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Chapter 35

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Tianli’s 38 Problem Sets, 42 Problem Sets, and a college entrance exam question bank.

Bai Zhi slept all the way until dawn, and it was only the alarm that roused him from his nest. The system jumped around next to him, and spoke to him reluctantly:

“Didn’t you say you were going to send Ji Guichen home?”

Bai Zhi wormed his way out and rubbed his eyes: “Did I not send him?”

“He carried you upstairs from all the way down there, it’s clearly he who sent you, right? He even did the service of putting you in bed, this life of yours is really comfortable,” the system complained.

“Ah?” Bai Zhi was at a loss: “I, I fell asleep?”

The system nodded: “Otherwise?”

Hearing this, Bai Zhi was a little embarrassed: “I originally wanted to protect him on his way home, but…”


Bai Zhi lowered his head and laughed: “Him carrying me was actually quite comfortable.”

System: “…go to class.”

Bai Zhi wisely did not say anything to provoke Uncle System more. He simply neatly packed his school bag, took a few pieces of bread in front of Father Xie and Mother Xie, pretended to be normal and then ran to school. As soon as he entered the school gate, he collided into a certain someone in his heart and mind.

“Ji Guichen, good morning!”

Bai Zhi sped up his last steps to run up to him, greeting him happily: “My parents said you were the one to carry me back home last night.”

“En.” Ji Guichen replied: “It was very late, you don’t have to thank me.”

“…Oh.” Bai Zhi nodded, then suddenly asked again: “Then when you were carrying me, how did it feel?”

“How did what feel?” Ji Guichen hadn’t reacted yet: “You want to lose weight?”

“That– it’s that–” Bai Zhi thought for a while: “Do you want to have a more intimate kind of contact with me?”

Ji Guichen blanked for a few seconds, then immediately stretched his hand out to smack his head: “What do you think about all day long?”

Bai Zhi let out an “ao” and covered his head: “I don’t think of anything…”

He was about to explain that he just wanted to pull Ji Guichen closer in their relationship when the phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated.

Bai Zhi scooped his phone out and looked at it, realizing it was a push notification from Tencent. He pouted and was about to dismiss it when he suddenly remembered something, immediately switched to the contacts page, and stretched his hand out for Ji Guichen to see:

“I added you as a friend a few days ago, why haven’t you replied back even until now?”

Ji Guichen gave it a glance, saying: “I don’t play with social media, if something happens give me a call.”

Bai Zhi “ah”’d and heard him say again: “But if you care about this, I can just give you my Tencent password.”

After saying this, he reported a string of numbers.

Bai Zhi blinked, perfectly capturing what it means to be ignorant.

Ji Guichen couldn’t help laughing. He stopped walking and said: “Can you lend me your phone for a bit?”

Bai Zhi instantly handed over his phone.

Ji Guichen took it over and operated it using his fingers. Still confused, Bai Zhi saw him raise his head and ask a question:

“When is your birthday?”

“August 16th, 2000.” Bai Zhi recalled Xie Siliu’s memory.

Hearing this, Ji Guichen nodded, and after operating it for a while, returned the phone to him:

“New password is your birthday.”

“My birthday?” Bai Zhi took his phone: “Used as your password?”


Ji Guichen nodded. Bai Zhi lowered his head and after thinking for a bit about the meaning of this action, could not help feeling a bit happy:

“I have only heard about using the birthdays of close people and loved ones as your password. Ji Guichen, are you…?”

Bai Zhi’s voice became smaller and smaller, and in the end he purposefully refused to speak. Ji Guichen immediately spoke up under Bai Zhi’s expectant eyes:

“Then congratulations. Today you encountered a completely new way of doing things, using a deskmate’s birthday as a password.”

Bai Zhi who hadn’t foreseen it going this way at all: “…you you you!”

“What about me?”

“You idiot!” Bai Zhi was so angry he scolded him with this and stomped away.

Ji Guichen: “…what’s up with this child?”

Bai Zhi furiously returned to the classroom. Luo Le was startled by his expression:

“Boss, who do I have to chop?”

“Ji Guichen!” Bai Zhi shouted.

Hearing this, Luo Le’s hands instantly became fists. Imitating martial art experts, he saluted Bai Zhi [1], his mouth yelling nonstop: “I will gather younger brothers to beat that brat!”

After saying this he was knocked by Bai Zhi: “Who let you touch him? Did it get my approval?”

Luo Le covered his forehead with a wronged face: “Wasn’t boss the one who said that?”

As soon as those words fell, Luo Le astonishingly made his mouth into an O shape. Bai Zhi wasn’t aware of the this younger brother’s mood, and after thinking he added another sentence: 

“It’s not ok even if it’s myself.”

Luo Le: “…”

It’s over, boss has really has lost his mind recently.

Luo Le with a face full of grief announced Bai Zhi’s order just now. Covering his face, he returned to his seat.

Younger brother A: “Luo Le, what’s up?”

Sad Luo Le: “Boss has lost his mind, in the future we can only admire his face.”

Younger Brother B: “Hasn’t boss always been not smart?”

Younger Brother C: “Yep.”

Younger Brother D: “Yep.”

Luo Le who reacted with his hindsight: “Yep.”

Group of younger brothers: “…”

Bai Zhi did not know that his image amongst his younger brothers was that of a big idiot. He buried his head and used the pen tip to poke the table surface non-stop, just happening to poke right on the three characters “Ji Guichen” from before.

Bai Zhi then became even more upset.

