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Chapter 65

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The night was dark, and even the moon seemed ready to sleep. Bai Zhi lifted his head and looked towards the sky. Dark clumps of clouds encircled the round moon.

A certain mermaid who had waited for half a day watched the little demon whose thoughts had run to who-knows-where. His expression moved, and in a cold voice: “Idiot [1], is the moon as good-looking as me?”

Bai Zhi, who was reminded, let out an ah, and he hurriedly scratched his head: “No…”

It was like he seriously pondered the question, he tilted his head in silence for a long time before he said calmly and unhurriedly: “You are the best looking, indeed you’re extremely good-looking.”

It was his first time having his looks praised in such a serious tone, Luo Xunyu froze for a while, then twisted his head away to stop looking at Bai Zhi. He said: “Then why are you not coming over, do you want me to go over and pick you up?”

The speed of his words suddenly quickened a bit: “Actually, it’s not that I can’t pick you up–”

“I’m jumping!”

Luo Xunyu’s words were suddenly interrupted loudly by Bai Zhi. He instantly looked back and saw a silhouette jump directly from the deck on the bow head. His breath tightened and he instantly vanished from his original position.

A certain demon who had just completed a diving feat was currently lying obediently in the mermaid’s embrace. His tone was lacked any self-awareness of his mistakes, it was even full of happiness: “I knew you would come and hug me, before I–”

“You shut up.” Luo Xunyu didn’t know where the nameless fury came from. He held it in and suppressed, then finally slapped a certain fool on the head: “Do you know how dangerous it was just now! Who let you jump down!”

Bai Zhi, who was smacked, covered his head in a wronged manner, as if he didn’t hear that person’s words. He widened his eyes and looked at the mermaid in front of him: “You hit me…”

“So what if I hit you!” Luo Xunyu felt that it was the first time his fishy self [2] met such a troublesome thing: “Did you even hear what I said just now?”

Bai Zhi: “You’re abusing me.”

Luo Xunyu: Alright, he really didn’t hear a single word.

The little demon was still selfishly feeling wronged. Luo Xunyu took a deep break.

Forget it, he can play however he wants to. In any case, I’m here.

With this line of thought, Luo Xunyu lifted both arms, scooped up the wronged Bai Zhi, and put him on the reef as if he were carrying a baby. His head hurt somewhat:

“Don’t be angry, okay?”

Bai Zhi shook his head like a rattle: “Not angry.”

“Feeling wronged?”

“Then…” Luo Xunyu thought of a human book he had read a very long time ago, about how to pet lapdogs to establish friendships. He looked at the little demon staring blankly at him, and thought that this fellow’s IQ shouldn’t be too much  higher than a lapdog’s.

So he stretched out his hand and touched Bai Zhi’s head.

Bai Zhi blinked his eyes.

So Luo Xunyu touched it again.

Then Bai Zhi suddenly cheered up, pounced over and kissed Luo Xunyu. His voice was full of joy: “I like you.”

Luo Xunyu, who had been confessed to and kissed, froze for several seconds and thought, is he really this easy to coax? When he recovered, he rubbed his cheeks, and his speech quickened again: “You, how can you casually kiss people!”

“I don’t casually kiss people, I’ve thought for a very long time.” Bai Zhi said word for word: “From the first time I saw you, I’ve wanted to kiss you.”


“You also like me, right? I saw it all, just now you were really nervous.” Bai Zhi continued to poke lightly: “You also couldn’t bear to be mean to me, foolishly coaxing me…”

“You, you!” Luo Xunyu didn’t know what to say for a long time. Then he heard Bai Zhi say again: 

“Let’s be together. In any case, we both like each other and will end up together sooner or later.”

“Who’s liking each other with you, I’m someone who kills people.”

“Getting together earlier is better than later, the way I see it, today is a good day.”

“I said I’m someone who kills people–”

“I’ve even thought of future matters, if you don’t want to leave this area of the ocean, then I’ll bring back the students first and then come back to accompany you forever, what say we plan a ceremony together or something?”

“No, I’m a, I’m–”

“What kind of ring do you like? But does this world even have rings? En…have to think ahead.”

“Are you even listening to what I’m saying!”

Bai Zhi suddenly turned around. Motionlessly, he looked into Luo Xunyu’s eyes, and said very earnestly: “I like you.”

Luo Xunyu’s mind blanked: “All on you.”

Translated by moss ||

[1] 百枳 (Bǎi zhǐ) – Bai Zhi’s name vs 白痴 (bái chī) – idiot. Ie. Mermaid is calling him “idiot” but the word for “idiot” is a lil similar to Bai Zhi’s name

[2] Luo Xunyu is using 鱼生 to refer to himself here so I translated it as “fishy self”. But 鱼生 is also a traditional dish of raw fish often served during Chinese New Year.

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