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Chapter 135: 135 Han Qianye Slapping Her Own Face!

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135 Han Qianye Slapping Her Own Face!

Han Qianye did not intend to join in the fun. She returned to the sofa and sat down to continue reading. In the end, she became even more frustrated as she read. She could not control her feet at all and moved to the kitchen.

At this moment, the live broadcast camera was facing Li Xiwu.

Based on the combined experience of the previous two episodes, they knew that Li Xiwu was about to show off her skills. They quickly took out their notebook and began to record the process—

[The candied hawthorn method is too simple. I won’t record it in a small notebook. I’ll record the screen directly.]

[Li Xiwu is too omnipotent. She can really cook.]

[Best friends should find someone like Li Xiwu. They have to marry someone like Li Xiwu.]

[Looking at Sister Li’s skilled technique, I unknowingly thought of Mother Dragon again.]

Li Xiwu’s rock sugar candied hawthorn had red bean paste filling in the middle.

Because there were not many hawthorns, in order to ensure that everyone could eat candied hawthorn, there were only two candied hawthorns in each skewer.

After washing the hawthorn, she cut it open and removed the core. Then, she filled the middle of the hawthorn with the mashed red bean paste filling. Finally, she put them together and strung them on a bamboo skewer.

The rock sugar was heated in the pot with water in a ratio of 1:1. When the rock sugar fused with the water and the concentration deepened, they could put the skewered candied hawthorn in the pot and roll it around to ensure that every candied hawthorn was wrapped in rock sugar before picking it up.

She made a skewer and placed it on the chopping board beside her. In the end, she made a total of ten sticks of candied hawthorn.

Xu Muzhen had been drooling from watching for a long time. She reached out to take it.

Li Xiwu stopped her. “Wait!”

Xu Muzhen’s outstretched hand paused. “Isn’t it done?”

Li Xiwu explained, “The rock sugar hasn’t solidified yet. It has to cool for a few minutes. When it’s cool, every bite will be crisp.”

Xu Muzhen retracted her outstretched hand and scratched her ear. “I’m too greedy.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and smiled. After skewering the last candied hawthorn, she skewered it with a bamboo skewer. After wrapping it in the rock sugar in the sugar pot, she held the bamboo skewer and rubbed it in her palm.

The moment the icing spread, it turned into silk and crisscrossed the candied hawthorn. In an instant, it became a thready candied hawthorn.

Li Xiwu handed the thready candied hawthorn to Xu Muzhen. “This doesn’t have to be cold. You can eat it directly.”

Xu Muzhen’s eyes widened. “Miss Li…”

Li Xiwu’s smile was gentle. “Take it.”

Xu Muzhen was flattered and stretched out her hands to take it. To be honest, Xu Muzhen was so touched that she didn’t know what to say. When she casually said that she wanted to eat candied hawthorn, Sister Li really made it. She was too greedy and anxious to eat it, so Sister Li made the last candied hawthorn into a thready candied hawthorn for her.

Sister Li was really too good. She was not only good to Xie Wen, but to everyone else.

[Sister Li is always the best!]

[This is why Li Xiwu has gained a lot of female fans this time. Whether she has a friendship with her or not, she will treat you sincerely.]

[Sister Li is just warming up slowly. Actually, she’s good to everyone. She’s just used to doing it silently.]

[Xu Muzhen is dumbfounded. If it were me, I would cry too. Sister Li is really too good.]

[I really want to eat a bite of Sister Li’s candied hawthorn.]

[Speaking of which, is there anything Li Xiwu doesn’t know!]

[Fourth Brother is in danger. Sister Li is being targeted by the entire Internet, and it doesn’t matter if she’s male or female.]

Xu Muzhen took a bite of the thready candied hawthorn. The expression on her face spread visibly.

Li Xiwu asked, “How is it? More sour or sweet?”

Xu Muzhen’s face was filled with happiness. “It’s sour and sweet. It’s just right.”

Li Xiwu said, “Just right?”

Xu Muzhen nodded. “Yes, yes.”

