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Chapter 266: Teaching The Immortals A Lesson   In a way, the fishing line Wang Xuan offered was of superior quality; had it been used for its intended purpose of fishing for heavenly medicine, it would have undoubtedly been effective and even better. Huang Kun's body trembled uncontrolla

Chapter 267: Slaying An Immortal   The Huang family, with their vast business empire, owned a sizeable estate where the ancestral temple was located in a secluded area, surrounded by numerous ancient trees. Now, a flying craft approached, with Wang Xuan sitting inside, coldly overlooking this

Chapter 268: Immortal Death   In the warship, the Ashen Blood organization's middle-aged man was drenched in sweat, gripped by fear and tension. He felt that today's actions would mark a new chapter in history. Engaging immortals with a warship? This was the dawn of a terrifying new e

Chapter 261: Meeting The Immortals   Wang Xuan was astonished, realizing Chen Yongjie had come prepared, specifically targeting the ancient temple at Zhou’s estate. However, the thought of the lotus pod’s origin excited him too, considering it was a divine seed harvested by Buddha

Chapter 262: An Immortal Bodyguard   Wang Xuan halted, sensing the vitality within the building ahead. The air was thick with mystical substance, and a powerful superhuman entity awaited him inside. "Please, Sword Immortal," Huang Xinghai gestured. "Don't call me Sword Im

Chapter 263: Heavenly Herb   Huang Kun sighed, showing a troubled expression. He explained to Wang Xuan that he was merely a fragment of a soul, not even as powerful as Wang Xuan himself. Moreover, he couldn't stray too far or for too long from his physical remnants, as the true bone need

Chapter 264: A Great Happening   Outside Yucheng city, although it was still morning, the sky turned as dark as ink. Massive clouds, like two colossal landmasses colliding, pressed down from above. The energy released from their contact was terrifying; thick, green lightning, like a vast rang

Chapter 265: Spilling Immortal Blood   As two worlds seemed to touch and then pass by each other, the mighty mountains of the other realm cast their shadows in the present world. There, celestial lights shone, indicating the presence of powerful beings making their moves. "Hostile entit

Chapter 256: Change Has Come To The Human Realm   Chen Yongjie naturally felt the pressure. Was this the rhythm of the Celestials' return? The blending of myth and reality was bound to create a series of severe problems. "There's nothing to fear," he said. "I've alw

Chapter 257: The Beginning Of The Supernatural   After three months that felt detached from the world and his journey into a mysterious realm where yellow paper money fell in a dead town, Wang Xuan returned to the city, seamlessly blending into the familiar environment. The prolonged absence

Chapter 258: Breakthrough Of Transcendents   Bathed in the soft glow of the moonlight, with a misty haze rising from the ground, Wang Xuan strolled contemplatively. He gazed at the profound night sky, pondering whether the world behind the curtain belonged to a parallel universe or was it mer

Chapter 259: The Vault, Taken Over   Beyond the mountain, astonishingly, lay a vast expanse of golden ocean. Massive bubbles, each emitting a spectrum of colors, rose from the sea, encapsulating various creatures within them: enormous azure birds, monstrous beings with human heads and serpent

Chapter 260: Nowhere Safe   In the ancestral shrine of the Huang family, thin strands of white mist swirled around. Huang Xinghai awoke from a brief slumber where he had heard the mysterious entity's voice in his dream. After paying his respects in the shrine, he stepped out, reflecting o

Chapter 255: Return Of The Transcendents   Wang Xuan, with his spiritual eye, confirmed that the six had perished, their spirit forms reduced to ash. These beings, who had pursued him from the mysterious world, were all beyond the Herb Gathering realm, and their escape could have caused great

492  Battle In The Space, part 2/2 POV ???: As data streams from the fleet merged into the central command core, it vibrated with activity, its circuits alive to assimilate the overwhelming influx of information. Every processor and digital thread was synchronized, converging on analyzing the

Chapter 353   "Did Your Highness perhaps know not only about Tain but also about them already?"   Kishiar responded only with an inscrutable smile, instead of a direct answer. In Pruelle's eyes, tension, admiration, and trust simultaneously flashed by.   "I se

Chapter 354   "Yuder, sir. This morning, someone finally showed signs of consciousness!"   Lusan whispered excitedly, taking a sharp breath.   "When I was feeding her, she asked where she was. I told her it's a safe place and that I was a priest of the Sun God

Chapter 355   Marty had not shed a single tear until she finished her story. A person so resolute to decide to leave her hometown for the Empire, and so steadfast to find a new life even after her younger brother's death, it was possible for her to regain her composure so quickly.  

