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Chapter 116: 116 To Be Honest, I Like People Like You

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116 To Be Honest, I Like People Like You

Half of the live broadcast’s popularity had returned to the inn’s live-stream.

The moment Xie Wen’s father announced that Xie Wen was withdrawing from Mother-in-Law Joy, the atmosphere was really sad. However, everyone was wishing Xie Wen well, and the comments were all blessings.

Finally, Xie Wen faced the camera and bowed deeply. Then she smiled and waved. “Please give me time.”

[Wenwen’s future is bright!]

[I look forward to Xie Wen’s stunning return.]

[I hope that on this day next year, Xie Wen can stand on the podium again and say proudly: I’m back.]

[This is not a goodbye. This is just a temporary farewell.]

When Xie Wen left, she hugged Li Xiwu. “Miss Li, farewell.”

Li Xiwu said, “I’ll see you again.”

Xie Wen nodded. Under everyone’s gazes, Xie Wen left the inn with her parents and daughter. The scene of her leaving was recorded and posted online. She added another trending topic to Weibo.

#Xie Wen announced her withdrawal#. It was eye-catching. The netizens who had been watching the show for the entire day immediately clicked on the relevant topic—

[Someone had already predicted it in advance. As expected, Xie Wen really left Mother-in-Law Joy.]

[I’m in the live-stream. I’m really in tears when I see this scene.]

[It’s really a rare big commotion today. The entire Weibo account almost fell.]

[I’ve never admired anyone in my life. Li Xiwu is definitely the first.]

[I dream of a friend like Li Xiwu, always the clearest and most rational. No matter how big the fire in the pit, she won’t hesitate to reach out and help her friend.]

[Good news, good news! Those marketing accounts that slandered Li Xiwu and spread rumors about her have all been sued! Moreover, a very famous legal team has appeared to send a lawyer’s letter.]

[What, sued? Then I raise my hands and feet for support.]

[They have to apologize to Li Xiwu publicly! Otherwise, she had to sue them to the end!]

The online discussion kept rising. Fortunately, everything ended perfectly. However, because too many things had happened today, the online viewing during the day had been breaking through a new high. Therefore, Gao Yueban decided to end the live broadcast at five.

After the live broadcast camera closed, Gao Yueban informed everyone solemnly, “It’s like this. Xie Wen has already left Mother-in-law Joy, so there’s one less group of participants. Currently, the higher-ups are already arranging it. Therefore, in the third episode, there will be a new group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.”

Min Hanrong pouted. “Didn’t Director Gao already say this during the day?”

Gao Yueban smiled tactfully. “I heard from the organizers during the day. I wasn’t sure at that time, but it’s confirmed now that a new mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will be participating.”

Xu Muzhen was looking forward to it. “Four groups are still more lively together.”

Xiang Lan nodded. “Then I can only look forward to our meeting in the third episode.”

Gao Yueban clapped his hands. “Yes, let’s look forward to it together.”

After giving his instructions, they went back upstairs to pack up and prepare to go home. When they left Fu Town, Li Xiwu and Han Qianye were in the same car. The atmosphere in the car was too quiet. Han Qianye had figured out Li Xiwu’s personality. In any case, she would not talk to her unless she took the initiative.

After a long while, Han Qianye asked, “Do you know who the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law of the third episode are?”

Li Xiwu was looking at her phone when she heard Han Qianye’s question. She looked up at her.

Han Qianye pursed her lips. “Is she also a female celebrity this time?”

Li Xiwu said truthfully, “She’s a future female celebrity. She might also be… your future daughter-in-law.”

The smile on Han Qianye’s lips froze. What??? Future daughter-in-law?? What the hell??? Several question marks appeared in Han Qianye’s mind. She asked in confusion, “What do you mean future daughter-in-law?”

Li Xiwu was serious and her tone was steady. “She’s beautiful and has the most disciplined figure I’ve ever seen. Her personality is more extroverted. I think you’ll like her.”

Han Qianye’s chest heaved as she clearly expressed, “Who told you that I like extroverts?” Before Li Xiwu could answer, Han Qianye asked, “Pretty? Can she be as pretty as you? Can a good figure compare to your figure? Why are you so sure that I’ll like her? To tell you the truth, I like your type, the type that would ignore me.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She suppressed a smile. “You haven’t seen her yet. How can you be sure you don’t like her?”

Han Qianye suddenly realized something. “So, this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are actually a combination?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yeah.”

Han Qianye glanced to the side. “Let’s not chat anymore. I don’t like to hear you say this.” Just as she was about to stop chatting, Han Qianye turned her face around again. “Shall we go to the Pei residence for dinner tonight?”

Li Xiwu declined politely. “Fourth Brother asked me to return to Lake Lu.”

Han Qianye was disappointed. “Then come over for dinner tomorrow?”

Li Xiwu did not refuse again, mainly because it was not good to keep rejecting. Anyway, she will talk about tomorrow’s matters tomorrow.

This time, the driver sent Li Xiwu back to Lake Lu before sending Han Qianye back to the Pei residence. She thought Pei Jingzhou was back. In the end, the house was dark and there was no sign of Pei Jingzhou.

She picked up her phone and swiped to Pei Jingzhou’s number. Just as she was about to call him, she suddenly hesitated. She had said that she was coming back, but he wasn’t back now. Did he have a date? Would she ruin his mood by calling?

Li Xiwu put the phone down. Then she went to the bathroom to wash up. Half an hour later, she came out and picked up her phone to see two missed calls. It was all from Chen Xin.

Li Xiwu called back. “Chen Xin, what’s the matter?”

On the other end of the line was Chen Xin’s voice. “Miss Li, have you left Fu Town?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “I just got home.”

Chen Xin was surprised. “You’re already home?”

Li Xiwu was puzzled. “What’s wrong?”

Chen Xin did not hide anything. “Did you tell Secretary Wang today that you’re going to pick President Pei up from work personally in the afternoon? President Pei ended work at four and has been waiting for you in the office. If he doesn’t leave, we won’t dare to get off work.”

Li Xiwu was stunned. She did remember to tell Secretary Wang to remind Pei Jingzhou to rest at four. After all, he was injured and needed a good rest. However, she forgot that she seemed to have casually replied that she was going to the company to pick up Pei Jingzhou!

Li Xiwu, who had not felt guilty for a long time, felt guilty for no reason. She was silent for a moment. “Is—is he really still waiting for me in the office?”

Chen Xin, who wanted to get off work, expressed his desire. “Absolutely. Not only did he wait, but he also waited for hours.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She turned to the cloakroom, saying as she went, “Don’t say I’m back at Lake Lu. Just say I’m on my way over. I’ll be there soon.”

She hung up. Li Xiwu sighed. She had casually said it back then, but Pei Jingzhou actually took it seriously.

Forget it. She’ll pick him up and go home first!

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