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Chapter 127: 127 She Finally Understood Why Pei Jingzhou Did This

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127 She Finally Understood Why Pei Jingzhou Did This

At this point, Yu Hewei’s voice became even hoarse. She almost couldn’t control her emotions. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. She stared at Pei Jingzhou and said word by word, “Li You is allergic to mushrooms. Li You like spicy food the most. These two points are also repeated on Li Xiwu. Is this also a coincidence?”

Faced with Yu Hewei’s question, Pei Jingzhou only replied calmly, “It’s all fake.”

Yu Hewei was stunned. Her eyelids fluttered, and her lips moved repeatedly as if she wanted to say something. “Then she, she, she…”

Pei Jingzhou’s gaze was almost ruthless. “The substitute I personally replicated is naturally the most perfect.”

Yu Hewei: “…”

At that moment, Yu Hewei thought she would really hear that answer, the answer that could make people cry with joy.

But it wasn’t.

However, Yu Hewei was not as disappointed as she had originally thought. She choked on a laugh. “Pei Jingzhou, you’re a heartless person. To be loved by someone like you is definitely an exception. Someone like you… I’ve never been able to figure out how you could bear to let this exception become the past. Now, I understand.”

With that, Yu Hewei turned around and went back.

At this moment, Madam Di Xin had already conveyed her intention to go to Qiang Yue Garden to Li Xiwu. But Li Xiwu declined Madam Di Xin’s invitation. “I’m sorry to disappoint you, Madam Di Xin. I have work to deal with this afternoon.”

Although Li Xiwu had never been to Qiang Yue Garden, she also knew where that was. There was a famous Li Mansion there, and a monument.

Although people could go to Qiang Yue Garden as they pleased, they had to make an appointment in advance to enter the Li Mansion. However, if she went with Madam Di Xin, she could enter without an appointment.

Li Xiwu was not too curious about this place. Moreover, she did have a lot of work to do this afternoon. Besides, Han Qianye did not say that she was going to Qiang Yue Garden on the phone last night. She only said that she was going to eat at Qionglou.

Madam Di Xin was a little disappointed. “Miss Li, are you really not willing to accompany me to the Li Mansion?”

Li Xiwu smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry, Madam Di Xin.”

At this moment, Yu Hewei returned.

Yu Hewei walked over and said, “It’s a pity that Miss Li can’t accompany us to the Li Mansion.”

Pity? Li Xiwu didn’t understand the regret, but she wasn’t curious. Just as she was about to say goodbye to Madam Di Xin, Yu Hewei walked towards her and asked with a steady gaze, “Is your name Li Xiwu now?”

Li Xiwu didn’t sense the targeting, so her attitude was good. “Yes, not only now. I used to be by this name.”

Yu Hewei took a deep breath to calm herself down and make a request. “Can I hug you for a while?”

Li Xiwu was stunned. This request was too sudden. In addition, she was not familiar with the other party, so she would definitely resist from the bottom of her heart.

However, the way Yu Hewei looked at her made Li Xiwu not resist because Yu Hewei’s eyes turned red.

Li Xiwu agreed. “Sure.” It must be that she looked too much like the person called Little You. Madam Di Xin would fall into a daze when she looked at her, and Miss Yu’s eyes would turn red when she looked at her.

Yu Hewei slowly reached out and slowly hugged Li Xiwu. Then, Li Xiwu heard a choked voice after extreme suppression. “You’re back…”

Li Xiwu was stunned. Gradually, her limbs became a little stiff.

On one hand, it was a stranger’s hug. On the other hand, it was Yu Hewei’s words.

—You’re back.

This reminded her of the day she first arrived at the Pei residence. In the darkness, no one could see each other clearly. Only Pei Jingzhou’s words could be heard clearly: You’re back.

Li Xiwu suddenly felt her breath catch. She suddenly felt very uncomfortable. At this moment, Pei Jingzhou forcefully separated the two of them!

Li Xiwu was still a little stunned and looked a little dazed. She could only vaguely feel that she was in Pei Jingzhou’s arms and heard his voice talking to Madam Di Xin. “Thank you for your hospitality today. Goodbye.”

With that, Pei Jingzhou took Li Xiwu away.

Li Xiwu was in a daze. She subconsciously followed Pei Jingzhou because in the current situation, she could only trust him.

Han Qianye wanted to follow, but when she saw Madam Di Xin’s disappointed expression, she could only stay and comfort her. “Xixi is indeed very busy. It will probably take a few hours to go to the Li Mansion. We have to film a variety show tomorrow. She must be anxious to finish her work first. You understand.”

Madam Di Xin looked away. “I understand everything you’re saying, Qianye. I just want to see her more.”

Han Qianye said realistically, “But she’s not Little You.”

“Mrs. Pei, what if she is?” At this moment, Yu Hewei’s words suddenly came.

Han Qianye thought suspiciously. Two hours ago, Yu Hewei had clearly said that she had long accepted the fact that Little You was not around. However, Han Qianye did not persuade her. After all, everyone had their own obsessions. Especially since Yu Hewei and Li You were so close. It was normal for her not to let her go.

Han Qianye did not stay long. She chatted for a while before leaving.

Yu Hewei watched Han Qianye leave. After a long time, she retracted her gaze and turned around. Seeing that Madam Di Xin was looking at her, Yu Hewei smiled. “Have you been waiting for this?”

Madam Di Xin smiled elegantly. “Other than the first time you saw Miss Li, you were distracted. Ever since then, your emotions have been unstable.”

Yu Hewei reached into the fish tank beside her and paddled around. “How is something wrong?”

Madam Di Xin said, “You must have seen something.”

“Yes.” Yu Hewei’s eyes were still red. “Your instincts were right. I’m glad you called me here today. No, I should be glad you insisted on bringing me to the capital this time.”

Madam Di Xin walked over to Yu Hewei and raised her old hand to her cheek. “Is that her?”

Yu Hewei’s voice cracked. “I think so.” After pausing for a few seconds, she composed herself. “Pei Jingzhou found a substitute to keep by his side. I’m both angry and confused. I hate his ruthlessness and his trampling on his relationship with Li You after she passed away… But if she’s Li You, I suddenly understand why Pei Jingzhou did this…”

After saying this, Yu Hewei still couldn’t control her adjusted emotions. She reached out and hugged Madam Di Xin in front of her. “If it’s Li You, how will she face everything that happened back then?”

Madam Di Xin patted Yu Hewei’s back shoulder gently. “Let’s go to the Li Mansion again.”

Yu Hewei choked out a reply. “Okay.”

Li Xiwu left in Pei Jingzhou’s car. And someone would drive the car she’d driven back for her later.

Li Xiwu had been quiet since she got into the car. After an unknown period of time, just as Pei Jingzhou thought that she would not say a word along the way, Li Xiwu suddenly spoke.

She moved her lips and asked in a low voice, “Do Li You and I… really look alike?”

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