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Chapter 106: 106 A Trembling Scene! Shocking Everyone!

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106 A Trembling Scene! Shocking Everyone!

Xu Muzhen nodded seriously. “That makes sense. I’d rather believe that a woman’s intuition has always been accurate.”

Xiang Lan said, “Actually, I believe that too.”

The two of them chatted casually. Little Shenshen, who was sleeping in the pram, was also very obedient. Ever since Xie Wen left, be it Han Qianye taking care of her or Xiang Lan, she had never cried.

“Sister Li! Auntie Han!” Seeing Li Xiwu and Han Qianye walk over together, Xu Muzhen stood up and shouted.

Xiang Lan turned around too. “You’re here.”

Han Qianye walked to the pram. “Xie Wen handed her daughter to me, but I slacked off and let you take care of her. I’m really sorry.”

Xiang Lan laughed. “Don’t mention it. Xie Wen isn’t around, so everyone should help take care of her. We don’t have anything to do anyway.”

Xu Muzhen said, “Yes, we’re bored anyway. It’s so fun to tease the little guy.”

With that, Xu Muzhen looked at Little Shenshen in the pram. “Actually, I was influenced by the people around me. I thought it was very troublesome to take care of children. After all, children are always noisy. It wasn’t until I came into contact with Little Shenshen that I realized that children are also easy to take care of. After eating and drinking, they can play by themselves for the entire day. They aren’t noisy at all.”

Li Xiwu smiled and leaned over to look at Shenshen in the pram. The scene seemed to freeze at this moment. No one knew what Li Xiwu was thinking.

Only Li Xiwu knew. She was thinking: Little Shenshen, your mother’s nightmare will be over soon.

The live broadcast started at ten sharp. Millions of netizens flooded into the live-stream.

[I thought the production team was too scared to broadcast today!]

[Li Xiwu is actually on camera? She can actually live-stream with a clear conscience at this juncture?]

[Chi Xu is so miserable. Isn’t Li Xiwu going to the hospital to take a look? Is her conscience okay?]

[Has Li Xiwu’s husband been arrested by the police?]

[I’m still waiting for Sister Li to refute the rumors. There must be a very clear ins and outs of this matter. Isn’t everyone concluding too early?]

[Hubby is very handsome, but his heart is very black.]

[Who can understand my pain? The couple I was crazy about yesterday had collapsed the moment I opened my eyes today.]

[I really like Li Xiwu. Although she’s not a comedian, she brought me so much joy on Mother-in-Law Joy’s show. I feel that she’s omnipotent.]

[I really hope everyone is rational. For some reason, I feel terrible when I see Li Xiwu being scolded.]

[If only Li Xiwu was really Mother Dragon. At this time, Mother Dragon fans would have gathered to protect her.]

[I didn’t believe that Li Xiwu was Mother Dragon, but I really hope that Li Xiwu is really Mother Dragon and let Mother Dragon’s fans help Li Xiwu fight and defeat these arrogant keyboard warriors.]

Gao Yueban guessed that today’s broadcast would be very popular. However, he did not expect it to explode to this extent! In the past, when they broadcasted, their popularity increased bit by bit, from hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers online.

This time, 1.6 million netizens flooded into the live-stream. In just a minute, it continued to increase, scaring Gao Yueban so much that he didn’t know what to say.

Yu Jing swallowed. “We do have popularity, but this formation is a little scary.”

Gao Yueban waved his hand to wipe the sweat off his forehead. “Who says not?”

The director interrupted, “Our variety show has been really popular recently.”

Gao Yueban looked at the director. “Are you stupid?”

The director: “?”

Li Xiwu could only stay under the live broadcast camera in peace. Because Little Shenshen could not appear on screen, all the cameras were far away from her, Li Xiwu. When Li Xiwu learned to mix milk powder for Shenshen, netizens argued—

[Is she feeling guilty? She actually took on the responsibility of taking care of Xie Wen’s daughter.]

[It’s obvious that she’s faking it. Do you want to pretend that this never happened?]

[Li Xiwu is really miserable. Her husband is hiding. She’s carrying everything alone.]

Lunch was arranged by the production team.

At the dining table, in order to maintain her image, Min Hanrong did not deliberately stir up trouble and mention certain topics. Because they were missing a pair of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, coupled with what had happened now, everyone ate quietly.

Until someone suddenly came to the inn—

“Miss Li! Miss Li! Someone is looking for you outside!” The staff came in to inform her.

Li Xiwu put down her bowl and chopsticks. “Who’s looking for me?”

The staff said, “Xie Wen’s parents.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Okay, I’ll be right out.”

When they heard that Xie Wen’s parents were here to look for Li Xiwu, everyone at the dining table looked at her. Min Hanrong looked worried, but her worried expression looked meaningful. “Why are Xie Wen’s parents looking for Xiwu?”

The words were too obvious.

Tao Jing frowned. “Could Xie Wen’s parents be here at this time…”

Xiang Lan put down her bowl and chopsticks. “Invite Xie Wen’s parents in for a while.”

It was a good suggestion. They could talk face to face.

Xu Muzhen retracted her chopsticks and said worriedly, “My mother is right. Why don’t we invite them in first?”

Han Qianye was the least calm. “Wait, wait—!”

Everyone looked at Han Qianye. What if Xie Wen’s parents were unreasonable and hurt Xixi? Han Qianye thought that she had to stand in front of Li Xiwu. So she said, “I’ll go out with Xixi.”

[Damn! Looks like it’s true! Xie Wen’s parents specially came to ask Li Xiwu for an explanation!]

[I was still hopeful, but the house really collapsed.]

[Xie Wen’s parents are here. They must be here to denounce her on behalf of her son-in-law. They… won’t do anything to Li Xiwu, right?]

[Although Li Xiwu doesn’t look weak, Xie Wen’s parents probably won’t be able to withstand a double match.]

[Although it’s not right to hit someone, the production team must protect Sister Li.]

[The injustice has a master. Xie Wen’s parents should also look for Li Xiwu’s husband. Li Xiwu is really miserable this time.]

[I suggest that Li Xiwu apologize properly and get Xie Wen’s parents’ forgiveness.]

Netizens kept spamming the comments.

Some people were watching the show.

Some people were worried about Li Xiwu’s subsequent encounter.

Han Qianye accompanied Li Xiwu out of the inn. Everyone at the dining table could not sit still anymore. They stood up and followed her out, thinking that if the scene went out of control, they could stop them

At this moment, all the cameras were moved outside. Outside the inn, Xie Wen’s parents were standing there expectantly. When she saw Li Xiwu come out, Xie Wen’s mother suddenly walked towards her.

At this moment, everyone’s hearts were in their throats.

The millions of netizens watching the live-stream were so shocked that they stopped typing. They looked at Xie Wen’s mother in horror and the scene of her suddenly rushing towards Li Xiwu.


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