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Chapter 5.2

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The youth inside the screen opened his eyes widely, as though he didn’t understand Liu Yi’s set up.

The agent beside Fang Jingmo shook his head: “This guy actually dares to say that.”

Fang Jingmo expressionlessly leaned against the sofa, not making a sound.

“I heard from Xiao Zhang1 and the others that this is the guy that offered to help you, just like the cast and crew?” The man continued talking, “Ling Jin told me he’s targeting you.”

Fang Jingmo’s eyes twitched.

The man’s continued talking, “Tall and handsome, 187cm, and quite familiar with Baidu Baike2 by heart.”

“But……” he paused,“You’d better say hello to him. Keep an eye out, don’t let him scheme you.”

“Hello……” Fang Jingmo thought for a moment. “What should I do?”

“It’s simple, book a dinner reservation, light a candle, play a song, and then add roses. It’s guaranteed to get the job done!”

Annoyed, Fang Jingmo turned his head, not feeling like listening to the man again.

“Hey, hey, hey, I’m joking!” The agent said: “You can’t do that. I’ll help you find his contact information and speak to him.”

“Give it to me.”


Fang Jingmo clarified, “Du Jian’s contact details, I’ll do it.”


Bai Zhi was still unaware that Fang Jingmo had investigated his background. He was being commanded by the system, currently conscientiously scrolling through the comments on Weibo.

After the first episode of the reality show had finished, he and Liu Yi began to follow each other on social media. Apart from this, there were also two other things.

Firstly, Liu Yi had posted their original discussion regarding the medical fees on Weibo, with the caption ‘what a person na’. The comment section was filled with ‘hahahahahaha’s’, as everyone laughed wildly at Bai Zhi’s honesty.

The second commotion was a bit bigger. Bai Zhi had drawn in waves of fans from the recent incident with Liu Yi’s hypoglycemia. There were already slightly fewer sunspots3 online, and since this reality show starred both Liu Yi and him, the amount of attention placed upon him was still quite high.

So, when the conversation between him and Liu Yi was later released, many people were left guessing who the 187cm tall target of affection of Du Jian was. 

“Hey, didn’t you guys find something? A handsome person that’s 187cm tall is a girl?”

“Was there anyone else who took note of Liu Yi’s profound tone, I feel like this matter isn’t simple at all……”

“Hey, I don’t have the same interest as everyone else, did you guys notice how Du Jian’s body looked when he was walking and carrying the water on a shoulder pole! I think I suddenly understand4 his meng points, hahahahaha……”

“+1. This flower vase might be stainless steel.”5

“Hahahahaha, stainless steel, why this is excellent!”

Although Bai Zhi didn’t fully understand the entertainment circle, he was shocked by the reduction in malice towards him online. 

“They didn’t scold me this time.” Bai Zhi noted aloud.

“Congratulations, congratulations.” The system said: “They say ‘Three men talking makes a tiger’6. Your reputation is too poor. If by any chance, it affects Fang Jingmo’s impression of you, that wouldn’t be good.”

Speak of the devil. Just as the system’s voice silenced, Bai Zhi’s phone rang out. He answered, and a deep, male voice went directly into his ears.

“I’m Fang Jingmo, hello.”

Bai Zhi’s hand trembled: “Fan7…… Senior?”


Bai Zhi was unable to figure out why he had contacted him: “Senior, do you need to talk to me?”

“The preview of 《Night Scene》, are you interested?”

“Senior, I’ll go if you8 go.” Bai Zhi immediately replied.

There was silence on Fang Jingmo’s side for a moment. “Then come down ba, I’ll pick you up.”

“Go down?” Bai Zhi scurried to the window and looked down, noticing the inconspicuous black car that was parked in the corner.

“Senior, you——”

“I just happened to be passing by.”, Fang Jingmo interrupted his words.

“Oh.” Bai Zhi decided against speaking and ignored it, quickly changing his outfit and going down.

