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Chapter 111: 111 All Evidence Exposed! The Internet Is Shocked!

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111 All Evidence Exposed! The Internet Is Shocked!

“Wenwen—!” Chi Xu was probably anxious. He was very afraid that Xie Wen would really agree to leave with Luo Ying and try to get out of the bed in a self-torture method.

Zheng Yuehua’s heart skipped a beat. She quickly went forward to help Chi Xu prevent him from falling down. “Little Xu, lie down properly. Don’t worry, Mom is here. I won’t let them take Xie Wen away.”

Chi Xu waved Zheng Yuehua’s hand away and looked at Xie Wen sadly. “Wenwen, I can’t live without you. Please, don’t leave me…”

Xie Wen was moved.

Luo Ying grabbed Xie Wen’s hand. “Wenwen!”

Xie Wen suddenly came back to her senses. At this moment, the live broadcast was on outside the ward. The fourth live-stream had already reached 7 million viewers online! It broke to a new high!!! Even though there was no image, the conversation in the ward was clear and the netizens could hear it!

[Although I can’t see the scene, why do I hear that Xie Wen’s parents want to forcefully break up Xie Wen and Chi Xu?]

[When they first got together, they didn’t come out to break up the couple. What’s the use of breaking up the couple now? Their daughter is half a year old!]

[Zheng Yuehua’s mouth is really stinky! She’s still disgusting as ever! But Chi Xu is really pitiful. He got into a car accident and now his wife is leaving him!]

[Chi Xu is really miserable!]

[I think Chi Xu definitely didn’t cheat. It should be because Zheng Yuehua treated Xie Wen badly, so Xie Wen’s parents wanted to take her away.]

[It’s pitiful to have such a mother-in-law. Move out with Chi Xu and live alone. This way, you can maintain your relationship as husband and wife.]

[Zheng Yuehua’s behavior is really amazing. Who wouldn’t suffocate in that house?]

[I saw that everyone said that Zheng Yuehua is not worthy of being on Mother-in-Law Joy, but from another perspective, if it weren’t for Mother-in-Law Joy, no one would have known that Xie Wen was living so badly in the Chi family!]

The comments were already flying. At least 80% of the millions of people in the live-stream thought that Zheng Yuehua, this troublemaker, had affected the harmony between Xie Wen and Chi Xu.

There were also netizens who guessed: [If Li Xiwu only told Xie Wen’s parents that Xie Wen was not treated well by her mother-in-law in her in-law’s house, she wouldn’t have knelt down the moment she came, right?]

[I’m shocked too. Mr. Xie knelt down the moment he came up and stunned me.]

[I thought it was a big deal. If that’s all, it’s really too exaggerated. Just thank her seriously.]

[It’s not a program effect, is it?]

Some netizens had already started to say that it was the show’s effect. Word spread like wildfire. Gradually, more and more people thought that it was the effect of the show.

Li Xiwu was about to enter the ward. Mr. Xie entered before her. Zheng Yuehua took a look and realized that the couple was here. She looked Xie Shaohua up and down and saw that he was not carrying anything. He was only holding a document bag. She said, “The couple are here. We’re all family so you can forget the gifts. Why didn’t you bring a fruit basket?”

Xie Shaohua was very rude. “A fruit basket? The fruit basket is so shabby. Do you want a pair of silver bracelets?”

The moment she heard about the silver bracelet, Zheng Yuehua’s expression lit up. “The silver bracelet is barely enough, but it doesn’t have the value of gold.”

“I think the silver bracelet is quite suitable!” As soon as he finished speaking, Xie Shaohua unceremoniously opened the document bag in his hand, pulled out a stack of documents, and threw them at Zheng Yuehua. “Look! Look carefully at what your son has done to my daughter in the past two years. Didn’t you want a silver bracelet? It’s been arranged. It’s on the way!”

When he threw the documents to Zheng Yuehua, she subconsciously caught them. But why did Xie Shaohua’s words sound wrong? Zheng Yuehua flipped through it roughly, but she could not understand it. “What are these?”

Xie Shaohua sneered. “What is it? It’s written clearly in black and white. Can’t you understand?”

Zheng Yuehua choked. Chi Xu’s expression had already changed drastically. He stared fixedly at the document, his eyes almost popping out. At this moment, Li Xiwu raised her hand and gestured for the cameraman to enter.

The cameraman nodded and carried the live camera into the ward. When three to five people came in at once, Zheng Yuehua asked warily, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The cameraman looked innocent.

Zheng Yuehua immediately recognized the cameraman and said with an embarrassed expression, “Oh, it’s you guys. Group Three isn’t live-streaming today. Why are you here?”

The cameraman said nothing and pointed at the camera. When Zheng Yuehua saw this, she realized that the live broadcast had already started. At this moment, Chi Xu’s expression was very dark and he was very nervous. “Get out! All of you! Chase them out!”

The cameramen stood where they were. No one went out.

Chi Xu said to Zheng Yuehua sternly, “Mom, get them out! Get them out!”

Zheng Yuehua listened to her son and prepared to discuss with the cameraman. Forget about today’s live broadcast. Her son was already in such a state, but he was still live broadcasting in the ward. Was he going to make a fool of himself?!

She had yet to open her mouth to discuss when Xie Shaohua snorted. “Go out? Go out? Chi Xu, are you feeling guilty? I’ll leave my words here. No one can go out today. I’m here today to expose the evil things you’ve done to my daughter.”

As he spoke, Xie Shaohua took the document from Zheng Yuehua’s hand and opened it page by page.

—Buying the horse trainer and deliberately getting close to Xie Wen. The horse trainer personally admitted it and provided the transfer record. Chi Xu transferred 5,000 yuan to the horse trainer on that day!

—The sailor had a professional judgment. When he was on the lookout a day in advance, he discovered the abnormality of the water flow. In order to ensure the safety, he informed the production team to delay filming the drowning scene, this notice was intercepted. That night, Chi Xu got the assistant director drunk and the assistant director slept until the next afternoon. At that time, the drowning scene had already been filmed. In order to seal his mouth, he advised the assistant director to give the excuse that he had gone to another production team to work. He avoided being fired because he was drunk. In the end, he was only fined two months of salary.

—To get close to Xie Wen by any means, in order to increase their relationship, he used the food’s incompatibility in the production team, causing Xie Wen to have food poisoning. Chi Xu took care of her for a few days and confirmed their relationship.

——During the process of knowing each other, Chi Xu compiled the tragic experiences and unfair treatment he had experienced and lured Xie Wen into a trap. He controlled Xie Wen in a pitiful manner and exercised mental control.

——During their relationship, Chi Xu even controlled Xie Wen’s behavior mentally many times. Once Xie Wen showed signs of resistance, he would hurt himself and punish himself. He would use extreme behavior to force Xie Wen to be unable to leave him because of guilt.

——After Xie Wen got pregnant, she wanted to keep her career, but she was forced by Chi Xu as he committed suicide and cut his wrist. In the end, Xie Wen was forced to leave the industry and have a child.

——After marriage, he allowed his mother to order Xie Wen around unconditionally and even treated her as the Chi family’s free nanny. Once Xie Wen had the thought of leaving, Chi Xu would use the mental control of moral kidnapping to force her to stay.

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