I Pioneered Scientific Magic

I Pioneered Scientific Magic
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Lynn embarks on a fantastical journey to a realm reminiscent of medieval Europe, yet infused with... Read more Lynn embarks on a fantastical journey to a realm reminiscent of medieval Europe, yet infused with extraordinary magical abilities. Here, the very fabric of reality is governed by the enigmatic theory of magic, which harnesses and manipulates fundamental particles.In this world, wizards, who are essentially scientific spellcasters, find themselves locked in a relentless battle against the oppressive Church.However, when Linn arrives, a harbinger of an otherworldly Renaissance, the tides of change are set in motion, unveiling a thrilling tale of discovery, intrigue, and the struggle for enlightenment. Collapse Aristocracy, Artificial Intelligence, Biochip, Calm Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, European Ambience, Industrialization, Kingdoms, Magic, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Medieval, Modern Knowledge, Nobles, Schemes And Conspiracies, Secret Identity, Secret Organizations, Sword And Magic, Transmigration, Wars, Wizards, Elemental Magic, Gods, Religions, Scientists, Teachers, Technological Gap, Weak to StrongWas great at first but when he go to the wizard kingdom or so and became a teacher it got boringActually, this novel is fantastic. Sure, the main character is a bit dull and there's no hint of romance, but that's not really the issue. I stopped at chapter 494 with an edited Epub I made from here. The novel does an excellent job of blending together magic and high-school level science, and it's pretty convincing too. The real issue is the translator, who's almost singlehandedly responsible for the novel's low ratings here. I mean, changing a female character's name from Jenny to Johnny? Great f#cking idea. And even after being called out, they just keep at it!The best way to read this novel? Unironically, it's with machine translation. There's less gender confusion and it's on par with what the official translator is offering.where did you read the mtlHere, they also offer Ranobes Epub. I downloaded that, fixed it up, and read it.Thanks! How did you fix it btw?- Implemented professional book grade epub format, optimized specifically for Text-to-Speech (TTS) functionality to enhance accessibility.- Introduced drop cap feature at the beginning of each chapter for a more professional look and feel.- Emphasized dialogue using bold tags and used italics for inner thoughts and monologues to distinguish between different narrative elements.- Hidden chapter titles within the text to avoid potential spoilers while keeping them visible in the Table of Contents (ToC) for navigation purposes.- From what I remember wizard ranking that kept on changing because of translation I fixed them.- Unique names such as mathematical arcana was translated into some garbage name I fixed it throughout the novel.- Misspelt names fixed and unified. - Corrected all identified spelling mistakes throughout the text. Please note that while spelling errors have been addressed, the grammar remains unaltered due to the prohibitive costs of comprehensive grammatical correction software.And a few other miscellaneous things like:- Removed unnecessary notes: Deleted all annotations related to the translator, editor, author, website ads, etc., For a pure reading experience.- Removed redundant and meaningless words: Eliminated unnecessary and insignificant words or phrases that do not contribute to the story- Corrected punctuation and quotation mark usage: Added spaces after punctuation marks and ensured proper placement of punctuation within quotation marks to enhance the reading experience.- Connected orphaned paragraphs: Identified and connected paragraphs that were incorrectly split into two, improving the flow of the text. (There were a few hundred of these)Is there any way you can share this?Of course, just not sure if the mods will remove it or not but [here you go]

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