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Chapter 12

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Mr. Pei Called

Before Li Xiwu could reply, Han Qianye answered her own question first. “Look at my memory. I forgot that you’ve never cooked at home in the three years you’ve been married. You can’t do these things. I’ll let you try my cooking tonight. Just watch from the side.”

Li Xiwu put the washed mushrooms in a basket to filter the water. “Okay.” She didn’t argue.

Next, Han Qianye began to make preparations. Electromagnetic furnace fire was easy. No questions asked.

Before the pot was hot, Han Qianye began to pour oil into it. She was not sure how much oil she would pour, so she just poured some into it. After all, she did not like to eat dishes with too strong an oil smell.

Li Xiwu saw Han Qianye pick up two eggs and say, “The oil is not…” Hot.

Han Qianye said, “I know.”

She took an egg in each hand and knocked them together. One egg was instantly crushed. The shells fell into the pot of half-warmed oil. The other egg was about to shatter with its egg white stretched out in a straight line. In the end, the egg that was about to shatter was crushed by Han Qianye, causing her hands to be full of it.

Li Xiwu: “…”

Min Hanrong and Tao Jing: “…”

Netizens in the livestream: “…”

Director Gao, who was sitting in front of the monitor, was speechless. There was an ache in his balls!

[I suspect that Li Xiwu’s mother-in-law doesn’t actually cook.]

[Don’t doubt it. She doesn’t know. The oil in the pot isn’t even warm yet. And to make egg and mushroom soup, you have to break up the eggs in a separate bowl before you put them in the pot.]

[What a dark cuisine. Is she going to plate the mushrooms before they’re cooked?]

[I thought there was going to be a cooking competition tonight, but it made me sleepy. (Subway, old man, cell phone)]

[Did anyone notice? Li Xiwu’s mother-in-law is really good. Even if she doesn’t know how to cook, she has to bite the bullet and not let her daughter-in-law work hard. On the other hand, Li Xiwu doesn’t have much to say to her mother-in-law. It seems unnecessary to stay beside her.]

[This wave of goodwill is on the mother-in-law’s side.]

At this moment, Han Qianye was almost flustered in front of the kitchen. As much as she wanted to lift the egg shell from the pan, she was afraid the oil would burn her.

Li Xiwu saw that something was wrong and was about to help, but Han Qianye stopped her. “Don’t come over. Be careful not to get scalded by the oil. I can’t bear to see you get injured.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

It seemed that “I can’t bear to see you XX” was Han Qianye’s catchphrase.

“Turn off the fire first,” Li Xiwu said, lowering her voice.

Han Qianye was flustered. “I know, I know, I know.”

Although she said that she knew, she was actually still confused and even more flustered. After some maneuvering, the pot did not heat up completely and even exhausted Han Qianye. She drew a tissue to dab at the sweat on her head and turned to Li Xiwu with a wry smile. “Dinner will be late tonight.”

Li Xiwu gave her mother-in-law an encouraging smile. “Take your time. There’s no hurry. I’ll stay here with you.”

This was the effect Han Qianye wanted.

At first, Li Xiwu always said that she wanted to help, but she was inadvertently interrupted several times. Lin Yourong told her that she had to show that she doted on her daughter-in-law in the show, and at the same time, she had to portray her daughter-in-law as someone who knew nothing and make the audience think that her daughter-in-law was really useless.

“Right.” Han Qianye remembered her only mission today and reminded Li Xiwu, “Remember to call.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.” She didn’t want to call Pei Jingzhou. But this was a program assignment. She took the phone and unlocked it. Many unread WeChat messages popped up.

After ignoring this information, she opened her contact list and scrolled down a few phone numbers. It was Pei Jingzhou’s number. Without hesitation, she dialed it and pressed the speaker button.

Ten seconds passed. No answer on the other end. Li Xiwu heaved a sigh of relief. Pei Jingzhou should still be busy at this time. It was best not to pick up.

She put the phone down and said, “Fourth Brother is busy.”

In order to avoid Pei Jingzhou’s name being magnified in front of the audience, Li Xiwu used the name that the others around him usually called him—Fourth Brother.

The people in the live broadcast room, as well as the surrounding stagehands and other staff, had all seen it. The phone she had dialed had not been picked up. She also wanted to complete the small task arranged by the show, but she had no choice in this situation.

Han Qianye tried his best to suppress the smile on her face and even comforted Li Xiwu. “He usually leaves early and returns late. He might have a meeting tonight.”

Li Xiwu nodded sensibly. “Fourth Brother has worked hard.”

The two of them were precise and perfect.

[Li Xiwu called her husband Fourth Brother?]

[There’s nothing strange about this form of address. I even call my husband brother. It’s just a local form of address. Perhaps Li Xiwu’s husband only made his fortune in the capital and is really a foreigner.]

[Curiouser and curiouser about who Li Xiwu’s husband is.]

[Li Xiwu married into a wealthy family. Could her husband be an executive of a big company? The annual salary of an executive of a big company in the country is tens of millions.]

[Remind everyone to pay attention to Mother-in-Law Joy’s official Weibo. The official Weibo has already announced that the second season will be the same as the first season. Hubby will appear in the end. We’re looking forward to it.]

Next, Han Qianye showed off her culinary skills that she had learned at the last minute.

The egg and mushroom soup with egg shells had already started to boil. Only then did she remember that she had not added salt. She scooped a spoonful and stirred it inside. The salt had yet to mix in. Han Qianye tasted it and felt that the salt was not enough, so she scooped another two spoonfuls of salt and put it in.

Li Xiwu wanted to stop her, but she stopped herself.

The food was served.

Han Qianye wiped her hands and sat down. She said in embarrassment, “I’m used to using the kitchen stove at home. I’m not very familiar with the kitchen stove here. This is the only dish tonight. Make do with it. I’ll make something even better for you tomorrow.”

“It’s already very good.” Li Xiwu placed her chopsticks together in front of Han Qianye. She was about to start eating when her phone vibrated on the table.

Li Xiwu saw the caller ID and picked up the phone. She pressed the speakerphone button and called out gently, “Fourth Brother.”

Han Qianye, who was about to eat, did not respond when she heard the voice.

Li Xiwu heard Pei Jingzhou’s deep voice. “Turn off the speaker.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She said, “I’m recording a show.”

“I know. Turn it off first.”

“Okay.” She turned off the speakerphone.

[Ahhhhhhh, there’s something we can’t hear!]

[Sister Li’s husband’s voice is so nice. It’s like the voice of a domineering CEO in novels. I hope he doesn’t look like a fat and greasy man.]

[Please, it’s a live broadcast. Maybe he wants a kiss from his wife. Can I pay to listen?]

[Is it possible that Li Xiwu’s husband is also watching the live broadcast? Otherwise, why would he ask Sister Li to turn off the speakerphone?]

Li Xiwu also guessed that Pei Jingzhou was watching the live broadcast. Although they were husband and wife and had seen each other many times, when she thought about how he was watching her live broadcast like hundreds of thousands of netizens, she actually felt a little embarrassed.

She retracted her voice and greeted him normally. “Is Fourth Brother off work?”

There was a hint of a smile in Pei Jingzhou’s voice. “I’m surprised to hear you call me that.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

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