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Chapter 9

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Carved wooden screens, exquisitely made crystal lights, melodious violin music, and green plants quietly decorating the walls.

Bai Zhi sat in a corner of the restaurant, in front of him was an upside-down fashion magazine. He gazed at the place ahead.

There was a wavy-haired, noble woman. Her backless dress exhibited her graceful body, each and every move of hers illustrating elegance. 

Opposite her was a man in a pure white suit, his face concealed next the woman’s figure. Bai Zhi could only see his hand put on the table.

His fingers were slender, and his joints were evident.

They were extremely good looking hands.

“Sir, may I ask for your1 order?”

A female voice interrupted Bai Zhi’s watching.

Bai Zhi turned his head, seeing the smiling waitress, he thought for a moment: “Hm……your signature dish, one portion ba.”

“Okay, may I ask if there’s still something you’d like, sir?” 

“No thanks, no thanks.” Bai Zhi just wanted to quickly get rid of her.

“So, that’ll be ¥1,3002 altogether, thank you.”

Bai Zhi took out a card and handed it over.

The waitress swiped it then slightly bowed: “Enjoy your3 meal.”

After she said that, she strode away, and Bai Zhi had finally exhaled in relief.

This time, he had transmigrated into a rich second generation, and this second generation was named Jiang Jiu. As he was crossing the street, heavenly justice had descended and a flower vase had dropped on him. After he had died, he was found by a system. The originally alive second generation was very happy hearing that he could exchange himself4 to go to the space to still continue having fun. He simply agreed to the system right away. And so, Bai Zhi had then come over.

Bai Zhi was very pleased with this identity. On the first day he had come, he had intended on throwing money5 to gorge himself with food. But he didn’t expect for human food to still be so unpalatable in a different world, he had almost collapsed from diarrhoea.

Bai Zhi who was raised by Fang Jingmo once again experienced the dangers of life.

Thus, he was simply determined to brush up this mission, wanting to quickly finish it and go over to the system to get fruits in exchange. And that had led to today’s trip to this restaurant.

The reason was very simple, the system had detected that this world’s villain would come to this place today.

Bai Zhi’s food very quickly came. But he didn’t bother taking a bite, his attention was completely on the wavy-haired woman and the man’s body to the side.

The man was named Du Huai’an. He was someone in a high-ranking club who was hard to request for even with a thousand gold……he was the lead role. This refined, graceful, dignified and charming someone became the female lead’s male comrade when the male and female lead had fallen out. After being humiliated and suppressed by the angry male lead who misunderstood, she was resentful and later used up all of the means to get back at the male lead. Once she had almost made the male lead’s protagonist halo lose its effectiveness, the male lead was forced into bankruptcy. 

Du Huai’an was extremely beautiful, and he was good at hiding his true face. When he met people, he would always lightly smile, he was refined and courteous. Who would’ve thought that he would be so ruthless when he attacks. Step by step, he forced the male lead into dire straits. 

“Du Huai’an can be clever. If it were not for things like the protagonist’s halo, he wouldn’t have ended up being cannon fodder.” The system was extremely angry: “That won’t do, you must save him!”6

“Understood.” Bai Zhi nodded as if he was pecking rice. 

Bai Zhi didn’t take a bite of his meal, his mind was all on the table beside him. About an hour later, the woman slowly got up. She embraced Du Huai’an’s arm, and she wore a smile on her face as she prepared to leave.

Du Huai’an settled the bill, not intentionally making contact like the woman. He merely said something to her, and the woman delicately laughed out, loosening her hand to follow after the man.

Bai Zhi hurriedly picked up his sunglasses, put on his hat and then followed them out.

Du Huai’an opened the car door for the woman, soon after, he went and sat in. Bai Zhi stepped on the accelerator, leisurely following after them.

“You must, by all means, closely follow after them. The plot says that Du Huai’an meets the female lead in a few days, we must settle the root of the problem!”

“Be at ease, Uncle! If I lose track of him, I’m a loser.” Bai Zhi was full of confidence.

The silver car ahead leisurely drove. Bai Zhi did not dare breathe a lot of the air, carefully following after. After passing by seven or eight red lights, the car had finally stopped.

