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Chapter 63

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“Nephew run!” the system’s surprised voice hadn’t even fallen before a group of silhouettes swiftly appeared. Being hugged by it, Bai Zhi landed stably on the shore. Then he heard that person’s words:

“Are you stupid?”

The cold male voice sounded, seemingly holding a trace of anger. Bai Zhi froze for a moment, and when he reacted, his tone suddenly became a bit wrong: “You scolded me…”

The mermaid was rendered speechless for a long time by this off-topic reply, helplessly turning around. Seeing that he wanted to leave again, Bai Zhi panicked inside and hurriedly rushed forward several steps, hugged his waist in one move, and said very quickly: 

“You want to leave again I’m not letting you leave!”

After finishing this sentence he felt that this tone was too forceful. The little demon then carefully softened his voice, using his head to nudge this person:

“I’m begging you…”

“Don’t leave by yourself okay…”

The person being hugged was motionless for several seconds, after which he tilted his head with a mild headache, taking a deep breath:

“What is up with you, human? I didn’t kill just now, could it be that you really assumed it was because I didn’t dare–”

“What is your name?” Bai Zhi suddenly interrupted his words, lifted his head, and blinked his eyes while smiling towards him.

The mermaid who was interrupted was very irritated. He was about to warn the human in front when he saw his foolish smile. Instinctively, he replied immediately: “Luo Xunyu.” [1]

“Xunyu, Xunyu.” Bai Zhi repeated several times, and Luo Xunyu poked him: “Okay okay I hear you.”

“Also, me not killing you today is because I’m too lazy to move, not because I couldn’t bear it. Saving you just now was because I didn’t want your death to block my vision, not because I wanted to specially save you, understand?”

Luo Xunyu coughed, explaining with a face full of honesty: “Humans are the most annoying things on this world, you’d better stay far away from me, save me the trouble of–”

“Killing me?” Bai Zhi quietly finished, smiling: “But I feel like Xunyu won’t kill me.”


Luo Xunyu coldly hmph’d, saying: “This idiot here, please let go, I want to return to the ocean.”

“I’m not an idiot…” Seeing that even this could not make him stay, Bai Zhi’s heart fell: “Those people really will catch you, Luo Xunyu, do you know how high a mermaid’s value is in human society?”

Luo Xunyu narrowed his eyes: “So what? That pile of trash, for them to catch me, I’d consider them skilled.”

“But I don’t want to let you risk your face.” Bai Zhi said: “If you really don’t believe me, I can wait. I can wait until you feel that I’m trustworthy. Then you can come with me?”

“It doesn’t matter how long I have to wait. It’s just that, I hope that during this time period, you can ensure your own safety. Otherwise, I might have to resort to forceful measures.”


Hearing this, Luo Xunyu’s tone carried several hints of ridicule: “You even have forceful measures?”

“Of course.” Bai Zhi nodded. He has a very reliable system uncle. If there really wasn’t another way, he could have the system take action and knock the mermaid unconscious to move him home.

Bai Zhi thought his own calculations were so good they were virtually flawless, and he unconsciously cheered up: “Then I’ll let you go today, you have to come back and see me.”

Luo Xunyu felt his own eyebrows jump: “You’re…letting me go?”


“…Do you understand the current situation? With the life of an idiot like you controlled in my palm, shouldn’t I be the anime lead?”

“I’m willing to give my life to you.” Bai Zhi slowly said, word for word. It was like his eyes had stars: “I’m willing, Luo Xunyu.”

“You, you…” Luo Xunyu’s heart was momentarily startled, he couldn’t speak coherently for a long time.

“Xunyu, remember to come back and find me.” Bai Zhi spoke again: “The book said, mermaids have a special ability, they can sense the beloved’s traces over a thousand miles.”

“What does that have to do with you?” Luo Xunyu said: “I don’t like you at all.”

“That’s also okay.” Bai Zhi said: “If Xunyu doesn’t like me, I will just sail in this part of the ocean, and light a beacon for you on the ship.”

“If Xunyu doesn’t come that day, the beacon will not extinguish that day

“So that it’s easy for Xunyu to see me, find me, anytime.”

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