Chapter 356   Nahan's gaze swept over the moderate faction of Awakeners, answering with an expressionless face. They quickly lowered their heads to avoid eye contact with Nahan, due to the rumor that meeting his gaze would cast them into an illusion. In reality, the ability was only effec

Chapter 357   Baron Willhem, whose cruelty knew no bounds, had dismissed the report about Kishiar and the Cavalry with a wave of his hand, as if there was no need to speak further on the matter.   “My head aches, so let's leave it at that. How is the First Prince Pruelle? Doe

Chapter 358   “Well, it can't be helped. Such an incident happened yesterday, after all.”   Yesterday, almost simultaneously, numerous messages were received from many members and knights who were outside. The reports were related to mysterious events that occurred in v

Chapter 359   "I had heard rumors that Sir Aile is a promising talent with a bright future, but seeing him in person today, I indeed think it's true. May I ask where you hail from?"   A promising talent with a bright future. They couldn't outright say Kishiar's co

Chapter 360   "It seems that Your Highness really trusts Sir Aile."   On their way back to the main residence, Pruelle suddenly spoke.   "Well, since we share accommodations, it's only natural, I suppose."   "What are you talking about all of

Chapter 351   “Understood. If that's the case, I will follow behind. Do as you wish.”   The half-hearted response by the Knight Commander, who seemed to have lost his motivation, was immediately followed by Kishiar, who then gestured to Ever, Emun, and Finn. Together wi

Chapter 352   "Do you have any plans in mind?"   "No plans."   Kishiar's response was succinct. However, his eyes were shining like a predator waiting for the right time to strike.   "But if my guess is correct, thanks to the people we brought

Chapter 341   ‘Duke Tain's first child? Who was that again?’   In his previous life, Tain's ducal family had faithfully kept their children low-key until Yuder's death, so his memory of the children was exceedingly faint. It wasn't a situation where noise er

Chapter 342   Upon close inspection, Pruelle, the firstborn of the Tain Ducal house, was quite distinct from other young nobles in both appearance and temperament. Most of the noble youth Yuder had seen so far had extraordinary looks like Kiolle, Aishes, or Lenore, but often had less impressi

Chapter 343   Awakened individuals possessing transformation abilities were something Yuder had encountered a few times in his past life. However, the cases where they could transform into humans were exceedingly rare. Most commonly, they could change into something resembling a specific anim

Chapter 344   "Indeed. You possess the interesting ability I heard about from my assistant."   "Thank you for saying so."   "So... I'm curious as to why you've come all this way to propose a deal."   Pruelle did not beat around the bu

Chapter 345   "How does the assistant think about it?"   As the question was suddenly tossed to Yuder, who had been silently listening all this time, Pruelle's gaze also turned towards him. With a look that held both desperation and surprise, Yuder felt a slight confusion

Chapter 346   “I don't know.”   When Yuder answered honestly, Kishiar raised his head and smiled.   “The one who first made a stove capable of igniting and burning magic stones lived near the mine of magic stones. Up until then, the low-quality magic stones

Chapter 347   "...Is that so?"   "It is."   Yuder clamped his mouth shut for a moment. Life before joining the Cavalry did not need to be buried like events from a previous life, but neither was it a topic full of intrigue that he would willingly discuss. Wha

Chapter 348   It was a comfort very much in Kishiar's style.   And in some ways, Yuder felt a confidence in those words as if he could handle whatever clumsy act Yuder might perform. A somewhat subtle feeling arose in him as well.   'It's more comfortable to gather m

Chapter 349   Pruelle had told Kishiar that if there was anything he wanted to ask, he should pass it through him.   "Very well. There's one thing I want to ask first. I was curious why you approached my assistant in the garden and not anyone else. You seemed particularly inte

Chapter 350   The reason Ever had taken the two of them along was that they had been the ones who had visited the Awakeners's village in the Great Sarain Forest as part of the first dispatched team. Although those who had lost their memory could not recognize the people and wasn't sur

Chapter 331   "Commander."   Not long after, the members saluted in unison at the sight of Kishiar who had just entered the reception room. Nathan Zuckerman followed him, his effort to conform to the role of the idle Knight of the Peletta apparent in his deliberately dishevel

Chapter 332   In this place, engaging in banter would not yield any meaningful exchange. Thus, he decided to remain silent.   Soon after, Kishiar learned the address of the district where the Red Deer Consortium was located from a merchant who appeared with an introduction letter. Yude

Chapter 333   The underground passage, where they had brought in the valuables, was located in the exact opposite direction from where they had entered. As Yuder descended along stairs that resembled an emergency exit, he realized that he couldn’t see the workers from the first floor fr

Chapter 334   "Most of them were ordinary people, but among them was someone imbued with a peculiar energy."   Kishiar's eyes narrowed.   "Explain in detail."   "When the Cavalry members use their powers strongly, I occasionally feel a unique

Chapter 335   Unbeknownst to himself, Yuder wore a bitter smile, only to erase it shortly after.   No one was better at distinguishing between lies and truths than Enon. Though he claimed not to believe, the fact that he eventually said the exact opposite indicated which way his though