The car stopped for a while, then a woman came down from the car, entering the villa ahead.

Bai Zhi pulled his hat down, continuing to follow after the silver car.

The road back was somewhat congested, and Bai Zhi was very quickly blocked and unable to move. It was very difficult to get through the road, and when he looked, he had lost track of the car.

“……There’s still time to take back what I just said, right?”

“Hehe, nice try.” The system sneered.

“Ah——” Bai Zhi miserably leaned onto the steering wheel. And just when he pondered on what to do, there was a sudden knock on his car window.

Bai Zhi promptly turned his head, a tall, thin figure held a cigarette in their mouth. There was a smile in his eyes, a hand put up on the car window.

“Got a lighter?”

The man’s voice sounded out, and Bai Zhi froze in place for two seconds. Then he reacted, immediately rolling down the car window: “I’ll lend, lend, lend.”

After saying that, he then rummaged the inside of the car for quite a while and pulled out a small box of very old matches. 

Bai Zhi: “……This, it’s actually not bad?”

Du Huai’an seemed to be amused by him, a bit of interest shown on his face.

Bai Zhi felt nervous. Then he saw him bend down, his arm propped up on the edge of the window, his right hand pinching a cigarette. Bai Zhi struck a match to light up his cigarette, and Du Huai’an stood up straight again. He gazed into Bai Zhi’s eyes, at the same time, taking in shallow breaths.

Bai Zhi didn’t know what to say, only stupidly looking at him. Not even a moment after, Du Huai’an suddenly put out his cigarette, throwing it in the bin with his hand behind his back. He simply opened the door and sat in on his ass. 

Bai Zhi looked at the man who very naturally sat in the front passenger seat. It was silent for quite a while, and just when he intended on saying something to break the silence, the man was a step ahead and had already voiced out:

“37 Maple Road, I’ll be troubling you.”7

Bai Zhi: “……?”

“My home.”

The man’s magnetic voice sounded out, and Bai Zhi immediately took action.

Nonsense. The villain’s address had just been announced, wouldn’t it be foolish to not go now?

The car was quickly started, it was extremely quick and skipped over many pedestrians on the roadside. Bai Zhi was slightly nervous, he didn’t know what Du Huai’an had meant and only thought of starting the car first.

When they had quickly arrived at their destination, Du Huai’an who had been silent the whole journey suddenly uttered: 

“Why are you eyeing me?”

Bai Zhi’s hand shook, the car immediately made his soul drift.8

Du Huai’an who had nearly bumped his head: “……Silencing me?”

Bai Zhi was very pitiful:9 “It was the car that moved my hand first.”

Du Huai’an looked at him, and Bai Zhi resolutely parked.

“We’ve arrived.”

“En.” Du Huai’an responded, giving Bai Zhi a sideways glance: “Do you want to go up and take a seat?”

Bai Zhi thought about it and nodded.

Bai Zhi was very careful when he entered, afraid that doing something wrong would make this big shot unhappy.

The big shot’s home was decorated very simply. There were hanging orchids, murals, all of it clean and very tidy.

Du Huai’an led him to the sofa to sit down, casually taking off his jacket. He hung it neatly onto the clothing rack, then he poured a glass of water for Bai Zhi. 

“I’m going to take a shower, you can play by yourself.”

Du Huai’an dropped the words, then immediately entered the bathroom.

“Okay, okay.” Although he didn’t know why Du Huai’an still had guests when he was going to go take a shower, when he thought of being a good little brother, Bai Zhi didn’t care about that.

What’s wrong with a big brother who likes showering, a big brother who likes being clean is a real big brother!

Bai Zhi sat up on the sofa, and he sat for an hour, waiting and waiting. He suddenly felt that the sofa in Du Huai’an’s home was very soft, ah, and Du Huai’an’s home was quiet all around ah.

By the time Du Huai’an had cleaned his hair well and come out, Bai Zhi was already lying down on the sofa. His stomach was going up and down, he was sleeping soundly.

Du Huai’an who intended on saying that he had waited a long time: “……”

The youngster was not in the least vigilant as he slept, he seemed to be particularly trusting of him. Du Huai’an narrowed his eyes, he walked to the balcony and lit up his cigarette.