Fang Jingmo looked at the bundled up person sitting on the front passenger seat, frowning. “Why did you dress like this?”

Bai Zhi showed a pair of eyes: “I’m afraid of people finding out, it wouldn’t be good for your9 reputation, senior.”

Fang Jingmo lowered the air conditioning by a few degrees, and started the car: “Just strip if you’re hot, it’s safe in here.”

Bai Zhi nodded but remained fully clothed.

Fang Jingmo’s car was well built, and the two people arrived at their destination without obstruction. Bai Zhi intended to quietly descend but was suddenly pulled back by a strong arm.

Fang Jingmo looked at him, raising his hand to remove Bai Zhi’s scarf and mask.

“I brought you here to watch a film, not to rob the theatre.”

Bai Zhi’s nose suddenly met the ice-cold air, and he couldn’t help but sniffle.10 Fang Jingmo studied Bai Zhi’s bad habit, emotions stirring in his eyes. He quickly shoved the scarf and mask inside the center console compartment11 without batting an eyelash. And he12 left the car as though nothing had happened:

“Come and retrieve your belongings from me after the movie finishes.”


Bai Zhi was somewhat cautious as he followed Fang Jingmo through the door, but relaxed after not seeing a single person when he entered the cinema.

“I thought you said there were many viewers?” 

“Oh, I remembered the screening date wrong. It should be tomorrow.” 

Bai Zhi: “?”

Fang Jingmo’s expression mirrored his, “It’s fine, let’s watch first.”

“……Okay ba.”

Despite Bai Zhi being slow-witted, he felt that something wasn’t right. But on second thought, his mission was to be the villain’s good little brother anyway. Even if Fang Jingmo killed him here, he could also shout loudly that he would ‘sacrifice his life to his elder brother’, so what’s there to be afraid of?

Letting go of his psychological burden, Bai Zhi simply watched the film quietly.

On the TV screen, Qu Qiang -the male lead played by Fang Jingmo- stabbed his sword through Lou Tang. The beauty dressed in red had blood dotting the corner of his mouth, but a bright smile played on his lips, his eyes shimmering.

The black flowers gradually shattered, turning into dust.

the beauty and melancholy of the scene shook their hearts and minds as it played frame by frame.

Fang Jingmo’s voice rang out at that moment: 

“Red, it really suits you.”

Bai Zhi turned his head: “Huh?”

“The first time I saw you, you were wearing a red skirt.” Fang Jingmo’s lips curled up in a slight smile.

Puzzlement filled Bai Zhi’s face.

“At the time, your hair wasn’t yet this short.” Fang Jingmo leaned his head on the chair cushion, looking towards Bai Zhi. He spoke quite slowly, “It reached your shoulders.”

Bai Zhi: ……!!

He remembered!

Wasn’t that when I auditioned with women’s clothing?

He tried explaining: “Actually, I don’t do that for fun.”

Fang Jingmo smiled but didn’t reply.

Bai Zhi continued talking: “ I was doing that in order to fit the role!”

Fang Jingmo turned his head.

Bai Zhi was struggling: “I——”

“It was nice-looking.”

Fang Jingmo’s brief evaluation made Bai Zhi dumbfounded.

But the system suddenly became exhilarated: “Ahhh, you know the villain’s preference! Why don’t you wear a red skirt every day in the future?!”

Bai Zhi was stunned by the system’s shamelessness: “No! Uncle, do you still love me?”

“Nephew, I love you so much that I could go to jail.” The system solemnly replied: “Quickly think about doing what I suggested a moment ago.”


“Do you not want to eat spiritual fruits and spiritual beasts?”

“I want to.” Bai Zhi replied, losing his previous integrity.

“Then, should you hesitate?”

“I shouldn’t.”

“Do you understand how to do it?”

“I understand.”

Bai Zhi took a deep breath, trying hard to suppress his conflicting emotions.



“Do you want to come to my home to watch me change skirts?”

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