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Chapter 124: 124 This Is Li Xiwu's Blessing

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124 This Is Li Xiwu’s Blessing

Xue Jinzhu wanted to prove that she was not lying. After proving it, Li Xiwu could no longer hold back her expression.

Li Xiwu looked at Xue Jinzhu. “Now, can you let go of my hand?”

“Hehe~” Xue Jinzhu let go of Li Xiwu’s hand.

Li Xiwu looked at her palm, her expression silent. She hadn’t been through this before and tried to maintain a level tone. “No need. I’m sure you’re real from head to toe. No advanced technology.”

Xue Jinzhu pouted. “Actually, not all of it is true.”

Li Xiwu: “?”

Xue Jinzhu pointed at her mouth. “The pouty lips are made, but other than the pouty lips, everything else is real, especially my breasts and buttocks. They’re natural. They can’t be faked. I swear.”

Li Xiwu was speechless. There was no need to swear! While she was stunned, Xue Jinzhu had already twisted her waist and was about to take Li Xiwu’s hand. Li Xiwu was speechless and was about to pull her hand back. At this moment, there was a light cough from the door—


Li Xiwu and Xue Jinzhu looked up at the door. It was Qi Jiangchi. Qi Jiangchi, who was standing at the office door, was looking at this scene in shock. He came down to look for Li Xiwu to see the mother-in-law who was with Xue Jinzhu. When he saw this scene, Qi Jiangchi smiled.

Li Xiwu saw Qi Jiangchi smile and retracted her hand in silence.

Xue Jinzhu twisted her waist. “President Qi, you’re here. My back itched just now. Miss Li was helping me scratch it.”

Qi Jiangchi sneered. “Do you need to twist your waist like a fried dough twist to scratch your back?”

Xue Jinzhu smiled shyly. “Aiya, President Qi, don’t think too much. Miss Li and I are innocent.”

Qi Jiangchi said, “I didn’t say you weren’t innocent.”

Li Xiwu’s face had already darkened. She glared at Xue Jinzhu. “Shut up.”

Xue Jinzhu pouted. “Oh.”

“Get out. I have something to discuss with Miss Li.” Qi Jiangchi put his hands in his pockets and looked at Xue Jinzhu.

Xue Jinzhu puffed out her chest. “Okay.”

When she passed by Qi Jiangchi, Xue Jinzhu puffed out her chest again. Qi Jiangchi pursed his lips and smiled. “Alright, enough.”

Xue Jinzhu bit her lip and pushed Qi Jiangchi’s shoulder. “President Qi, you’re so annoying.”

Qi Jiangchi pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek. “Close the door.”


After the office door closed, Li Xiwu sat down in the boss’s chair and sighed. She looked up at Qi Jiangchi. “President Qi, what’s the matter?”

Qi Jiangchi walked forward and placed his hands on the table. “Miss Li, you’re quite lucky with women,” he teased.

Li Xiwu: “…”

She leaned back. “President Qi, let’s get down to business. My friend asked me out for dinner.”

Qi Jiangchi sneered. “Didn’t you say last time that you’ll cover today’s meal for me?”

Li Xiwu was stunned. “Did I say that?”

Qi Jiangchi said, “Tsk, heartless.”

Li Xiwu looked apologetic. “There have been too many dinners recently. I can’t eat all of them.”

“I can tell.” Qi Jiangchi said with a smile, then took out his phone from his pocket and opened the page. He placed it in front of Li Xiwu. “This is the mother-in-law of Xue Jinzhu.”

Li Xiwu looked at it and frowned. The person who formed the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law group with Xue Jinzhu was actually Tang Xian!

Qi Jiangchi smiled. “Do you think it’s very inappropriate?”

Li Xiwu looked up and her thin lips moved. “The number one embroidery palm in the embroidery world. Why would she agree to go on a variety show?”

Qi Jiangchi said, “Promote Su embroidery.”

Li Xiwu was silent. After a moment of silence, she said, “I heard that Tang Xian likes silence and hates noise. It’s a good thing that she’s willing to accept an invitation to go on a variety show to promote Su embroidery’s culture, but to become Xue Jinzhu’s mother-in-law, I’m afraid…”

Qi Jiangchi finished speaking for Li Xiwu. “I’m afraid Master Tang will be tortured by Xue Jinzhu’s endless and extremely noisy personality until she announces her withdrawal from the variety show in less than two days.”

With that, Qi Jiangchi put away his phone. “Since they’re a combination mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, Master Tang naturally knows. It shouldn’t be a big problem, but you have to make things clear to Xue Jinzhu.”

Li Xiwu was curious. “Since you came to look for me to talk about this, why didn’t you leave Xue Jinzhu behind just now?”

Qi Jiangchi put his hands in his pockets and smiled helplessly. “She’s too noisy. You should take the suffering.”

Li Xiwu choked. At this moment, she could already imagine that after Xue Jinzhu went on Mother-in-Law Joy’s variety show, she would probably cause the entire variety show to be in chaos!!

After dealing with the piled-up work, Li Xiwu told Xue Jinzhu who her mother-in-law was. Xue Jinzhu did not know her at all and was not curious. “I’m not really dating her son. It doesn’t matter who it is.”

Li Xiwu deliberately said, “You have to respect her.”

Xue Jinzhu agreed obediently. “Okay.”

After that, Li Xiwu took the time to drive to the place where Madam Di Xin had arranged to meet for dinner. This place was called Qionglou. She parked the car and sent Pei Jingzhou a location. After two or three seconds, her phone beeped.

Pei Jingzhou replied: [On the way.]

Li Xiwu put away her phone and entered Qionglou. The waiter here was very polite. After asking carefully, he led Li Xiwu to the private room. The waiter opened the door. “This is it, miss.”

Li Xiwu thanked him and went in.

Qionglou was very famous in the capital. In the first ring, it was backed by the CBD. It was a quiet place in the chaos. It was a favorite place for rich and idle people, but its expenses were also shockingly high.

The other party was Madam Di Xin. She had booked the Qionglou to match her identity.

After entering, there was a screen. On the screen were a few vivid red-crowned cranes, corresponding to the name of the private room, [Crane Dance]. The entire private room was ancient, but there was no sign of Han Qianye, Madam Di Xin, or the others.

Li Xiwu thought she was early. Perhaps Madam Di Xin and the others were still on their way to Qionglou. She carefully sized up the displays in the entire private room. The more she looked at some of them, the more she liked them. She wondered if she should go back and change the style of the small courtyard to the style of the Qionglou. Anyway, she would live alone and do whatever she liked.

Just as she was thinking this, someone behind her shouted at her back—

“Little You.”


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