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Chapter 101: 101 Human King of Gu!

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101 Human King of Gu!

Chi Xia’s eyes immediately became guarded. “Why are you asking this?”

He Wang realized that he had revealed some of his emotions too obviously, and his peach blossom eyes curved. “It’s an occupational disease. When I meet someone fated, I like to chat.”

Hearing the words ‘fated’, Chi Xia was in a surprisingly good mood. The two of them had already established a preliminary trust relationship. Not to mention that He Wang was in her aesthetic standards. Although Chi Xia was guarded, she was not much. She was scheming, but scheming did not play a key role.

Chi Xia would answer almost anything He Wang asked next.

It could be said that the conversation was very pleasant till the end. When she left, Chi Xia was still very reluctant. After all, it was a very joyful thing to find friends with common topics. “I don’t know your name yet. What’s your name?”

He Wang’s smile was deep, but it did not reach his eyes. “He Kuanyi.”

Ten minutes later.

He Wang walked out of the school’s psychological office with one hand in his pocket. Wen Ye saw He Wang walking over and saw that he had everything under control. He sneered. “When a show-off takes action, one is equivalent to two.”

He Wang smiled harmlessly. “Civilized people, let’s talk civilized.”

Wen Ye looked at him. “Where’s your morality?”

He Wang unbuttoned one collar and smiled wantonly. “As a psychiatrist, you have to follow your professional ethics. I don’t have to because it’s not my profession and I have no morals.”

Wen Ye: “…”

Although counseling was not He Wang’s profession, He Wang had indeed minored in psychology back then.

Wen Ye asked, “Has the evaluation report been written?”

He Wang said, “I did. Putting aside the words I got out of her, there are a few important indicators of Chi Xia’s mental health that have high points. I copied the video. It’s going to be useful soon.” With that, He Wang opened the car door and got in. A moment later, He Wang lowered the window and shouted with a smile, “Old Wen.”

Wen Ye glanced at him sideways. “Don’t laugh so cheaply.”

He Wang smirked. “Fourth Brother wants to keep his dignity, but he didn’t let Sister-in-law know that he was injured. Why don’t you be a good person?”

Wen Ye said, “Why aren’t you being a good person?”

He Wang rattled on.

Wen Yi only replied with one word. “Scram.”

He Wang cursed and drove away. On the way back, Wen Ye carefully savored He Wang’s words. Then, for some reason, he took out his phone, opened WeChat, and sent Li Xiwu a message. After sending it, Wen Ye belatedly said, “F*ck! He Wang, this human Gu King!”

After ending her call with Pei Jingzhou, Li Xiwu opened Weibo. She wanted to see how far the online public opinion had fermented.

Judging from Qiao Qiao’s words just now, the controversy about Zheng Yuehua’s evil mother-in-law yesterday had probably been cleared up because of this matter. Netizens who could not see the truth would always sympathize with the side that would act pitiful.

A trend named #ChiXu Car Accident# appeared at the third place on the trending list. It was very popular. She was about to click on it. The page flickered into an incoming call. It was President Qi.

Li Xiwu picked it up. “President Qi.”

Qi Jiangchi’s voice was a little low. “Hua Guan’s public relations team has already taken action. The popularity will decrease as soon as possible. I suggest that you don’t appear on camera today. I’ll just inform Director Gao.”

Hua Guan’s public relations team was prepared for celebrities. Qi Jiangchi probably did not expect that he would help Li Xiwu resolve her public relations crisis one day.

Li Xiwu said, “President Qi is also paying attention to this matter?”

“Paying attention? It’s early in the morning, and all the major platforms are pushing it.” Qi Jiangchi sneered. “That kid is really not afraid of death. This time, I’ll stand in front of his grave.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. “President Qi is becoming more and more humane.”

Laughing was one thing. Qi Jiangchi did not forget to remind Li Xiwu again, “Try not to appear on camera.”

Li Xiwu’s heart warmed, but she couldn’t agree immediately. “We’ll see.”

Qi Jiangchi also knew that he could not interfere with Li Xiwu’s thoughts. This matter had blown up. When he found out this morning, he was also confused. However, after he found out about this, the first thing he did was to get Hua Guan Media’s public relations team to intervene and stabilize public opinion.

In the end, he received a call from the public relations’ director not long after. He thought the popularity had been suppressed. In the end, the public relations’ director said, “President Qi, it’s not very useful for us to take action here, but we’ve already found out the reason. There will be a huge commotion on Weibo this afternoon.”

Qi Jiangchi pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek. “A huge commotion?”

The PR director became more and more serious. “I heard that the elite legal team in the industry is already prepared to be on standby at any time. The police will also move out on time.”

Qi Jiangchi raised his eyebrows. This was not only a f*cking huge commotion, but also a big deal. It seemed that that person was really angry.

Qi Jiangchi asked the public relations’ director to keep an eye on the direction of public opinion at all times. Then, he called Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu had just hung up on Qi Jiangchi when several more calls came in. Actually, when they were on the phone just now, there were calls that wanted to be connected a few times. Ji Weiling, Yuanyuan, Xue Jinzhu, colleagues who were usually on good terms…

Not just phone bombardment, but also WeChat messages. There were too many to read. Li Xiwu planned to deal with it later, so she turned her phone to silent for the time being. However, just as she turned it to silent, a WeChat notification popped up.

Wen Ye!

Wen Ye, who only liked her Moments and did not send her a message once in 800 years. Could it be because of this matter on the Internet that he sent her a message to comfort her?

Li Xiwu hesitated for a moment before opening the WeChat message. A few minutes later, Li Xiwu went downstairs to look for Director Gao.

At this moment, Gao Yueban was listening to Yu Jing say something with a cigarette in his mouth. Seeing Li Xiwu suddenly enter, Gao Yueban stubbed out his cigarette and stood up. “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu walked forward. “Director Gao, can I borrow your car?”

Without another word, Gao Yueban took out the car key from his pocket and handed it to Li Xiwu.

Yu Jing stood up and asked, “Miss Li, are you leaving Fu Town?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “I know there’s still more than forty minutes before the live broadcast, but I have something very important to deal with. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

Of course, Yu Jing had no intention of stopping her. He was just asking.

Seeing Li Xiwu leave in a hurry with the car keys, Gao Yueban reminded her worriedly, “Miss Li, be careful on the way. Safety first.”

Li Xiwu walked very quickly, and her reply “okay” spread far and wide.

Yu Jing turned to ask Gao Yueban, “Is Miss Li in such a hurry to leave because of the heated discussion on the Internet this morning?”

Gao Yueban pulled up his pants and sat down. “Obviously.”

Yu Jing also sat down. “Do you think we can turn misfortune into good luck this time?”

The director, who had just come in, said, “It’s hard.”

Gao Yueban and Yu Jing looked at the director.

The director held a roasted sweet potato in his hand and said as he ate, “The public opinion on the Internet is very disadvantageous to Miss Li now. Chi Xu insists on the car accident situation. If the police have the results of the car accident investigation, she probably won’t be able to stay on our show. Just now, Miss Li took Director Gao’s car keys. She must have been so frightened that she ran away first.”


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