I Became Popular After Participating on a Dating Show with my Ex-Lover

I Became Popular After Participating on a Dating Show with my Ex-Lover
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1. Down and out screenwriter, Ruan Song, had a long, five-year relationship with the popular film emperor, Ren Qinming. When their relationship was good, Ren Qinming was still obscure and unknown, and when he became popular, their relationship unexpectedly ended with a bang.

Ren Qinming had no way to seek reconciliation, and was depressed all day. His reserved character persona grew increasingly stable, until he found Ruan Song’s residence while drunk, and was photographed by the paparazzi.

Then with a boom, the pair’s love affair became publicized.

There was an earthquake throughout the entertainment industry, the fans went crazy and they couldn’t believe it at all.

Our gege is a cold, King of Hell. He doesn’t even look at beautiful women, how could he be dating! How could there be anyone in this world who can match our gege!!!

In order for the fans to confirm that Ren Qinming was single, they exposed Ren Qinming’s itinerary: In a year with 365 days, he spent 330 days with the filming crew. Do you want this kind of blessing? If it were your boyfriend, would you put up with this?

Ruan Song was happy to see this. That’s right, he also couldn’t stand it, so they broke up.

2. But just when Ruan Song prepared to head to Weibo to clear up the fervor, an invitation letter to a dating show was sent to him, inviting him to participate on the show with Ren Qinming, and make a public display of affection.

Ruan Song felt it beneath himself: We already broke up, I’d have to be crazy to go.

But in the next second, he saw the remuneration given by the variety show, and then saw his destitute and unemployed self: “I’m crazy. I’ll go.”

3. During the variety show, as soon as Ruan Song appeared.
The fans immediately changed their minds: Shock! Beautiful woman!

Meanwhile, the cold King of Hell who never looks at ‘beautiful women’ — —
Ren: Wife, move a little closer to me, everyone’s watching.
Ren: Wife, smile at me, there’s a camera at this angle.
Ren: Wife, it looks like we have to kiss.
Ruan Song: ……###

Then, Ren Qinming: Wife…… Your ears are red.
Ruan Song grinded his teeth and covered his mouth with one hand: I’m! Hot!

The fans crazily waved their flag: Not hot! Clingy! You just want to stick to beautiful women!
Ruan Song was completely speechless: Didn’t you say no one could match him?

The fans’ faces were completely yellow*: Teacher Ruan is exaggerating, what do the things Ren Qinming’s fans say have anything to do with us CP fans?

Ruan Song: ……
What the hell, who would have thought I’d actually grow famous after participating on a dating show and putting on a fake show!

*Yellow means having dirty thoughts!

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