He had already discovered he was being tailed at an earlier time, the man’s methods were too clumsy.

It was so clumsy that he had become interested, he allowed him to just play around like that.

It wasn’t until today that there was someone who could puzzle him so much. After work, Du Huai’an was finally unable to bear it.

He had someone send the car back to the club, whilst he took a closer look at whatever this idiotic thing was.

As the cigarette had burned out, Du Huai’an unhurriedly turned around.

Bai Zhi was still sleeping soundly.

Du Huai’an, however, slightly smiled.

Sure enough, this was an idiot, a very wealthy idiot.

He entered the living room, ignoring Bai Zhi on the sofa. He settled his dinner and went to his bedroom to lay down after.

Bai Zhi woke up from the cold very early in the morning.

He reached out trying to find a familiar embrace in a daze, but he instead threw himself onto the floor. The floor was ice-cold, and the coldness had made him shiver.

He was completely awake.

“Fang Jingmo is gone……” Bai Zhi rubbed his eyes: “The ground is unexpectedly so cold.”

“Of course it’s cold in late autumn.” The system spoke: “You’re a demon and can’t stand it?”

“I was originally very afraid of the cold. When I did not yet take on a human form, there was someone to hold and keep me warm every day.”

“And there was mana later, so I wasn’t afraid of the cold.” He continued speaking: “But this human body, it can’t use mana.”

“You can go and try finding a blanket?”

“Forget it ba. It’s not my home, you shouldn’t touch other people’s stuff.”

Bai Zhi stood up and took a look at the time: “It’s five o’clock. How did I fall asleep here, yesterday?”

“How should I know, you laid down and then slept. I yelled and yelled and you didn’t wake up.”

Bai Zhi rubbed the tip of his nose in embarrassment: “I’ve been so occupied watching someone these past few days, I didn’t sleep well.”

He simply picked up some water to wake himself up. His hair was a complete mess in the mirror, and Bai Zhi casually scratched it, intending on doing breakfast for the villain then running away.

“It’s better to get up in the early morning and eat something light.” Bai Zhi very skillfully boiled the plain rice congee, pan-fried an egg pancake, then quietly opened the door and ran away.

The system was very proud: “My nephew has done pretty well, looks pretty good.”

Bai Zhi happily went downstairs: “I learned it in the previous world.”

The system didn’t speak.

When Du Huai’an had gotten up, Bai Zhi had already disappeared. He was a little surprised, and then he smelled the aroma of food.

He went all the way to the kitchen. The white congee was kept hot in the rice cooker, the sweet smell of pan-fried egg pancakes in the steamer basket overflowing in the kitchen.

Du Huai’an’s eyes twitched. He paused for a moment, then he picked up the chopsticks to the side, lightly biting the pancake.

The sky was already brighter when Bai Zhi had returned home. Wang Ma, who was cooking, raised her head and saw the young master. She hurriedly asked with a smile: “Young Master, you’ve returned? Is there something you’d like to eat for breakfast?”

“I’ve eaten.” Bai Zhi shook his head: “Thanks, Wang Ma.”

After saying that, he stepped up the stairs. Jiang Jiu was very pampered in this home, but due to the Jiang Family’s work, they dote on Jiang Jiu more in the form of lifetime allowance and frequent gifts sent every year.

Bai Zhi returned to his room and locked it, he planned on continuing sleeping, but the system incessantly beeped.

“Nephew! The female lead associated with the plot has been detected! She will immediately leave for the club to carry out her fateful encounter with Du Huai’an!”

Bai Zhi was startled: “Didn’t you say that the female lead and villain met each other by chance!”

“That’s what’s actually written in the original plot.” The system voiced out: “Perhaps it’s the butterfly effect. After all, you’re a variable that came out.”

“Then, what do we do now?” Bai Zhi was anxious: “I’ll call people over to kidnap the female lead.”

“Are you trying to surpass your big brother to challenge him for the position of a villain!”

“Then I’ll——”

“Go to the club now, throw money, and rob people.”

Zenne: The beginning of a new arc! Hopefully, you enjoy it. Also, the scene where Bai Zhi reached out for Fang Jingmo only to remember he’s dead made me so saddddd.

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