. Only when she saw Lin Fan sitting on the sofa, had she realized that there’s still a guest in the house.

“Was I too noisy?” Fang Yuan was a bit embarrassed.

“No, it’s fine. It’s just that I’m still suffering from jetlag. If you can’t sleep, come here and talk with me.” Lin Fan held the back of his head with his hands, and Fang Yuan held the blanket and sat next to Lin Fan.

“My sister, you know what? This time, I’ve seen quite many changes in you.”

“I know what changes you’re talking about. My breasts are even flatter now. You used to laugh at me about having boobs like ‘the airport’, and now they just can’t be any flatter.”

“Don’t be silly. What I mean is, you’re much friendlier than before. You used to be arrogant and distant. You only started talking to me after 3 months of fighting. And every time when I helped you pick up the equipment, you had to throw money at me. And now, you’ve become much more like an ordinary girl. Is it because of him?” Lin Fan asked curiously.

“I guess so?” Fang Yuan lowered her head, she couldn’t argue against it.

“Sister, do you like him?” Lin Fan asked directly.

“How is it possible? I’ve known him for only a few days!” Fang Yuan denied loudly.

“Then do you like me?”

“Of course, you are a brother who grew up with me!” After saying so, Fang Yuan immediately sensed that the atmosphere wasn’t right. In the dim living room, there were thunders and lightning outside. Lin Fan looked very passionate, his tough body was approaching her, and his lips were ready.

Lin Fan was very handsome and tall. In the past, there were countless sisters who were fond of him in the boxing school, but he only liked to hang out with the cold Fang Yuan.

When she could almost feel the breath of Lin Fan, she suddenly pushed him away, “don’t be silly. I like you only as a brother!”

“Well okay, I’ve just lost my love.” Lin Fan made a frustrated look and waved his hand to pretend to wipe his tears.

“If you make this kind of joke again, I’ll beat you up. I’m going to bed.” Fang Yuan smiled, stood up and walked inside her bedroom.

“Hell, now that you say ‘no’, after a few days, you’ll say ‘don’t stop’.” Lin Fan murmured to himself and went back to sleep.

After a night’s typhoon, the temperature was very high in Linhai city again. It was almost 39 degrees, together with a full night’s rain, it was so humid that it almost felt like sauna, steaming people alive.

Because of her injury, Fang Yuan took a week’s leave, but she got well only after 3 days. Lin Fan suggested to her to visit the boxing school, and Shen Ming became a shadow following them.

Although Rongguang Thai Boxing school had stopped opening classes, Fang Yang still kept taking care of it after buying it. Every week, she’d hire a cleaning company to clean it thoroughly once, and they’d keep everything in their place. No matter it’s her senior brothers’ photos or the awards that they’d won over the years, Fang Yuan had tried keeping them in the same place.

It felt like the time had suddenly paused. Very gradually, Lin Fan walked through every corner of the school, and he touched everywhere that once accompanied his growth. He said miserably, “I didn’t expect the once dynamic boxing school would end up this way.”

“If my master would know, I guess he couldn’t rest in peace?”

“Don’t say that. You know that our master’s wife didn’t really know how to run a business. Our senior brothers all wanted to develop their career outside. When our master passed away, there was really no one left to pass on the good stuff…he once had high hopes on you, and he initially wanted you to inherit the school. But…” Fang Yuan didn’t want to continue.

“Life is like that, even our toughest master left us without a goodbye. And I, I also want to walk through a different path, but I wasted it.” Lin Fan smiled lightly, “however, the boxing school belongs to you now, and it’s counted as a stable job, you don’t need to worry about it turning into a high-rise building later.”

“My handsome brother, don’t you worry about it. You’re just 22 years old, and your body is going through its best state. Plus, you’ve trained for so many years, I’m sure you’ll win the king of boxing.” Fang Yuan tried to encourage him.

“That is for sure, but there won’t be any more chance for me. One month after the game ended, the king of boxing died from an accident. Even if I go back for a challenge, it’ll be another king of boxing, and it won’t be as interesting. By the way, my friend, you know about boxing?” Lin Fan suddenly asked Shen Ming who was sitting in front of the entrance.

Shen Ming didn’t answer, and he’s as quiet as the punchbag next to him.

