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Chapter 122: 122 Pei Jingzhou Was Afraid Of Losing Her, Hidden Meaning In His Words.

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122 Pei Jingzhou Was Afraid Of Losing Her, Hidden Meaning In His Words.

Han Qianye was relieved. “Alright, sleep early.”

Actually, they were still having dinner, but Li Xiwu didn’t say anything. She nodded and ended the call. She put the phone down. Picking up her chopsticks and preparing to continue eating the noodles, Pei Jingzhou said, “Do you want to go?”

He heard it again! She didn’t even turn on the speakerphone. His hearing was good. Li Xiwu nodded. “Madam Di Xin invited me sincerely. I happen to have time. There’s no harm in going.”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression was calm. “I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

Li Xiwu smiled playfully. “Fourth Brother, are you afraid that Auntie will sell me out?”

“Yes.” Pei Jingzhou followed her words. “I only have one wife. If I lose her, it’ll be difficult to find her again.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t tell the deeper meaning behind these words. She just smiled and continued to chew on the noodles.

The weather the next day was not very good. The fog was heavy, and the air was dry and cold. Pei Jingzhou personally sent Pei You’an to the new school to settle the matter of enrollment while Li Xiwu drove to the company. The moment she entered the office building, greetings rang out in all directions—

“Good morning, Miss Li!”

“Miss Li, you look good today.”

“Miss Li, your hairstyle today is really good. It suits you too well.”

As her position in Hua Guan Media increased, Li Xiwu heard more greetings. These greetings were either from colleagues or employees from other departments. Everyone was on good terms.

Apart from her colleagues and employees from the other departments, the person who greeted her today was also Hua Guan’s number one celebrity, Miao Zhiyi.

Miao Zhiyi had not returned to the company for a long time, but she returned early today. When she saw Li Xiwu coming to the company, she immediately came over to greet her. “Hi, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Back at the office?”

Miao Zhiyi nodded. “Yes, I picked a new drama. We’ve been talking about it recently.”

They walked side by side. Li Xiwu asked casually, “Is it the suspense drama project that Nan Jia started?”

Miao Zhiyi nodded. “The production is with Nan Jia Entertainment. After the previous show aired, Nan Jia’s reputation and results were outstanding. This drama is a new theme that I’ve never tried before. I want to try it.”

Li Xiwu took care of Miao Zhiyi’s ten-centimeter high heels and slowed down. “Are you planning to change style?”

Miao Zhiyi said, “Yes, I have those plans.”

Li Xiwu suggested from her point of view, “Transformation has always been very metaphysical. It’s boring to stay in the comfort circle for too long, and the audience will be aesthetically tired, but remember not to be too anxious when you transition. You have to consider the transition route carefully before choosing the most suitable one for you.”

Miao Zhiyi felt that she had benefited greatly after hearing Li Xiwu’s words.

Taking advantage of this moment, Miao Zhiyi mentioned what happened yesterday. “I watched yesterday’s live broadcast too. It was really shocking!”

At the mention of this, Miao Zhiyi sighed. “I didn’t expect Xie Wen to have experienced so much and been controlled by Chi Xu for so long. After yesterday’s exposure, the entire Internet was shocked. Alright, not only the netizens, but everyone in the industry is also discussing this matter. Everyone is in admiration of you, Miss Li. You risked everything to save Xie Wen.”

Li Xiwu’s expression didn’t change. “I just did what I could. It’s not as exaggerated as the Internet says.”

Miao Zhiyi giggled. “Miss Li, you’re too humble.”

Li Xiwu did not reply.

At this point, the two of them had already taken the elevator upstairs. When they came out of the elevator, Miao Zhiyi took the opportunity to suggest, “Miss Li, I want to treat you to a meal tonight. Do you have time?”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows at this. She suddenly knew Miao Zhiyi’s intention of waiting for her. Talking about transition was not the point. The point was: Eat, take photos, and be on the trending searches. The trending topic #Miao Zhiyi and Li Xiwu have a good relationship #

Miao Zhiyi observed Li Xiwu’s expression. “Before this drama in Nan Jia, the company arranged for a Xianxia drama, but we also have to take care of the newcomers. I’ve discussed it with Sister Xue and decided to choose a drama for the transition. However, this drama doesn’t have much popularity. I just want to give myself some popularity before signing this drama.”

Li Xiwu raised her lips. “So you want to ride on my current popularity?”

Miao Zhiyi was not embarrassed. “Yes, it’s indeed been difficult recently.”

Li Xiwu smiled bitterly. “My popularity is only for a day or two. Why bother?” Although Li Xiwu kindly reminded Miao Zhiyi, it did not mean that she would be such a good person. She reminded her, “Miao Zhiyi, you’re Hua Guan’s number one female celebrity. Don’t lower your status and do things below your status. If you’re tired of being Hua Guan’s number one female celebrity, there are many people who want to replace you.”

Miao Zhiyi was stunned. If what Li Xiwu had just said had benefited her greatly, then Li Xiwu’s words enlightened her.

There had been no exposure recently. She had to take care of the newbies when she took on new dramas. Either that or she had to transition. She was really pressed. She was scurrying around like a headless fly.

“For example, me! I can’t wait to replace you.” Xue Jinzhu’s voice came from the front.

The company heater was on full, and there was no coldness.

Li Xiwu looked up.

Xue Jinzhu, who was walking towards her, was wearing a light yellow dress with a slim waist. Her short boots were ten centimeters tall, and her hair was curled into very charming waves. When she fluffed it up, it made her head look very high.

Xue Jinzhu walked over and held Li Xiwu’s arm intimately. “Miss Li wanted her daughter to be a phoenix. I can’t disappoint you, Miss Li. I’ve been keeping an eye on Hua Guan’s number one position since the day I entered the company. Be careful not to be squeezed out by me.”

Miao Zhiyi laughed. “The new generation surpasses the old. This is inevitable. I’ll naturally be careful.”

Before leaving, Miao Zhiyi said to Li Xiwu, “Thank you, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu raised her lips. “You’re welcome.”

After Miao Zhiyi left, Xue Jinzhu let go and behaved herself. She called out obediently, “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu looked at Xue Jinzhu in confusion. “Wanted my daughter to become a phoenix?”

Xue Jinzhu bit her lip. “I heard that celebrities are all their manager’s children. Because their manager made them famous, it’s equivalent to having another parent. When I’m famous, I’ll call you Mother Li.”

Li Xiwu: “…” There’s no need!

She didn’t respond. She started for the office. When Yuanyuan was free, she would clean her office. It was almost spotless and the furnishings were very neat. As soon as she sat down, Xue Jinzhu walked over in her high heels and leaned over the desk. Li Xiwu looked up and her gaze was filled with those round eyes.

Li Xiwu’s expression froze.

Xue Jinzhu raised her hand to cover her chest in embarrassment. Her palm was only so big, so covering it like this was no different from hugging a pipa. If Li Xiwu was a man, she would definitely not be able to sit still!

Li Xiwu looked away and asked casually, “How’s acting class these days?”

Xue Jinzhu did not dare to lie. “Miss Li, I’m too useless.”

Li Xiwu asked, “What did you do?”

Xue Jinzhu covered her mouth, looking a little embarrassed. “A date.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Xue Jinzhu. For the past two days, Pei Jingzhou had been with her almost all the time. Who was Xue Jinzhu dating?

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