Han Qianye, who had been silent at the side, looked at the skewers of sparkling candied hawthorn and swallowed. She wondered if it was really that delicious. It was just candied hawthorn. It was sweet on the outside and sour on the inside. In any case, it tasted the same.

No, no, not a bite. She wouldn’t eat it unless Li Xiwu gave it to her herself.

The heat in the inn was very strong, so it would take longer for the rock sugar to solidify. Li Xiwu saw that Xu Muzhen was really craving for it, so she took the candied hawthorn outside the inn.

Xu Muzhen stayed by her side.

Counting that it was about time, Xu Muzhen quickly asked, “Can we eat now?”

Li Xiwu looked at it too. “It’s ready to eat.”

Xu Muzhen smiled like a child. She picked up a skewer of candied hawthorn and stuffed it into her mouth. She took it one at a time with a very satisfied expression.

While she was eating, Xu Muzhen did not forget to get a skewer for her mother-in-law. Seeing that Auntie Han and her mother-in-law were sitting together, Xu Muzhen took two skewers in. “Mom, Sister Li’s candied haws could be eaten.”

Xiang Lan quickly put down the book in her hand and stood up to take the stick of candied hawthorn. She praised sincerely, “The color is so beautiful.”

Xu Muzhen still had more than half a candied hawthorn in her cheek. She said incoherently, “Not only is the color good, but it’s also delicious.” With that, Xu Muzhen handed the other skewer to Han Qianye. “Auntie Han, this is for you.”

Han Qianye looked at the skewer of beautiful candied haws in Xu Muzhen’s hand and swallowed silently. She said stubbornly, “I don’t like sweet things.”

Xu Muzhen’s moving cheeks suddenly stopped. She looked at Han Qianye and asked in a muffled voice, “Auntie Han, don’t you eat candied hawthorn?”

Han Qianye looked away from the stick of candied hawthorn and said firmly, “You can eat it. I don’t eat sweet things.”

Xu Muzhen retracted her hand. “Then… I won’t stand on ceremony.”

Han Qianye nodded.

Xu Muzhen ran outside. “Sister Li, your mother-in-law doesn’t eat sweet things. She said that she gave me this stick of candied hawthorn.”

Li Xiwu said, “There’s plenty of candied hawthorn. We’ll make more if it’s not enough. There’s still hawthorn on the tree. There will be enough.”

Xu Muzhen couldn’t stop smiling. She puffed out her cheeks and said, “Thank you, Sister Li.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. As she smiled, the smile on her lips slowly faded. She remembered that after spending some time with Han Qianye, it was true that Han Qianye could not eat spicy food, but Han Qianye liked sweet food…

With that in mind, Li Xiwu took a stick of candied hawthorn in.

Han Qianye had noticed it from the corner of her eye when Li Xiwu came in with the candied hawthorn. She pretended to be reading seriously, but she did not read a word in the entire book. Until Li Xiwu walked to her and handed her the candied hawthorn. “The candied hawthorn is ready, Mom. Do you want some?”

Han Qianye’s heart trembled when she called her Mom. She straightened and glanced sideways at Li Xiwu. “For me?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yeah.”

Han Qianye pretended to be serious. “I didn’t want to eat it at first. I get sick of sweet food when I see it. Since you’ve brought it over, I’ll try one.”

Li Xiwu suppressed a smile.

Just as Han Qianye was about to take the stick of candied hawthorn, a hand suddenly reached over and took the stick of candied hawthorn from Li Xiwu’s hand.

Han Qianye: “?”

The person who took the candied hawthorn was Xue Jinzhu, who had just returned.

At this moment, Xue Jinzhu held the skewer of candied hawthorn and tilted her head to lean on Li Xiwu’s shoulder. Her voice was delicate and soft. “Wow, I have candied hawthorn to eat as soon as I come back. That’s great. Thank you, Sister Li ~”

With that, Xue Jinzhu looked at Han Qianye and blinked her innocent eyes. “Auntie, I really want to eat candied haws. You won’t be angry if you give me this stick, right?”

Han Qianye’s face turned green!

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