“Now that we’re here, let us move a bit!” Lin Fan walked quickly and got in front of Shen Ming.

“Handsome guy, what are you going to do? You’re a professional boxer!” Fang Yuan started getting nervous.

“Don’t you want me to leave quietly? Let us play a game. You’ll be a human punchbag and compete with me. If you aren’t defeated, I’ll leave quietly. In fact, being an undercover wouldn’t earn me much, given the relationship between me and Fang Yuan, since she hadn’t forgotten about me, it’d be awesome if I could borrow about 1 million and enjoy life afterwards.” Lin Fan whispered near Shen Ming’s ears.

It’s like Shen Ming was under the influence of magic, he stood up instantly.

“Which style do you want?” Shen Ming asked coldly.

“The game mode, 3 rounds, 5 minutes per round, two minutes off every break.” Lin Fan had already thought about it before.

“Each round is too long, and the game is only 2 to 3 minutes.” Fang Yuan tried to explain.

“We’ll just play around, and 5 minutes will pass quickly on the stage. It’s gonna be fine.” Lin Fan patted on Shen Ming’s shoulder.

“Okay.” Shen Ming answered very directly.

Since Lin Fan had said that it’s just playing, so he didn’t prepare any protective gear, he was merely wearing his gloves and braces. With such a set-up, he exposed his tanned skin, and he was warming up with the punchbag. Fang Yuan, who’s supporting the punchbag, could feel the horrifying power too, this was for sure not a kind of strength for playing.

Fang Yuan knew that Lin Fan wanted to teach this annoying bodyguard a lesson, but Fang Yuan wasn’t sure whether she wanted Shen Ming to tag along, or to leave.

Shen Ming, after taking a shower, changed to a pair of white trousers. He’s also half-naked, and he walked to the center of the boxing school. Lin Fan and Fang Yuan were stunned after seeing the scars on his body.

“Looks like it’s going to be an overwhelming player.” Lin Fan knew that this kind of man either came from a battlefield or from hell.

“Do you need to warm up?” Fang Yuan proactively asked.

Shen Ming twisted his neck. “I’m ready, let’s get started.” After he finished, he stepped on the platform.

Fang Yuan felt very complicated when she sat down on the audience’s seat. She acted as the judge and the coach, then rang the bell.

Lin Fan ran to the center of the stage with skillful steps, he touched the gloves of Shen Ming in a friendly manner, then whispered, “don’t forget our agreement on human punchbag.”

“It’s you who shouldn’t forget. The guy who cheated me, his tongue is still in his axxhole, I’ve even forgotten where it’s buried” Shen Ming said coldly.

“That’s for sure!” Suddenly, Lin Fan hit with his left fist, it’s incredibly fast and it’s aimed at Shen Ming’s temples. This is the angle that he’s good at. Both the speed and strength were impeccable, but it didn’t hit the target, it just almost touched Shen Ming’s nose.

Shen Ming’s steps were incredibly flexible too. Or, it’d be better to describe him as sliding. He’s so stable and he didn’t need to use jumping to confuse his opponent at all. Everything his opponent was doing was under control.

“It’s not bad, come again!” Lin Fan excitedly rushed up, he swept with his left fight, then right elbow, while he was preparing to attack with his knees too. In three seconds, he had finished 10 times of knee attack. Lin Fan should be the only one being able to do so in the whole country.

Shen Ming could only defend, but he couldn’t fight back. Under such vigorous attacks, he was forced to the corner of the stage, and he couldn’t retreat.

“Get away! Don’t just stand there or you’ll die!” Fang Yuan was so nervous that she stood up immediately.

“I’ve got you!” Lin Fan attacked with his right elbow, just like a heavy hammer. At this moment, Shen Ming found that Lin Fan wasn’t defending himself, so he used his right fist to aim at Lin Fan’s neck, he’s much quicker than Lin Fan and there’s simply no way to defend.

“Punchbag!” Lin Fan roared, and Shen Ming immediately took back his fist. He took a heavy blow on the shoulder, it’s the first time he was hit after returning to the city, and he kneeled on the stage.

“Now that’s my boy.” Lin Fan sneered and got back to the center of the stage. All in all, they’d said that it’s a game, and it had to look like a game.

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