He himself even engraved the name of the person he likes on the table. Ji Guichen that guy even sent the opportunity right to his mouth, yet he didn’t know how to say anything that would promote their relationship. It really was too infuriating! 

The system came out to comfort him in a timely manner: “All right all right nephew, the current situation is: you one-sidedly remember him but he doesn’t remember you? You can’t blame it on Ji Guichen right?”

“Right.” Bai Zhi gave up the childish way of poking the table, turning to burying his head in his arms: “It was I who didn’t judge well, but I like him, so I want to establish a relationship with him.”

“This is very normal.” The system patted Bai Zhi’s head: “But you have to prepare yourself mentally. In every world from now on, he won’t recognize you, and your initial identities may not have a friendly relationship. It’s very likely a situation of clashing as enemies will emerge. If you really can’t take it, I can–”

“I can take it!” Bai Zhi interrupted the system’s words, and his tone became serious: “Once I identify him, I won’t switch.”


In the following days, Ji Guichen was constantly busy, busy with both his daily studies and preparing for the competition. Bai Zhi was careful not to disturb him, even turning the pages of his book quietly.

Ji Guichen was keenly aware of Bai Zhi’s quietness these past few days. He didn’t say much, only putting more effort into studying.

The day of the math competition, Bai Zhi waited for Ji Guichen outside the exam hall for several hours until his stomach started rumbling. Only then was a slight noise heard from the classroom.

The speed at which Bai Zhi gnawed on the spirit fruit slowed down, and the soft sound of the door opening was heard. Bai Zhi looked back excitedly, but what he saw wasn’t Ji Guichen.

The first to leave the exam hall was Wen Fang, the protagonist of this world.

He nodded towards Bai Zhi as a greeting, then walked away.

The system’s heart chilled halfway: “It’s over, in the original novel the protagonist was the one to come out first, and in the end he was also first place. Seems like the ending this time still hasn’t changed from the original novel’s.

Bai Zhi squeezed the spirit fruit in his hand and said only after a long time: “Ji Guichen is the best.”

“Of course you would think he’s the best.” The system shook its head: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” [2]

“He is the best, my intuition is very accurate.” Bai Zhi took a big bite of fruit.

The system didn’t want to strike Bai Zhi’s innocent heart: “En en, Ji Guichen is the best.”

Only then did Bai Zhi become happy.

After about ten minutes, people started coming out one after another from the exam hall. Ji Guichen also appeared in Bai Zhi’s vision.

Bai Zhi immediately pounced straight forward: “let’s go let’s go let’s go, let’s go celebrate your competition results.”

Ji Guichen caught the person pouncing this way and couldn’t help laughing: “My results aren’t out yet, and you’re hurrying to celebrate?”

“I think you will definitely be in first place.” Bai Zhi raised his head, looking at him with a face full of seriousness: “I dreamed last night, dreamed about your placement, it was first place.”

Hearing this, Ji Guichen hurriedly brought Bai Zhi forward:

“Your reasoning is really powerful, but…”


“The first place prize is five hundred yuan.” Ji Guichen kneaded Bai Zhi’s head: “What do you want?”

System: “…You two are really going for first place huh!”

The competition results were to be announced on the second day. Bai Zhi had just walked past the school entrance when he noticed something was off in the hallway.

The place that people originally hurriedly passed by was now densely surrounded by a group of people. Bai Zhi squeezed through the crowd with great difficulty. Suddenly his shoulder was patted by someone. He turned his head back and realized it was a girl with a single ponytail wearing the school uniform.

The system instantly reminded him in his head: “This is this world’s female protagonist Chu Miaomiao.”

Bai Zhi instantly raised his head and held his chest out: “Hello!”

Chu Miaomiao was so excited by his formal genester that she burst into laughter, waved her hand, and also spoke: “Hello, I am Chu Miamiao from Class 3, Ji Guichen from your class was very powerful this time.”

“Ji Guichen?” Bai Zhi instantly became nervous: “What happened to him!”

“Ah him, he is first place, a dark horse.” Chu Miaomiao pointed at the Hall of Fame towards the front of the hallway: “He snatched the number one that was Wen Feng’s for a long time, making me laugh to death hahaha it’s too good hahaha!!!”

Chu Miaomiao laughed with none of a girl’s restraint. Seeing this, Bai Zhi froze for a bit:

“Uncle, isn’t Wen Fang Chu Miaomiao’s match?”

System: “Yes.”

“Then how do they function together?”

“In the original novel they just got along this way.” The system reluctantly waved its hand: “Don’t worry about these things, nephew, your reward is coming.”

“What reward?”

“Five hundred yuan.” The system said: “I really didn’t expect Ji Guichen could break through the original plot this time.”

Bai Zhi, whose reflexes took long enough to circle the earth three times: “…that’s right, Ji Guichen took first place!”

After speaking, Bai Zhi directly skipped over Chu Miaomiao on the side, flew all the way back to the classroom, landed next to Ji Guichen, and said with a face colored with happiness:

“Ji Guichen, we got first place!”

Ji Guichen was very calm. He “en”’d and pulled out a few papers from his backpack: “I’ve bought your gift for you.”

“What is it!”

“Tian Li’s 38 Problem Sets, 42 Problem Sets, and a college entrance exam question bank.” [3]

Bai Zhi: “…”

[1] Luo Le salutes like this:

[2] 情人眼里‌出西施 – (lit. “Eyes of the beloved only see Xi Shi) – Xi Shi was one of the Four Great Beauties of China

[3] Tian Li’s 38 Problem Sets = Chinese equivalent of AP Crash Course textbooks, except it’s more popular because it’s for the national college entrance exam and not AP’s

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