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Chapter 115: 115 Turning the Tide Back, Returning to the Peak

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115 Turning the Tide Back, Returning to the Peak

This arrangement was very appropriate. Newbies could not stand out when filming. Taking such a path was definitely the wisest.

Li Xiwu said, “Opening up your popularity on the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show. At the end, she will break up and establish her single persona. Accepting dramas and advertisements to enter the production team. A new star in the entertainment industry has lit up just like that. This development line is not bad.”

Chen Xin could hear the coldness in Li Xiwu’s tone. “Miss Li, do you not like this arrangement?”

Li Xiwu raised her lips. “No.” After a few seconds, she said, “This arrangement is very good. As long as nothing goes wrong, Xue Jinzhu’s future is promising.”

Chen Xin took a deep breath. “I hope so.”

Hope? Even Chen Xin was so concerned! That’s true. If Pei Jingzhou took a fancy to someone, Chen Xin would definitely have to do it himself. Only by grasping the boss’s thoughts could he stay by his boss’s side for a long time.

But at this moment, she looked calm and had mixed feelings. Or rather, it should be described as: unreasonable frustration! She tried to adjust her complicated and irritable mood, then suddenly realized: Why do I have to adjust? I thought I didn’t care anymore!


The car arrived at Fu Town.

Li Xiwu got out of the car and saw Han Qianye walking towards her. She braked abruptly in front of her, her posture dignified, her tone steady. “You’re back.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes, Xie Wen’s parents and Xie Wen are back, right?”

Han Qianye said, “They’re back. They’re in the inn.” With that, she glanced sideways at Chen Xin, who was standing not far behind Li Xiwu. Han Qianye adjusted her dignified posture. “Did you send Xixi back?”

Chen Xin was stunned for a few seconds before he realized who Han Qianye was talking about.

It was Miss Li! They had only been together for a few days, but they were already so intimate. It seemed that Mr. Pei was too worried this time.

Chen Xin went forward calmly. “Mr. Pei arranged for me to wait for Miss Li outside the hospital before sending her back to Fu Town.”

Han Qianye raised her hand to touch her hair. “Alright, Xixi was safely sent here. Go back and report.”

Chen Xin nodded and did not forget to praise her before he left. “Madam, your new hairstyle is not bad.”

Han Qianye smiled. “Good taste.” After Chen Xin left, Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu impatiently and asked, “What do you think of my new hairstyle?”

Li Xiwu commented seriously, “The curly hairstyle is very picky. When you change to this hairstyle, it will look a little abrupt at first glance, but it’s very good-looking. It’s probably because this hair color makes you look younger.”

Han Qianye grinned. “Xixi, you’re so serious in your compliment.”

Li Xiwu said, “It’s not a compliment. I’m telling the truth.”

Not to mention Han Qianye, anyone would be confused by these words. She was too good at praising.

On the way in, Han Qianye said as she walked, “When you were in the hospital, I heard from the director that a group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will participate in the third episode.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “I just heard about this.”

Han Qianye sighed. “I hope this third group can finish recording the variety show safely. Don’t let anything like Xie Wen happen again.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and did not reply.

At the mention of Xie Wen, Han Qianye’s tone became a sigh. “We’ve all watched the hospital’s live broadcast. Xie Wen is really pitiful. Fortunately, I have you. A rainbow appears in the wind and rain.”

The popularity of this afternoon’s live broadcast was in Group Three’s live broadcast. The live broadcast of the three mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in Fu Town was not popular either. In addition, everyone was too curious, so they all took out their phones to watch Group Three’s live broadcast.

The process stunned Han Qianye and the others.

Min Hanrong was terrified.

Tao Jing’s face was pale.

Xu Muzhen broke out in a cold sweat.

Xiang Lan sighed.

Han Qianye’s expression was indescribable. It was probably: (Subway. Old Man. Phone.) JPG.

Gao Yueban was too immersive. He threw his phone on the spot and scolded, “F*ck! Damn scum!”

Yu Jing said, “Hell is empty. The devil is in the human world.”

They had seen many scumbags.

The crime of abandoning his wife and son was unforgivable, and cheating was even more unforgivable. Chi Xu’s situation did not seem so serious at first glance, but in fact, it was like a slow poison that took Xie Wen’s life bit by bit.

It was simply terrifying.

At this moment in the inn.

Group One and Group Two were both sitting in the same direction. Luo Ying was sitting on the other side with Little Shenshen in her arms. Xie Shaohua was playing with his little granddaughter lovingly while Xie Wen stood at the side and watched.

As soon as Li Xiwu and Han Qianye entered, everyone looked at the door. At the same time, Li Xiwu returned to the live broadcast.

Min Hanrong spoke first with a smile. “Xiwu is back.”

Although she had connoted Han Qianye this morning, Min Hanrong had always cared about her reputation. She smiled very kindly when she greeted her.

Xu Muzhen waved her hand. “Sister Li, come and sit.”

Li Xiwu smiled and walked over to sit down.

Han Qianye sat beside Li Xiwu and silently pushed a cup of brewed Zhengshan tea in front of Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu’s heart warmed. “Thank you.”

When Han Qianye heard Li Xiwu thank her, she was not too happy. It was so polite to say thank you.

Xu Muzhen said, “Sister Li, we all know what you did for Xie Wen. You’re really brave. I admire you too much.”

Tao Jing sighed. “Who would have thought that Chi Xu was actually such a person? He disguised himself too well. If you hadn’t gone all out, Xiwu, Wenwen’s future would be unimaginable.”

Xie Wen was already very calm. When she heard them say this, she would smile and say a word or two.

Min Hanrong asked with concern.

Xiang Lan was the calmest and listened to everyone’s conversation carefully.

At this moment, Xie Shaohua stood up. “Now that everyone is here, I’ll officially tell everyone something.”

Everyone looked at Xie Shaohua. Actually, they all knew what Xie Shaohua was going to say next, but at this moment, everyone still felt an indescribable sadness and heartache.

Xie Shaohua looked at Xie Wen first, then at his granddaughter in Luo Ying’s arms. Then, he said solemnly, “Wenwen and Chi Xu still have a divorce procedure to go through. It’s more cumbersome. After much discussion, our family has decided that Wenwen will leave Mother-in-Law Joy. Here, on Wenwen’s behalf, I thank everyone for taking care of her these few days.”

[Boohoo, it’s really too good to cry.]

[There’s finally a moment to part!]

[Although I already guessed that Xie Wen would leave Mother-in-Law Joy, I still can’t bear to witness this moment.]

[I can’t bear to, but I respect and support her. Xie Wen’s current state needs to be adjusted. The divorce procedure isn’t that fast. Zheng Yuehua will definitely cause trouble for another two days. There are many things to face next, but fortunately, Xie Wen’s parents will always be by her side.]

[From the beginning, the DNA moved. I’ve been looking forward to Sister Li and Xie Wen being in the same frame. This is probably the most perfect frame.]

[Xie Wen, you must return to glamour. Many people who love you are waiting for you to turn the tables and return to your peak.]

[For some reason, I just believe that Xie Wen will really return to her peak!]

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