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Chapter 15

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The system was silent for a very long time, “No relationship whatsoever has been detected between the two people.”

“No,” Bai Zhi shook his head. “I think they seem to be one person.”

“What makes you think so?” the system retorted.

“I just think so,” Bai Zhi uttered.

After about an hour, Du Huai’an had returned. Bai Zhi heard the sound of a door opening, immediately got up, and started running out. 

Du Huai’an held a few shopping bags in his hand, a bit surprised to see Bai Zhi, “You still haven’t fallen asleep?”

“I couldn’t sleep,” Bai Zhi looked at him, his heart feeling a little uncomfortable.

Du Huai’an’s complexion changed. He promptly threw the stuff, reaching out to place his hand on Bai Zhi’s forehead, “Do you feel uncomfortable? Have you fallen ill?”

Bai Zhi shook his head, “Du Huai’an……”

“What’s wrong?”

Bai Zhi hung his head, feeling stuffy. However, he couldn’t understand why. After thinking for a long time, he could only hold back his words.

“I don’t feel happy.”

“Does your heart feel uncomfortable?”

Bai Zhi nodded.

Du Huai’an stooped. He lifted all of the shopping bags with his left hand, and with his right hand, he pulled the unhappy child to sit him back on the bed.

“I bought seven pairs of beautiful slippers for you. Let’s change one pair a day, all right?”

Bai Zhi lifted his head. Du Huai’an smiled and held out the slippers.

“This pair has Pleasant Goat1 printed on it.”

Bai Zhi’s eyes shone.

“This pair has Briar2 printed on it.”

Bai Zhi’s mouth opened wide.

“This pair has the fairies’ transformation device3 on it.”

Bai Zhi smiled happily.

One by one, Du Huai’an took all of the slippers out and placed them beside the bed.

“Which pair does the Young Master want to wear tomorrow?”

Bai Zhi smiled, his eyes curved, “I can’t choose.”

“Then we’ll take our time choosing tomorrow morning, okay?” Du Huai’an’s voice was very gentle and soft. “It’s time to sleep, my Young Master.”

Bai Zhi lifted his head to look at him. Du Huai’an wore a smile and moved over to kiss his forehead.

“Good night.”


He had a good sleep that night.

Du Huai’an gave the large bed to Bai Zhi and he ran to the sofa, putting up with it for the night.

Bai Zhi woke up in a daze from the early morning’s sunshine and saw a small cat just standing on the windowsill, tilting its head, looking at him through the glass window.

Bai Zhi excitedly got up at once, but the small cat flung its tail and ran away.

Du Huai’an wore a pure white sweatshirt, and from behind, he draped a jacket4 on Bai Zhi, “Get dressed, then get out of bed.”

Bai Zhi turned his head, eyes filled with smiles, “There was a cat.”

Du Huai’an looked over to his gaze, “Did you scare it away?”

“I didn’t scare it,” Bai Zhi explained. “The weather is cold, why was it outside?”

“There are no stray cats here,” Du Huai’an explained. “It should have an owner, don’t worry about it.”

He rubbed Bai Zhi’s head, “It should be all right, go eat.”

Bai Zhi nodded and followed after Du Huai’an.

The dining table was already packed. Du Huai’an poured the soy milk for Bai Zhi and scooped up the Laba congee for him. Bai Zhi happily brought it over and he stretched his arm, intending on lowering his hand to the egg.

“I’ll peel it for you——”

Du Huai’an held his hand down, “You should first eat.”

Bai Zhi: “Oh.”

By the time Bai Zhi had swept the food in front of him clean, quite some time had already passed.

Du Huai’an put Bai Zhi on the sofa to watch TV, and he stayed on the other side to read.

Although there was a rainstorm yesterday, there was actually good weather hard to come by today. The sunlight dug out from within the clouds, warming up everything. Du Huai’an casually turned over the page of the book, and his gaze suddenly turned to the inside of the house.

The young master with delicate features concentrated his attention on the TV, and from time to time, he exposed an excited expression.

Du Huai’an looked at Bai Zhi and his heart suddenly began warming up.

He had worked for many years and seen all sorts of people. Although the club wasn’t as unbearable as some third-rate places, the service offered was simple and there were some chats and appointments. However, it was the first time he had seen someone like Bai Zhi who paid money yet didn’t want anything.

