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Chapter 125: 125 An Acquaintance Arrived And Recognized Her, She was Li You.

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125 An Acquaintance Arrived And Recognized Her, She was Li You.

The name Little You was too unfamiliar to Li Xiwu. However, the voice that called out to Little You just now seemed to be very close to her…

She turned. Seeing the person standing there, she addressed seriously, “Madam Di Xin.”

Madam Di Xin seemed to love black. What she was wearing today was extremely similar to what she had worn that day at Lake Roman. It was also a long black knitted dress, but she was not wearing a top hat today. Her silver hair was pulled up high and she looked extremely elegant.

Madam Di Xin raised a smile and walked over. “I’m sorry, Miss Li. I was dazzled just now and saw you as Little You.”

Li Xiwu didn’t mind. Because last time at Lake Roman, Madam Di Xin had said that she looked very much like the daughter of her benefactor. But Li Xiwu was still a little curious. “Do I really look like her?”

Madam Di Xin shook her head kindly. “Not very similar, but your eyes, expressions, frowns, and smiles are very similar. And your figure.”

She was just as tall, even the voice sounded like hers. Although the face was the most similar, the face was the most distinguishable.

Li Xiwu did not know if the benefactor’s daughter was still around. She was afraid that if she was not around, mentioning this person would make Madam Di Xin sad, so she did not say much.

Madam Di Xin Li Xiwu’s hand. “Let’s go in first.”

The two of them walked further in. At this moment, Han Qianye, who was already inside, looked up and waited for Madam Di Xin to bring Li Xiwu in. After waiting for a long time, she did not see anyone. She was a little anxious.

A slender hand reached over and handed Han Qianye a cup of flower tea. “Mrs. Pei, don’t worry.”

Han Qianye took the cup of flower tea but did not drink it. “I’m not worried.”

Yu Hewei smiled faintly. “Worry is written all over your face.”

Han Qianye looked up at the calm Yu Hewei. “Madam Di Xin wants to prove that she didn’t recognize the wrong person. Why don’t you want to prove it?”

Yu Hewei’s gaze faded a little. “I watched your variety show when it was popular in Country T. At first glance, I thought she looked similar, but after watching it a few more times, I realized that she was not Little You. The real Little You is long gone. I’ve already accepted this fact.”

Han Qianye put down the flower tea. “Everyone has accepted this fact. Only Madam Di Xin can’t let go.”

Yu Hewei thought of a certain someone and chuckled. “Isn’t Pei Jingzhou unable to let go? He even found a substitute by his side.”

Han Qianye’s expression changed slightly. If it were before, she would definitely be on the same side as Yu Hewei. Now, she smiled awkwardly. “Actually, Xixi is very good too. Don’t treat her like a substitute.”

Yu Hewei leaned closer to Han Qianye. “Don’t tell me you’ve already accepted this substitute daughter-in-law?”

Han Qianye pursed her lips. “…”

Yu Hewei stood up and went to the fish tank. She nudged the water with her hand. “The living thrive. The dead become more and more blurry in the screen of memories. Pathetic.”

As Li You’s best friend and witness to Li You and Pei Jingzhou’s love, Yu Hewei did not really want Pei Jingzhou to be alone for the rest of his life after Li You passed away. A few years later, he could still meet a girl he liked and walk into his heart again to start a new life.

However, a year after Li You’s death, he quickly found a substitute for her. Because of this, Yu Hewei hated Pei Jingzhou. Later on, she almost never came to China again, nor did she set foot in the capital. If Madam Di Xin hadn’t insisted on coming this time, she wouldn’t have thought of coming back at all.

“Weiwei.” Someone was shouting for her. It was Madam Di Xin’s voice.

Yu Hewei raised her hand, which was stirring the water. Water dripped from her fingertips. She shook her hand gently and turned around. Although she had seen Li Xiwu on television, Yu Hewei could not help but be stunned when she saw Li Xiwu in person. However, she was only stunned for a few seconds.

Yu Hewei immediately walked over.

Li Xiwu had just pulled her hand out of Madam Di Xin’s when she looked up and saw a short-haired woman standing in front of her.

Her short hair was at the neck and brownish-brown. She had Chinese looks and exquisite eyebrows. Her makeup only had long eyeliner and bright red lips. Her beauty was naturally strong, and her facial features were obvious.

The other party was staring at her without blinking. Her gaze was a little rude.

At this moment, Yu Hewei did not know that she had lost her composure. She did not know how to describe her current mood. It was just that her expression, which could not be seen on television, was clearly seen in reality. Her mood was really subtle.

It was no wonder that Madam Di Xin said that she looked very much like Little You. Even she was confused.

“Weiwei.” Madam Di Xin’s voice called Yu Hewei back to her senses. Yu Hewei realized that she had lost her composure and took a few steps back. Madam Di Xin asked Yu Hewei expectantly, “Does she look like her?”

Yu Hewei didn’t know how to answer for a moment, so she said nothing.

Han Qianye walked over quickly and pulled Li Xiwu to her side. She asked, “Are you hungry? Why don’t we not eat?”

Li Xiwu remembered that Pei Jingzhou was still on his way over. “Fourth Brother isn’t here yet. Why don’t we wait for a while?”

Han Qianye asked, “Jingzhou is here too?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes, Fourth Brother is free today.”

Actually, Pei Jingzhou insisted on coming. She thought that since Pei Jingzhou and Madam Di Xin knew each other, if Pei Jingzhou was here, perhaps she could have a quiet lunch.

Yu Hewei suddenly asked, “Pei Jingzhou is here too?”

Speak of the devil! As soon as Yu Hewei finished speaking, Pei Jingzhou arrived.

Yu Hewei looked up and saw that it was really Pei Jingzhou. Her expression was not so good. “If I had known, I wouldn’t have come.”

Pei Jingzhou walked over and glanced at Yu Hewei coldly. “Go ahead.”

Yu Hewei: “…”

Li Xiwu could hear the tension. What did Pei Jingzhou have against this short-haired woman? As she was thinking, Pei Jingzhou held her hand. He looked down at her, and his cold eyes instantly softened. “You just arrived?”

Li Xiwu raised her lips. “Yes, I just arrived a few minutes ago.”

It was time for Madam Di Xin to speak. “Everyone is here. Take your seats. The dishes will be served immediately.”

A few minutes later. The dishes were served one after another. Qionglou’s dishes were very famous. Every dish was very unique.

Li Xiwu saw that her hand was still being held by Pei Jingzhou. She then thought of how they had been holding hands since he came over and sat down. Moreover, they were holding hands very tightly. It was a little like they were deliberately showing off their love, but it was not completely similar.

She tried to pull it out but couldn’t. So she looked up at him. “Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou looked at her quietly. At this moment, the atmosphere at the table was very quiet. Everyone had different thoughts. No one made a sound.

Han Qianye could not sit still. Her gaze darted around and she suddenly noticed a mushroom soup in front of Li Xiwu. She remembered the episode at the inn the day before. Li Xiwu seemed to be allergic to mushrooms?

She still remembered that she had gone to the hospital. Just in case, Han Qianye stood up and took the initiative to move the mushroom soup.

Yu Hewei saw this scene. Her eyebrows twitched and she suddenly asked, “Miss Li doesn’t like mushrooms?”

Han Qianye replied without thinking, “It’s not that she doesn’t like it. She’s allergic to mushrooms.”

With that, Yu Hewei suddenly stood up—

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