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Chapter 132: 132 Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Relationship Breach, Another Crisis

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132 Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law Relationship Breach, Another Crisis

The live broadcast officially started at nine this morning. The live-stream was not warmed up in advance, but as soon as it started, millions of people quickly surged in.

Everyone sat at the dining table. The dining table was filled with breakfast prepared by the production team. It was very sumptuous. Xu Muzhen had been craving it for a long time.

[I’m so happy to see Sister Li early in the morning.]

[I love Li Xiwu the most, and it was because of Li Xiwu that I have been watching the live broadcast on time.]

[Without Xie Wen around, won’t Sister Li be very bored?]

[There’s an online rumor that the first and second episodes of Mother-in-Law Joy’s webcast can’t be broadcast in the end. I’m glad I’m here for every live broadcast.]

[It’s just a rumor. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s probably not far from the truth. But this is good too. Someone like Chi Xu should disappear from the Internet forever. It’s terrifying to see his face.]

[I’m looking forward to this episode’s new mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. I hope they show up soon.]

[The official Weibo account really doesn’t reveal who the new mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are at all. I’m looking forward to it.]

[Every day, I ask, does Li Xiwu cook?]

Li Xiwu also realized that Han Qianye’s attitude towards her had become much colder. For example, just now, when she stood up to get the egg tarts, she also got one for Han Qianye. Han Qianye said calmly, “I don’t eat this.”

Realizing she hadn’t asked first, Li Xiwu took the tart away.

Han Qianye said, “You don’t have to worry about me. Just take care of yourself.”

Li Xiwu remained calm. “Okay.”

Then they didn’t speak again.

Han Qianye did not do anything to attract her attention from time to time or find a topic to ask her anything like before. She was always very quiet. Li Xiwu naturally would not probe further into the reason for Han Qianye’s change in attitude. Because in her opinion, Han Qianye’s current attitude was in line with her original intention.

Min Hanrong watched this scene calmly and recalled her conversation with her husband, Wu Xian, last night.

At that time, she said in a sarcastic and playful tone, “Han Qianye, the person who recorded the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show with me, played a joke on me today. She said that she could change the surname of the richest man in Hong Kong in three days.”

Wu Xian has been busy recently. There was no time to watch the live broadcast at all. It was already very late when he returned home. By then, the live broadcast had already ended. When he heard Min Hanrong’s words, he couldn’t help but laugh. “She’s already so old, yet she can’t control her mouth.”

Min Hanrong couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, I didn’t expect her to make such a joke.” As she spoke, Min Hanrong opened Weibo on her phone. She found the live broadcast of the netizen and showed it to Wu Xian. “This is her son, an executive of R.E. The last time I called you at night, I asked you, but you didn’t watch the live broadcast at that time.”

Wu Xian took the phone. “An executive at R.E. Then I don’t think I remember much.”

Min Hanrong said, “I think the identity of R.E.’s executive is fake. After all, they don’t dare to say anything higher. He’ll be recognized. At a lower level, he’ll be embarrassed. The position of an executive doesn’t sound too high or low.”

As she spoke, Min Hanrong couldn’t help but laugh. “To make the richest man in Hong Kong change his surname in three days. To think she can say that. Hehe…”

Min Hanrong did not hear Wu Xian’s voice for a long time. She looked down and saw that her husband was looking at the live broadcast screen with a serious expression. “Hubby, why aren’t you saying anything? Could he really be an executive of R.E? Or an executive you know?”

Wu Xian stood up and returned the phone to Min Hanrong. Suddenly, he reminded her in a serious tone, “Listen to me. Be polite to her on the show. Don’t provoke her.”

The smile on Min Hanrong’s lips froze. “What?”

Wu Xian’s expression was even more serious than before. “I told you not to provoke her.”

Min Hanrong’s expression changed drastically. “Could it be that Han Qianye’s son’s identity is not an executive of R.E. but another identity?”

Wu Xian nodded solemnly. “He’s not an executive at R.E. at all.”

Min Hanrong asked, “Then his son is?”

Wu Xian only said three words. “His surname is Pei.”

Pei? Min Hanrong did not react for a moment. So what if his surname was Pei? He wasn’t an executive at R.E., but his surname was Pei. Why did her husband look so serious? There had to be something about this identity.

However, who could threaten the identity of the Wu family in Xiangjiang?

Seeing his wife’s puzzled expression, Wu Xian also reacted. He sighed and reminded her, “Have you forgotten that R.E belongs to the Pei Corporation?”

These words suddenly woke up the puzzled Min Hanrong.

Pei Corporation!


When she connected the dots, she immediately understood what he meant.

“Han Qianye’s son is actually… is, is he from the Pei Corporation?” Min Hanrong was clearly shocked because she did not expect it to be the Pei Corporation…

Wu Xian said, “I know your personality. Try to restrain yourself on the show in the future. Don’t really anger her. If Pei Qingji’s methods back then are used to deal with the Wu family now, my entire Wu family will have to bow.”

The Wu family of Xiangjiang was indeed glorious. He had been the richest man in Xiangjiang for twelve years. So far, no one has been able to shake him. But if it was the Pei family, the Wu family indeed did not dare to be arrogant in front of the Pei family.

Min Hanrong still had a lingering fear. “It’s actually the Pei family. No wonder there hasn’t been any discussion about Li Xiwu’s husband’s true identity on the Internet…”

Because all the rumors were dealt with immediately. Ever since she found out about Han Qianye’s husband’s background and came to Fu Town for the third episode, Min Hanrong had restrained herself a lot when she saw Han Qianye again.

At this moment, Min Hanrong took the initiative to find a topic to chat with Han Qianye.

Han Qianye replied casually, looking like she was not in a good mood.

Li Xiwu, on the other hand, replied to Qiao Qiao’s message as she ate her breakfast: [It’s going to be an early departure tomorrow. About a three-hour flight.]

Qiao Qiao replied: [Why so sudden?]

Actually, it was not sudden, because the director had already told her that the place to be transferred tomorrow was Mount Liang, which was a place to do public welfare. The director’s meaning was that there was no need for the guests to worry at all. The production team would arrange everything, and the purpose of doing public welfare was to establish positive energy.

Qiao Qiao: [One episode is three days. Today, you’re in Fu Town. The remaining two days should be in the mountains, right? Will the signal there be bad? Can the live broadcast be maintained?]

Li Xiwu finished reading Qiao Qiao’s WeChat message and slowly typed: [It should be fine. I’ll spend almost the entire day on the road tomorrow. I should be back after doing the public service the day after tomorrow.]

This time, it took Qiao Qiao a while to reply: [Bae, I just checked. It might snow heavily in Mount Liang next week. Be careful! Really! Be careful!]

The words “be careful” were repeated a few times!

Li Xiwu replied with an OKK emoji.

After exiting WeChat, she also went to check the weather forecast for Mount Liang. It will indeed snow within a week, but it should be the day after the show is completed. After all, the production team would also look at the weather in advance. The safety problem shouldn’t be too big.

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