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Chapter 334: 334 The Living and the Dead!

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334 The Living and the Dead!
“Damn! Why are you running so fast? Are you in a hurry to reincarnate?!”

Staring in the direction of the “wind”, Wang Bo saw an old man with white hair and a lot of blood on his body carry a “blood man” and place it in front of Hall Master Lin.

“Um, is he really looking to get ‘reincarnated’?”

“Then I forgive you.”

Hearing Wang Bo’s foul mouth, Wei Zhou tugged at his arm.

“Lower your voice.”

“Your stupid mouth will cause trouble for us sooner or later!”

Hearing Wei Zhou’s words, Wang Bo curled his lips.

“I’m not talking nonsense.”

“That person clearly won’t survive.”

“I’m a wood-type mutant. You have to believe my judgment.”

“The life force in that person’s entire body… is like Wu San’er’s dregs. It’s depleting so quickly.”

“I’m only left with one breath now. In a few minutes at most, I’ll have to reincarnate.”


Wu San’er covered his butt and looked at Wang Bo in disgust.

“Can you not make such a disgusting analogy?”

Wang Bo shrugged, indicating that the next time might not be the case.

Wei Zhou looked at the entrance of the dojo.

He was very curious. What would Hall Master Lin do?

After all, there must be a reason why that level seven old man actually pulled the injured person here immediately.

Even now, Wei Zhou still could not believe that the “protection mission” he had previously accepted, the weak client, was actually such a powerful figure in Jiangzhou City.

However, the extremely shocking dragon shadow previously made Wei Zhou have no choice but to believe it.

Therefore, he also paid special attention to this Hall Master Lin.

At the door, when Lin Ye saw Shi Yun, he did not recognize him immediately.

When he spoke, Lin Ye recognized his voice.

“Dojo Master Lin!”

“Please save Wayne!”

The commotion at the entrance of the dojo made the mercenaries queuing there cry out in satisfaction.

One had just died… No, dozens of people had died.

Now, another person who looked like he was about to die had arrived.

It made the dojo… seem like it was not a place to sell beasts, but a place to “drink soup”.

In particular, the person who came this time seemed to be a little extraordinary.

Everyone could sense the undisguised level seven aura on Shi Yun’s body.

Therefore, this time, no “enthusiastic” young man came out to say that Shi Yun had cut the queue.

“President Shi?”

“What’s going on?!”

“Forget it, I’ll save him first!”

Lin Ye looked at Shi Yun in front of him and Yang Wei, who was lying flat on the ground and covered in blood, and was very surprised.

“Zhilan, please come and take a look.”

Before Lin Ye could call her, Qin Zhilan had already taken action.

Looking at Yang Wei, who was covered in blood, she directly pulled the forest elf and squatted beside him.

Then, the vine in his wrist stabbed into Yang Wei’s arm and began to transmit energy to him.

However, Yang Wei had lost too much blood, so Qin Zhilan had no choice but to insert two more vines.

However, it was still useless.

The forest elf at the side was also driving a green energy to swim around Yang Wei’s body.

The surrounding mercenaries were surprised to discover that under the efforts of these two beautiful women, the wounds that could be seen everywhere on Yang Wei’s body and were so deep that bones could be seen had almost healed.

This healing ability could be said to have definitely surpassed most wood-type mutants.

For example, Wang Bo, who was also watching the commotion and had even walked to the front.


“These… These two girls are so powerful!”

Hearing Wang Bo’s exclamation, Wu San’er glanced at him from the corner of his eye.

“Didn’t you brag that you can revive the dead? What’s this?”

Wang Bo rolled his eyes.

“You also know that I’m bragging?!”

“Logically speaking, that woman’s strength is the same as mine. They’re both level four. It doesn’t make sense for her to be so powerful!”

“Could it be the little girl beside him?”

Wang Bo muttered twice before shaking his head.

“However, it’s a pity that we still can’t save him ~”

“Doesn’t that mean that the wound has already healed?”

Hearing Wu San’er’s question, Wang Bo glanced at him.

“I have 10,000 ways. After killing you, you won’t even lose a single strand of leg hair.”


“The person on the ground has only recovered from his external injuries, but he has lost too much vitality. It’s impossible to make up for it.”

As he spoke, a vine very similar to the one in Qin Zhilan’s hand also appeared in Wang Bo’s hand.

“An ability is still an ability after all. When a person’s vitality is still sufficient, it can play a supportive and stimulating role.

“This is to stimulate the life force in your body and achieve the healing effect.

“However, when your life force is exhausted, this method is useless.

Just as Wang Bo had said,

Qin Zhilan also discovered this.

Now, no matter how one looked at it, there were indeed no wounds on Yang Wei’s body, but his entire body was still pale.

Her entire body was as pale as paper.

She knew Yang Wei.


He also knew that this person was very close to his… boyfriend.
Therefore, when she stood up, Qin Zhilan, who had faint sweat on her forehead, did not even know how to speak.

“Lin Ye, Vice-President Yang…”

Lin Ye looked at Qin Zhilan and reached out to wipe the sweat on her forehead. He said in disbelief,

“Is there really no other way?”

Qin Zhilan gritted her teeth and shook her head.

“I’m sorry, I…”

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