Not only did he not want anything, but he was also driven out of the house for him. 

Du Huai’an’s eyes slightly twitched, and his thoughts flew about.

After many matters like this, he was already sure.

This young master, who’s the proud son of heaven, definitely deeply loves him.

Lunch was cooked by Du Huai’an, as usual. Bai Zhi was afraid he would be unable to control himself once he started eating and first gave Du Huai’an a plate full of food before moving his chopsticks.

Du Huai’an didn’t stop him and quietly finished eating the stuff inside his bowl. Then, he took Bai Zhi, who had eaten too much, out for a walk.

In the winter afternoon, there were also pedestrians on the streets that had come out in the sun.

Bai Zhi was covered by Du Huai’an’s large scarf and closely followed after the man. Unexpectedly, he held his hand. He lifted his head and saw Du Huai’an’s very natural expression.

“These gloves are thin,” Du Huai’an said. Then, he put Bai Zhi’s hand into his pocket, “I’ll bring you to buy a new one.”

Bai Zhi, who was well-behaved as he was led by him, nodded.

Du Huai’an suddenly smiled, but it was a very relaxed smile. It wasn’t the same smile as before, it seemed very genuine. 

Thus, Bai Zhi was also happy.

Du Huai’an led the man into the shopping mall, their hands still held tightly. 

Bai Zhi was looking all over the place, then, he was brought into the men’s clothing store by Du Huai’an.

“Check if there’s anything you like.”

The shop assistant lady came over wearing a smile and led Bai Zhi around. Du Huai’an then found a place to sit down, his gaze locked on Bai Zhi, who was wandering around.

Bai Zhi changed his clothes and ran over to him. Du Huai’an immediately stood up, the man carried the bill.

“I’ll bring you to see the rest.”

By the time he had come out from the shopping mall, Bai Zhi already had a tiger-skinned hat on his head, had a scarf similar to Du Huai’an’s on his neck, and he wore two, woolen gloves, a few small bags carried in his hand.

He was a little embarrassed, “I forgot to bring stuff out, sorry.”

Du Huai’an paused his steps. He stood in front of Bai Zhi and stooped, pinching his nose.

“I kidnapped you and brought you back to my home. If I don’t raise you properly, aren’t I acting as a rogue?”

Bai Zhi pulled back his neck and simply smiled.

Du Huai’an was in a good mood. He moved all of the large bags carried by both of his hands into his left hand, then he led Bai Zhi along with his right hand, slowly leading him back home.

The warm setting sun warmly illuminated on their bodies, the two people held hands, and walked in the sunshine. 

Bai Zhi was happy and felt like humming a song, “Uncle, Uncle.”

“What is it?”

“I feel so happy being together with the villain.”

“That’s only natural,” the system stated. “After all, you guys are good brothers!”

The following days were exceptionally cozy for Bai Zhi. Du Huai’an returned with a bought grey parrot, and the two lived a happy life eating, sleeping, and teasing DouDou. However, good things don’t last forever. They had not enjoyed themselves for several days when Bai Zhi was fiercely grabbed and put in a car by a group of men in black. 

System: “Your dad sent them over, don’t worry, don’t worry.”

Bai Zhi peeled a candy and threw it in his mouth, immediately spitting it out with a ‘pu’, “Unpalatable.”

A man in black in the back seat was flustered and rummaged through the snacks and handed them to Bai Zhi. Bai Zhi waved his hand to refuse all of it, then in his mind, he replied.

“I’m not worried.”

System: “……I can see that.”

When the men had arrived at the Jiang family’s gates, Bai Zhi was respectfully asked to get off. The man in black alerted him in his ear, “Your esteemed father is waiting for you in the study room.”

Bai Zhi answered. Although he didn’t understand what Jiang Feng wanted, he still ran upstairs, pushing the study room door open with a ‘pa’.

“Old Man, I’m back!”

There was no reply from inside.  Bai Zhi froze for a moment, lifted his leg, and walked in.

“Huh? Guys?”

There was a sudden noise behind him and Bai Zhi turned his head, seeing Jiang Feng close the study room door with a black face.

Bai Zhi: “What is this?”

Jiang Feng’s voice very quickly came through, “You, yourself, aren’t willing to cut off your relationship with Du Huai’an, so we’ll help you cut it off. We’ll send you abroad tomorrow, you’ll stay in the house for the time being and reflect on yourself.”

