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Chapter 133: 133 Forgot To Read The Script. Exposed!

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133 Forgot To Read The Script. Exposed!

Under the anticipation of millions of online netizens, the third group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law finally arrived at the inn.

Xue Jinzhu came in first. She wasn’t pushing a suitcase. She was only carrying a Chanel’s Timeless handbag. She was wearing a cream-colored fur coat and a pair of small sheepskin boots. Her hair was curly, flirtatious, exquisite, and fashionable.

As soon as she appeared in front of the camera, the netizens in the live-stream exploded—

[F*ck! I was killed by the beauty of the new guest.]

[You don’t even praise such beauty. What are you waiting for?!]

[A plain guest. With Sister’s looks, she can debut.]

[I originally thought that Xie Wen would be replaced by a female celebrity. Although I’m a little disappointed, the female guest is very likable. She’s my type.]

Xue Jinzhu raised her hand to greet everyone. “Hello, I’m Xue Jinzhu.”

They all smiled back.

Min Hanrong pulled open the empty seat beside her. “Miss Xue, come and sit.”

Xue Jinzhu smiled shyly. “Wait a minute. Auntie is still outside.”

[Wow, she’s actually a sweet girl. Her voice is too sweet.]

[Auntie? Why does she call her mother-in-law Auntie? Even if she doesn’t call her Mom, she can call her Mother-in-law.]

[I guess she’s like Fan Ling’s group last season, still dating?]

[I want to see the mother-in-Law. When will the mother-in-Law appear?]

The comments in the live-stream were filled with anticipation and excitement.

Under everyone’s anticipation, Tang Xian walked in.

Tang Xian, who was already in her fifties, took good care of herself in private. Her every frown and smile were filled with a lingering temperament. After entering, Tang Xian nodded politely and greeted, “Hello, everyone.”

Min Hanrong recognized Tang Xian at a glance and stood up. “Master Tang?”

Everyone was stunned when she called her Master Tang.

Min Hanrong stood up and walked towards Tang Xian. She held Tang Xian’s hands affectionately. “Master Tang, I didn’t expect to meet you on the show.”

Tang Xian naturally knew Min Hanrong. She smiled and said, “Hanrong, long time no see.”

Min Hanrong reached out and gently hugged Tang Xian. “It’s been almost half a year since we last met.”

Tang Xian smiled. “I think so.”

[Min Hanrong actually knows the new mother-in-law of Group Three? Who is this mother-in-law?]

[She’s Master Tang! The number one embroidery palm in the embroidery industry! The national inheritor of intangible cultural heritage!]

[Master Tang Xian is a very low-key person in private. She has relatively few interviews. It must have taken a lot of effort to invite Master Tang Xian this time.]

[Wow! The mother-in-law of the third group is so influential?]

[I’m so looking forward to it. The show actually invited Master Tang!]

Min Hanrong pulled Tang Xian over and sat down. Tao Jing considerately pulled open another empty seat. “Miss Xue, sit down.”

Xue Jinzhu thanked her shyly. “Thank you.”

Tao Jing clearly felt that the new third group was easier to get along with than the previous third group.

Moreover, her mother-in-law knew the other party’s mother-in-law in private. This Miss Xue’s personality was also especially good. She decided to build a good relationship with this Miss Xue.

Xue Jinzhu placed the Timeless handbag behind her chair and took off her coat.

The next second, Tao Jing’s eyes widened. “Wow… Miss Xue, your figure… is so good.”

Xue Jinzhu looked very embarrassed at the praise. “It’s alright. I usually pay more attention to my figure management, but it still has a lot to do with being born with it.”

Tao Jing was stunned. Then, she added with a smile, “Yes. Actually, many people with good figures, other than their usual self-restraint and management, the most important reason is their personal physique. No matter how much they eat, they won’t gain weight.”

Xue Jinzhu grinned. “I’m that kind of person. I won’t gain weight even if I eat and drink.”

Tao Jing was speechless. She felt 10,000 points of damage at once…

[At first glance, I felt that Xue Jinzhu’s figure under her coat must be very good. I’m really impressed by my sharp eyes.]

[10,000 critical hits. I’m the kind of physique that will grow fat if I drink too much water.]

[Xue Jinzhu looks like a cute and sweet girl. I’m looking forward to her and Master Tang’s group.]

[I like such sweet and shy girls.]

[The daughter-in-law is a sweet girl, and the mother-in-law is a master of embroidery. This combination is superb.]

[Speaking of which, Master Tang seems to only have one son. I wonder if he’ll be on camera?]

[Hahaha, I’m lucky to meet Master Tang’s son. He’s super handsome! He’s my senior!]

[I’ve also seen Master Tang’s son. He really has the appearance of an immortal! Moreover, he was an influential figure in school in the past. I don’t know what profession he’s in now.]

[Looking at it this way, I feel that Xue Jinzhu and Master Tang’s son are compatible!]

[I used to be a fan of husband and wife, but now I’m fanning boyfriends and girlfriends. I’m so happy.]

Xue Jinzhu’s figure attracted a lot of male fans. Coupled with her shy personality when she first appeared, she was even more likable. Netizens even took a screenshot of Xue Jinzhu’s figure and posted it online.

A topic called #Mother-in-Law Joy’s Third Group New Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law # gradually became popular.

The atmosphere at breakfast was very good.

No one mentioned Xie Wen, who had already left the variety show. Min Hanrong had been chatting with Tang Xian and occasionally mentioned something to Xiang Lan. Han Qianye did not say a word and just ate her breakfast quietly.

Xue Jinzhu stole a glance at Li Xiwu from time to time. Every time Li Xiwu sensed her, she bared her teeth and smiled. Her smile was cute and endearing.

It had to be known that Xue Jinzhu’s face belonged to the charming type. As it was the first day of the variety show today, President Qi had specially reminded her yesterday that she had to be like a proper woman. Therefore, she had put on makeup today and even changed her tone to hide her charm.

At this moment, Min Hanrong suddenly asked her, “Jinzhu, how long have you been with Lanshi?”

The smile on Xue Jinzhu’s lips froze. Lanshi? Who? How long had they been in love? How would she know! Oh no, I forgot to read the script carefully this morning! It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, It’s over…

At this moment, Xue Jinzhu’s mind was filled with the word ‘it’s over’. Although she was embarrassed, she kept a ‘silly and sweet’ smile on her lips.

Fortunately, Tang Xian spoke at this moment and calmly helped Xue Jinzhu out. “Jinzhu is a little shy. Actually, Jinzhu and Lanshi have known each other for seven to eight years. At that time, they met in Country T…”

When she heard about Country T, Li Xiwu, who was quietly eating breakfast, suddenly looked up.

Tang Xian probably didn’t know much about it. She just briefly explained the process of them getting to know each other.

This process was probably: They met in Country T and became colleagues. After getting along, their relationship went further, and they became lovers.

Li Xiwu had never read the scripts of the third group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, so it was difficult for her to judge if what Tang Xian had just said came from the script arrangements of life or the story that really happened to his son.

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