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Chapter 49

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Wife to hold down the fortress? Wife who IS the fortress?

The days where Bai Zhi lay around on Gesius’s palm and enjoyed himself did not last long. Within a few days, the system swaggered out.

“Hallo baby dragon, how have these few days been going ah?”

“They have not been going.”

Bai Zhi thought of how he had no way to kiss and hug his target in these past few days, and an unexplainable anger settled in his heart: “What broken state is this, it’s not easy at all to express emotions!”

The system coughed a few times and interrupted him: “Nephew, calm, calm.”

“Calmness is something humans value, but demons only care about their wants.” Bai Zhi retorted and said: “Uncle, since you are coming out now, does that mean you already have a way for me to recover my human form?”

“Of course.” The system said very proudly: “How could something small like this stump this highly intelligent lifeform? You not recovering earlier was only because I was lazy.”

“Ha?” Bai Zhi was dumbfounded.

“Look at how foolish you are.” The system said in contempt: “There are quite a few steps involved in switching forms, but not only that…”

“This smaller version of nephew is pretty fun.”

Bai Zhi: ……凸 (middle finger)! No wonder he held back for that many days!

The system knew that it would provoke his nephew’s anger if it continued to talk, so it pushed a button with a wave of its large hand. Bai Zhi felt his body become light, saw a light flash before his eyes, and before long he had switched back to his human form.

Gesius was currently hugging the mini-evil dragon to sleep. In a sleepy haze, he suddenly felt that there seemed to be an extra person at his side. Startled, he instantly woke, but saw the naked youth laying in his embrace.

The little demon who had just recovered his human form was very excited, as soon as his eyes opened he reached out both arms and hugged Gesius’s waist tightly, his speech full of excitement:

“I changed back! You can kiss me now!”

The moment a soft and warm touch attacked his arm, the eternally cold and self-restrained First Knight backed away as if burnt by fire, wrapped a certain naked dragon in the blankets, and babbled nonstop:

“No, no you can’t.”

Bai Zhi with a face full of confusion: “???”

“This progress is too fast.” Gesius’s eyes didn’t know where to look: “You you you, next time you’re not allowed to touch me without clothes on!” He thought a bit and then said again: “That’s not right, touching others is even less okay…either way, you’re not allowed to not wear clothes!”

Bai Zhi didn’t know what he was thinking of, he shrunk in the blankets and explained in a small voice: “I didn’t do it on purpose…the process of changing back into a human didn’t give me clothes…”

“Even, even if it’s like that, that’s not okay, that’s not okay either.” Gesius reddened from his ears all the way down to his neck, and with his choppy words he couldn’t speak clearly. It was only after a long time that he sat down, lowered his head, and said in a very small voice:

“We haven’t held a ceremony yet…this…this is called a crime…”

Bai Zhi blinked his eyes, he hadn’t clearly heard what had been said. As a result, Gesius became even more embarrassed. He got up from the bed a bit clumsily, taking care not to touch Bai Zhi, and then reached out to pull the blankets back into place before he shot out the door:

“I’m going to get you breakfast!”

Gesius hurriedly ran downstairs from the room, his mind dizzy, full of images of Bai Zhi leaning over.

The youth’s pale skin, smooth and delicate, a pair of hands thrown over his waist, head tilted slightly, clinging tightly to his arm, his eyes full of only Gesius, his voice unable to hide the love and happiness.

Gesius almost couldn’t resist directly pushing him down onto the bed, wanted to directly kiss his lips, wanted to use his actions to warn that dragon that tempting a knight was not right.

But no, the education he had received since young had restrained Gesius’s line of thought.

“Article three hundred and twenty of the knights’ code of conduct, defiling the purity of others at will is forbidden.”

Gesius rubbed the badge on his chest. Only after reciting the knights’ code of conduct many times did he recover. He rubbed his boiling-hot face with one hand, and secretly made a decision:

He must marry this evil dragon as soon as possible.

Only then could he bully the other in bed.

The rule-abiding and purity-protecting knight thought thus.

Bai Zhi still didn’t know Gesius was planning the list of wedding guests, he silently laid on the bed for a long time before calling out the system for a Q&A:

“Uncle, why do I feel like Gesius is acting strange?”

“Embarrassed heh.” The system laid him bare with one phrase: “I told you you should be more reserved, Gesius is still a good kid with no experience in emotions.”

Bai Zhi wasn’t done yet: “Where was I not reserved…”

“What reserved person tries to hug others while naked like you?”

“You didn’t make any clothes for me…either way, we’re already an old couple, what’s the point of caring about that?” Bai Zhi scratched his head.

The system sighed: “Gesius doesn’t see you and him as an old couple at all.”

“Humans really are troublesome.” Bai Zhi wasn’t satisfied.

“He only feels that you are his first love.”

When the system finished speaking, the half-mumbling little demon immediately ceased his complaints. As if he had thought of something, he instantly became excited:

“That’s right, if you put it like that, then I have always been his first love.”

“Not wrong at all.” The system said: “The first, the last, and the only.”


By the time Gesius hurried back, it had already been quite a while. He went to the market and bought several sets of clothes for Bai Zhi, then prepared some food, before pushing open the large door of the room with a mood even he couldn’t explain.