“Reflect on myself?” Bai Zhi walked over and hit the board, “You’re not letting me out?”

“Wait until tomorrow when you board the plane, you’ll come out then.”

After saying that, Jiang Feng then left. Bai Zhi heard the sounds of the man’s footsteps gradually get further away, and his hand slowly pressed on the door of the room. 

“What are you doing?” the system keenly felt that his mood was somewhat wrong.

“Bursting open the door to go out, of course,” Bai Zhi shrugged his shoulders. “Can this place even stop me?”

“It can’t stop you, but if you do it like this, be prepared to be arrested and looked into.”

Bai Zhi pursed his eyebrows, “Then I can’t leave yet? What should I do if Du Huai’an can’t find me?” 

“Who said that?” the system uttered. “Isn’t there a window? Tonight, when no one’s there, stealthily jump out then go.”  

“Okay,” Bai Zhi simply pounced on the bed. “Then I’ll sleep first, call me when it’s time.”


The sun sets very quickly in winter and it becomes dark very early. The system cautiously guarded until eight o’clock, broadcasting Weifeng Tangtang to wake up Bai Zhi. 

“Now go, keep it down.”

Bai Zhi rubbed his eyes and gestured, “Ok-ay.”5

After saying that in an extremely small voice, he opened the window and jumped down from the second floor. 

The snow perfectly digested the sound of footsteps. Bai Zhi hid and quickly got far away from the Jiang family.

A demon and a machine ran away at twilight. Bai Zhi ran for a while, and suddenly thought of a question.


“What’s wrong, Nephew?”

“Where are we going?”

Bai Zhi stopped his steps, voice small, “I want to go to Du Huai’an’s place…… I want to go tell him. I won’t leave without saying goodbye today.”

“Then go!” the system supported. “Anyway, you don’t have money for the hotel. 

Bai Zhi nodded, tightening his scarf, 

It was even colder at Du Huai’an’s home. Bai Zhi was thinking on how to explain his disappearance today to Du Huai’an when he suddenly saw a glimpse of him in the corner of his eyes. He saw a silhouette of Du Huai’an.

He stood under the street lights, snowflakes fell on his shoulder and they were immediately lightly brushed off with both hands.

Bai Zhi’s heart contracted for a moment.

Du Huai’an’s back faced him, head lowered, telling something to the woman. The woman wore a white, woolen hat and she swept away snowflakes for Du Huai’an whilst very earnestly listening to him speak.

That was the woman Bai Zhi saw when he first met Du Huai’an.


Bai Zhi spoke.

“Was I not, meant to return?”

The system’s words faltered, “Uh…… I can’t say that, but…… perhaps you should wait here.”


Bai Zhi simply squatted down, the flower bed in front of him covering him completely.

He squatted for a while. He suddenly felt somewhat uneasy again, and slightly arched his body to look on the other side.

“Uncle, Du Huai’an isn’t wearing a hat, he also isn’t wearing a scarf.”

“So what?”

“He’ll be cold,” Bai Zhi spoke, word by word. “Didn’t you say to be the villain’s little brother, I have to put the villain first, at all times?”

“I’m going to go give him a hat now, I’ll be back when I’m done,” Bai Zhi was silent for a moment, then proceeded to talk. “I’m fulfilling my duty as a little brother, right?”

“Seems like…… there are no shortcomings,” the system thought for a while.

“Then, I’ll go,” Bai Zhi rubbed his eyes. “When I was running, the cold wind blowing in my eyes wasn’t very comfortable. As soon as I finish sending it, I’ll find a place to sleep.”

The system didn’t speak. Bai Zhi then suddenly stood up, heading towards the two people in big strides. 

The clear sound of footsteps caused the two people to turn their heads. When he saw Bai Zhi, Du Huai’an instantly looked excited.


“Why are you not wearing a scarf?” Bai Zhi interrupted his words. He took his own scarf and coiled it around him, “It’s so cold, don’t fall ill.” 

He laughed for a moment and rubbed his hands, “Okay, I’m all right, you guys chat.”

After saying that, he turned to leave but his hand was pulled by someone. Du Huai’an walked in front of him, his face very bad, “Are you crying?”

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