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Chapter 137: 137 The Talented Li Xiwu

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137 The Talented Li Xiwu

Xue Jinzhu felt that Auntie Tang was elegant and beautiful, and her son’s looks should not be bad, right? After seeing Gu Lan’s photo, it actually exceeded her expectations! It wasn’t that he was too ugly to look at, but…

“Damn! Auntie Tang, is this really your son?” Even Xue Jinzhu, who was used to seeing all kinds of handsome men, could not help but be shocked when she saw Gu Lanshi’s photo.

He was too handsome!

Tang Xian was very proud to see Xue Jinzhu’s reaction. As a mother, her son was shockingly handsome. She would definitely feel a little proud.

Tang Xian said, “Yes, he’s my son, Gu Lanshi.”

Xue Jinzhu took the phone from Tang Xian’s hand and stared at the person in the photo carefully. As she looked at it, she accidentally became infatuated. “Damn, Auntie Tang, your son is so handsome.”

It was said that photos were always better-looking than the real person! However, Xue Jinzhu felt that Gu Lanshi must be the same type as the photo.

She thought so profoundly.

At this moment, Tang Xian said, “That’s a photo of Lanshi in high school.”

Xue Jinzhu: “?”

A high school photo?

Seeing Xue Jinzhu’s stunned expression, Tang Xian thought that she was doubting the authenticity of the photo. “Lanshi doesn’t like to take photos. This is the only photo of him in my phone. If you don’t believe me, you can search online. There’s only this one online.”

Xue Jinzhu silently handed the phone back to Tang Xian and said in a very honest tone, “In high school, his looks were relatively inexperienced and tender. It’s understandable that he’s good-looking, but your son graduated many years ago, right? After experiencing the baptism and destruction of society, he might already be Mediterranean.”

Tang Xian: “…”

Although Tang Xian wanted to say that her son was even more handsome than before, she knew that Xue Jinzhu would not believe her, so she simply stopped talking.

The mother and daughter-in-law returned to the camera.

Tang Xian began to choose the ingredients for lunch today. Xue Jinzhu was originally following behind Tang Xian. She looked up and saw Li Xiwu choosing ingredients. She immediately turned around and went to Li Xiwu.

“Sister Li, what are you planning to cook for lunch today?” Xue Jinzhu leaned over and asked.

Li Xiwu glanced at the many ingredients in front of her. “I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Xue Jinzhu began to guess. “Is it boiled meat slices or stir-fried beef? Hmm…” Xue Jinzhu’s eyes darted around. “Is it Caz Crispy Chicken Cutlet or Dried Pot Chicken Wings?”

Li Xiwu suppressed a smile. “Is this all you want to eat?”

Xue Jinzhu giggled. “Do I have it if I want to eat it?”

Li Xiwu was calm. “No.”

The smile on Xue Jinzhu’s face disappeared and she said seriously, “Wow, I’m also very happy to be rejected by Sister Li.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

Li Xiwu was not annoyed by Xue Jinzhu’s various closenesses. This was because she knew Xue Jinzhu’s personality and knew that she did not have any bad intentions. She was just a chatterbox and could not control her mouth at all.

No wonder President Qi found her noisy.

Min Hanrong chose a piece of brisket among the many ingredients and planned to make a tomato stewed brisket. She learned this dish at the last minute yesterday. She had learned 70 to 80% of it and could barely take it out.

Tao Jing couldn’t do anything complicated, so she chose broccoli.

Xiang Lan chose a bass and prepared to steam it. The meat of the bass was fresh and tender, and it had few thorns. It was most suitable for steamed fish.

Xu Muzhen chose the only shredded potato she knew, but it wasn’t very good to cut it, so Xiang Lan helped.

Tang Xian’s culinary skills were very good. She made braised sliced pork with preserved mustard vegetable, which was considered a big dish.

Xue Jinzhu chose red date steamed pumpkin. Actually, she did not choose it herself. Tang Xian chose it for her and would teach her how to do it. There was basically no need for any technique.

Finally, it was Han Qianye and Li Xiwu.

Han Qianye did not have any culinary skills, so she randomly chose two cucumbers and planned to make a cucumber salad. Although it was too simple, she really did not know how to make other dishes. The mushroom egg soup last time was terrible, and she was still traumatized.

[I’m looking forward to Master Tang showing off her skills!]

[I didn’t expect Master Tang to be able to hold an embroidery needle and cook.]

[Min Hanrong has greatly improved this episode. Haha, it was too plain last time. She must have practiced it secretly when she went back.]

[I can tell that Miss Pig doesn’t know anything, but she’s so obedient. She’ll do whatever Tang Xian says.]

[Cucumber salad hahahahaha… Brainless is starting to show off again.]

[It’s fine. Unhappy will help Brainless win a round!]

[I’m looking forward to Sister Li choosing what ingredients to make.]

Under the anticipation of millions of netizens in the live-stream, Li Xiwu chose a piece of tofu among the many ingredients.

Yes, tofu!

[Ah? Li Xiwu is making tofu again?]

[If she hadn’t made a table full of dishes last time, I would have thought that she only knew how to make Mapo Tofu.]

[What’s so good about tofu? Sister Li, change the dish.]

[I feel that tofu tastes the same no matter how it’s made, except Mapo Tofu.]

[If she makes another Mapo Tofu this time, I’ll like it too. I’ll like anything Sister Li does. I’m Sister Li’s die-hard fan.]

After Li Xiwu took a piece of tofu, she sliced it, blanched it, and added salt. After draining it, she placed it in the fridge. Then she mixed the sauce. The sauce was more meticulous. She added it bit by bit, but it didn’t take long. The sauce was ready quickly.

It was so simple that it was done in one go. Because she could not participate in other people’s dishes, Li Xiwu had nothing to do after doing her own thing. Therefore, when everyone was busy, only Li Xiwu was idle.

Han Qianye’s cucumber salad was also ready. She was the second guest to finish cooking after Li Xiwu.

Xiang Lan noticed. “Qianye, is your cucumber salad ready?”

Han Qianye looked at the beautiful cucumber salad in front of her and felt a sense of accomplishment. “It’s done.”

Xu Muzhen looked over. “Wow, it’s crisp and delicious.”

Min Hanrong also came over to interfere. “Qianye, this cucumber salad you made is very standard.”

The smile on Han Qianye’s lips disappeared. Min Hanrong did not want to imply Han Qianye. She was just praising her forcefully, but the outcome was very awkward, as if she was watching a joke, although she was indeed watching a joke.

“Where’s Xiwu?” Min Hanrong asked, “I saw Xiwu take a piece of tofu just now. Is Xiwu planning to make Mapo Tofu again?”

Han Qianye shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Han Qianye really did not know. She did not pay attention to what Li Xiwu was doing just now, nor did she look. Other mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would exchange a few words, but she and Li Xiwu were like two complete strangers.

Around twelve-thirty, all the dishes were served. Every dish was served on the dining table one after another. Pork brisket with tomatoes, steamed bass, braised pork with preserved vegetables, cucumber salad, shredded potatoes, blanched broccoli, steamed pumpkin with red dates, and white tofu.

The table was full and very rich.

Everyone looked at the white tofu Li Xiwu had made and was a little surprised. They had thought that Li Xiwu would take the opportunity to show off her skills and crush everyone, but she had made the most vegetarian white tofu.

No, this white tofu was equivalent to not being made. It had just been taken out of the fridge. After setting it up, there was a plate of sauce.

Seeing this, the netizens were greatly disappointed!


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