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Chapter 59

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This year for the kingdom was indeed full of major events. First, the princess was forcefully taken away from the palace, then the prince and commander of the knights saved the princess by working together, and after holding a grand wedding for the princess, the commander also brought his own beloved.

“Gesius’s determined visage shone particularly handsomely under the sun. The beautiful Asamo genie fell in love at first sight, he traveled thousands of miles away from his home to follow the knight, finally bringing about this romantic story…”

Bai Zhi finished reading the picture book in front of him word by word, pausing with a face full of confusion:


“En?” The commander of knights who was lazily lying under the sunlight poked the head of a certain person in his embrace, his tone especially gentle: “What’s wrong?”

Bai Zhi waved his hand away, sitting up on the grass: “Why am I an Asamo genie in this version?”

“Is that bad?”

“The last version had me as a human saint!” Bai Zhi was unhappy: “That identity was clearly a bit cooler!”

“Then is it ok if they change you back next time?” Gesius said.

Hearing this, Bai Zhi furrowed his brow and thought for a while: “Whatever, it’s all fake anyway.”

“Don’t understand how you humans think, how come no one thinks I’m a dragon?” Bai Zhi scratched his head: “The difference between me and you guys is clearly huge.”

Gesius thought for a while, then scratched his head: “If they realized you are an evil dragon, we probably wouldn’t be able to live here.”

Hearing this, Bai Zhi said, unsatisfied: “I…there were reasons behind that…”

Gesius shifted his gaze elsewhere. Only after a long time did he speak, his voice very light:

“But it’s ok, he won my heart.”

Bai Zhi’s mind buzzed.

He lowered his head hurriedly and rubbed his tail with a little embarrassment, the joy in his heart almost flying out. A smile he couldn’t hide was on his face.

“That…that’s enough.”

It was already enough.

His travels through so many worlds, wasn’t it just to continue accompanying the person in front of him? Even if no one knew his identity in this world, even if he was out of place in this world, as long as the person in front of him realizes his feelings and understands his sincerity, then that was enough.

Bai Zhi thought about this foolishly for a long time. Gesius saw through his thoughts with just a glance. With half his heart aching and the other half laughing he kissed him once, saying:

“It’s fine. If your identity is discovered, I’ll just toss this status and take you away.”

“Anyone can substitute as the identity of a knight, but there is only one of you.” Gesius slowly said, his tone full of earnestness: “I’m still very good at considering this.”

Bai Zhi only responded after a long time, reaching out and hugging him tightly.

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The subject of leaving wasn’t something that happened until many years later. The king of that time had long been laid to rest, and the princess had also left the world not long ago.Bai Zhi’s two hundred-year lifespan had been cut in half. It was his first time experiencing the feeling of his life slipping away.

Gesius held his hand tightly, a pair of eyes gazing at him unmovingly. Bai Zhi extended his hand, wanting to smooth out the wrinkles on his brow, but he realized that he himself barely had any strength left.

A little tired, he thought.

Mechanical beeps sounded one after another in his mind, continuously reminding him that the time to leave was approaching.

“The host’s current health is too low, automatically enabling maintenance mode, beep, maintenance not possible, automatically connecting–”

“Cancel maintenance.”

The system issued a command, after which it said: “Nephew, we should go.”

“I know.” Bai Zhi blinked: “When does Gesius’s life end?”

The system’s voice only came after a while: “Let’s go. Believe me.”


As soon as he finished speaking, Bai Zhi felt himself being pulled away. He froze,shocked by the exhaustion of this body.

It’s been days since he last slept…

The slightly uncomfortable little demon furrowed his brows, struggling to get up from the small rectangular bed. Rubbing his neck, he assessed the surrounding situation.

In the dim sunlight, the originally spacious room had become crowded due to too many instruments piling up, yet the various materials on the table were all neatly arranged.

The system fed Bai Zhi a spiritual fruit, ridding him of his exhaustion. Then it began to transmit information about this world. Bai Zhi only felt large amounts of information flow into his mind; he closed his eyes and started to recall.

This world seemed based around the real world. Bai Zhi’s identity was that of a famous researcher in China, Ming Xin. Yet the villain’s identity in this world was very unique; he was a mermaid, a species long thought to be extinct.

After Ming Xin received the news, he brought his students on the same night over to this area of the ocean to find the mermaid. They searched the surface of the ocean for a month, but didn’t notice any sign of the mermaid.

“According to the plot, Ming Xin will find the mermaid after tonight, but this isn’t good news at all.” The system said after looking through the information: “Information on your task had been leaked, there are others looking for this mermaid.”

“The mermaid sensed they were being threatened and directly attacked Ming Xin’s party. Your student and male lead Qu Lianqiang almost died in the ocean.”

As soon as he spoke, the equipment within the room emitted a loud alarm. After that, the door was abruptly pushed open. Bai Zhi froze, and a voice filled with enthusiasm sounded: “Teacher! We found the mermaid!”

Although Qu Lianqiang did a lot of research projects with Ming Xin, it was his first time coming in contact with a mermaid, which had only existed in legends. At this moment, he was almost jumping with joy:

“Our detector responded, teacher, let me go underwater!”

“No.” Bai Zhi instantly refused.

The system had just explained to him some of the plot that would happen. In the original work, the one who dove underwater was indeed Qu Lianqiang, but at that time the mermaid had already fallen into a rage. Qu Lianqiang not only failed to bring back the mermaid, he also almost perished under the sea.

He couldn’t walk down this road.

“You guys keep watch on the surrounding ocean. I will go underwater.”

Bai Zhi made a quick decision, took off his coat, and began to change clothes:

“Before I bring him back, no one, absolutely no one is allowed to selfishly go underwater.”

Qu Lianqiang spoke hesitatingly: “Teacher, you haven’t rested for several days already…”

“That isn’t a problem.” Bai Zhi replied: “Also, only I can bring him back.”

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