Bai Zhi was still lying obediently on the bed. Gesius bent over somewhat uncomfortably, kissed him extremely lightly once, and then brought out the clothes he had prepared:

“Put these on by yourself.”

It was a pure-white outer robe. Embroidered on it were several beautiful patterns, looking simple and generous without being plain. Bai Zhi sat up very happily, Gesius immediately turned around, put one hand behind his back, and pushed the remaining clothes towards Bai Zhi.

This was Bai Zhi’s first time changing clothes after coming to this world. He had never seen these kind of Western-styled clothing before, so he received them all extremely curiously.

Gesius had turned around, not daring to look at the scene behind him, but the sounds of clothing and skin sliding against each other entered his ears involuntarily. The atmosphere inside the room gradually became ambiguous, and he sat motionlessly until the voice of the youth sounded with a few notes of confusion.

“Gesius, how do I put on this piece of clothing?”

The questioning voice caused Gesius to freeze. It was only after a moment that he slowly said:

“Which one? Describe it.”

“It’s the white outer layer that you gave me.” Bai Zhi said. He looked at the tangled mess of a waist sash, and pulled it this way and that with annoyance:

“Where did all these sashes come from ah…”

The sound of fabric being pulled came from behind. Gesius sighed, and turned around resignedly:

“Lift your hands.”

Bai Zhi obediently raised his hands as high as possible.

Gesius leaned over, reached past his waist with large hands, and with his head lowered, dressed this evil dragon with great focus.

“How are you this dumb.” Gesius complained on purpose.

Bai Zhi shook his head furiously: “Not my fault not my fault.”

“Then is it my fault?”

“No, that wouldn’t be okay.” Bai Zhi instantly refused: “It’s all the clothes’ fault.”

Gesius couldn’t help but smile and spin the clothed person around once before embracing him and lifting his finger slightly to stroke the tip of Bai Zhi’s nose:

“We knights have a rule, that before a wedding is held, excessive intimacy is not allowed.”

Bai Zhi tilted his head, he didn’t understand what he meant.

So Gesius simply got straight to the point, and coaxed him very gently:

“Foolish dragon, when we return to the kingdom, let’s hold a wedding okay?”

His words were full of gentleness. Bai Zhi thought for a while, and then threw out a question: “You’re not saving the princess?”

It was only then that the First Knight remembered the princess he had forgotten.

“En, where is she?”

“My castle ah.” Bai Zhi replied: “But according to the agreement, it will be another half month before she heads back to the kingdom.”

“Agreement?” Gesius didn’t understand what Bai Zhi meant: “The princess will head back to the kingdom soon?”

Bai Zhi thought that Gesius was already with him either way, it’s all been said and done whether or not he tells or not, so he simply told the whole story in detail: “The princess and the prince of the Moon Country next door had had shared feelings for a long time, but the king always disliked the Moon Country for being small, so for the sake of changing the King’s prejudice to let her be with the person she loves, the princess specially found me to kidnap her.”

Bai Zhi pouted: “Otherwise, what evil dragon would be so idle as to run to the royal palace from afar and snatch a coy princess back.”

Gesius was somewhat shocked, then suddenly thought of something else: “Then why did that evil dragon-xiansheng run back halfway and find this knight? To prevent me from saving the princess?”

“I wasn’t that bored, plus the princess didn’t even even pay me extra.” Bai Zhi stretched out his hand at this point, pressed down on Gesius’s head, and kissed him:

“I specifically came to snatch a knight back home, to be my wife who can hold down the fort.”

Gesius’s expression flickered, he hooked Bai Zhi’s chin to deepen this kiss. It was only after a long time, when the kiss ended, that he softly said in this person’s ear:

“Wife that holds down the fort…?” He smiled lightly: “If I were to be called this, then what should you be? The wife that is the fort?”

Bai Zhi froze on the spot for a full thirty seconds before reacting.


The traveling speed of the two people who now knew the truth instantly slowed down.

Bai Zhi rode on the white horse newly-bought by Gesius, leaned his back against the knight’s chest, and said a bit anxiously:

“Even though the task of saving the princess was a farce so we don’t need to hurry that much, aren’t we going a bit too slow?”

The one hour that was needed to cross the small town had dragged into a month. Bai Zhi calculated the distance to his castle, and suddenly worried a bit over whether he would be able to return to his castle in his lifetime.

But the person he was leaning against said with a face full of composure: “Not a problem, we should be more empathetic, and give some more time for the princess and her lover to spend together, have faith that she will be grateful to us.”

“Really…really?” Bai Zhi was a bit doubtful.

“Of course, just like us, were you not happy spending time together with me?” Gesius lowered his head and asked.

“Happy…” Bai Zhi paused, his gaze on the carriages behind them: “But, don’t we also need to purchase a new home for the wedding now?”

He looked behind him a little awkwardly, and pondered for a long time before saying the words in his heart.

From the day he agreed to marry upon returning to the kingdom with Gesius, it was as if this knight had had his head clipped by a door. He felt that whatever he saw on the market would be useful for the wedding, and with a wave of his large hand he had bought several carriages and hired people to escort them the whole way.

At this, the system could only helplessly pat Bai Zhi on the shoulder, and say with the calmness of an old god:

“Nephew, you must understand the mindset of one who has never been in love.”

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