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Chapter 134: 134 Sweet Sister and Cold Beauty's Couple!

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134 Sweet Sister and Cold Beauty’s Couple!

After Tang Xian finished speaking, Xue Jinzhu continued shyly, “Shilan and I…”

Tang Xian interrupted with a smile, “You always like to call Lanshi’s name in reverse.”

Xue Jinzhu almost couldn’t maintain the shyness on her face! It was fine if she didn’t read the script, but even the name she had heard several times just now was reversed. Fortunately, Tang Xian reacted quickly and resolved such a small mistake in a second.

Xue Jinzhu smiled awkwardly at first, then continued in all seriousness, “It’s mainly because Lanshi always goes against me. I’m very angry. When I’m angry, I call his name in reverse. It’s easy to call him that.”

Tang Xian smiled kindly. “Then why didn’t you tell me? I’ll deal with him.”

Xue Jinzhu continued, “Alright, if Lanshi goes against me again, I’ll complain to you immediately.”

The atmosphere was harmonious, and there were no loopholes at all. Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. She had also been worried for Xue Jinzhu just now. Fortunately, Tang Xian reacted quickly.

[Xue Jinzhu is so cute when she’s shy.]

[It’s already polite to call his name backwards. Every time my boyfriend goes against me, I’ll kick him directly. After kicking him, I’ll scold him for being a fool!]

[I feel that Tang Xian will definitely be a good mother-in-law. Embroidery tests patience the most. Patient people have good tempers.]

[When Xue Jinzhu was too embarrassed to say it just now, Tang Xian immediately helped her out.]

[Senior Lanshi is also very outstanding, and he’s very accomplished now! Our teacher will always mention him as our role model. Looking at it this way, I feel that Senior Lanshi and Xue Jinzhu are very compatible.]

[Perhaps after the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show ends, Xue Jinzhu will become an official daughter-in-law.]

[I only know that Senior Lanshi is obsessed with devoting himself to the country. I really hope Senior Lanshi will also participate in this variety show. Hahaha.]

Tang Xian’s son, Gu Lanshi, did not have any relevant information online. The only photo or two that could be found online were blurry photos taken on the wall of the school photo.

However, anyone who knew Tang Xian would know that she had an outstanding son called Gu Lanshi.

After breakfast, Li Xiwu helped clear the dishes.

Xue Jinzhu sat still. She never did this, but at this moment, she suddenly remembered President Qi’s instructions: Behave, be diligent, and be quiet! On the first day of filming, she had been obedient and quiet. Although the meaning was similar, her diligence had yet to show. So she quickly got up and ‘diligently’ went to help.

“Miss Li, let me take this.” Xue Jinzhu reached over first and picked up the plate. When Li Xiwu looked at Xue Jinzhu, she would smile sweetly.

Li Xiwu said, “Miss Xue…”

Xue Jinzhu smiled obediently. “It sounds too unfamiliar to call me that. We’re going to record a show together next. Miss Li, just call me Jinzhu.”

Li Xiwu said, “Xue Jinzhu.”

Xue Jinzhu smiled brightly. “Yes, Miss Li, you’re so beautiful today. Oh right, I forgot to tell you that I’m your fan.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

[Hahaha, Xue Jinzhu, this little cutie, making Sister Li speechless.]

[Help, I realized that I like Xue Jinzhu so much!]

[Let me tell everyone secretly. Actually, the CP between Sweet Sister and Cold Beauty can also be done!]

[I still remember that when Mother-in-Law Joy first started broadcasting, only Xu Muzhen’s personality was a little more open. Now that there’s Xue Jinzhu, my appetizer variety show has become even more interesting.]

There were no missions scheduled in the morning.

Today’s main mission was in the afternoon.

Because the third group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were new and were not familiar with the environment in Fu Town, the other mother-in-laws and daughter-in-laws would bring the two of them to familiarize themselves with the surroundings.

Xue Jinzhu took the initiative to ask, “Miss Li, can I trouble you to bring Auntie Tang and me outside to familiarize ourselves with the environment?”

Before Li Xiwu could agree, Min Hanrong smiled and suggested, “I’ll do it.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and looked as usual. “It’s better like that since Aunt Min and Aunt Tang know each other.”

Tang Xian had nothing to say. Anyone could take care of her. Xue Jinzhu naturally only wanted Li Xiwu and almost retorted. President Qi’s instructions flashed through her mind, but she obediently suppressed her retort.

In the end, the four of them,

Xue Jinzhu, Tang Xian, Min Hanrong, and Tao Jing, left. Originally, Tao Jing did not have to go, but Min Hanrong pulled her away, leaving only Group Two and Group Four in the inn.

Xiang Lan sat on the sofa and read.

Han Qianye pulled out a book and sat down beside Xiang Lan. The two of them read and discussed health issues from time to time.

[I’m not used to Han Qianye suddenly being so quiet.]

[Did everyone notice? Brainless isn’t too happy today.]

[When Xiang Lan said that she was taking care of her health, I realized that Han Qianye actually didn’t listen at all.]

[According to the official Weibo, the plant expert, Miss Cheng, will appear on the show today?]

[Wow, I’m looking forward to it.]

Xu Muzhen was really an active person, so she naturally could not calm down and read. She spun outside and suddenly shouted, “I saw a lynx!”

Xiang Lan and Han Qianye stood up at the same time and put down their books. Then, they walked out together. When the two of them came out, the lynx was already gone.

Han Qianye asked, “Where’s the lynx?”

Xu Muzhen spread her hands. “I shouted too loudly and scared it away.”

Xiang Lan smiled. “Most probably because of the new guests. The lynx is here to watch the show.”

Xu Muzhen agreed with her mother-in-law. “I think so too.”

At this moment, Li Xiwu returned with a basket of hawthorn. Xiang Lan asked, “Xiwu, why did you pick so many hawthorns?”

Li Xiwu was walking up the steps when she replied, “I promised Muzhen this morning to make a few sticks of candied hawthorn.”

Xu Muzhen smiled until her teeth were visible. “That hawthorn is too sour to eat directly. At that time, I casually said that it would be good if it could be made into candied hawthorn. Guess what happened? Heh, Sister Li knows how to make it!”

At this moment, Li Xiwu had already walked up from the bottom of the steps.

Xiang Lan asked in surprise, “Xiwu, you even know how to make candied haws?”

Li Xiwu really didn’t know how to respond. The main thing was that the cooking of the candied hawthorn was really very simple. There were a few steps, and it was as easy as cooking. Her expression was as usual. “Auntie Xiang, do you want some?”

Although Xiang Lan paid attention to her diet, she could never refuse food like candied hawthorn. She nodded first and said, “I’ll learn from you.”

Xu Muzhen raised her hand. “I want to learn too. After I learn to make candied hawthorn, I make some for Liang Sheng, haha.”

Li Xiwu smiled and replied, “Okay.”

Only Han Qianye did not speak.

It was indeed very simple to make candied hawthorn. The two most important ingredients, hawthorn and rock sugar, were enough. This was the most basic and simple method. If she made it herself, she could add some filling.


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