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Chapter 138: 138 Surprise Everyone Again! Form Is The Most Important!

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138 Surprise Everyone Again! Form Is The Most Important!

[The higher the expectations, the greater the disappointment!]

[I thought Li Xiwu was brewing and waiting for everyone to be ready before showing off. In the end… that’s it?]

[Is Sister Li in a bad mood today? Brainless beside her doesn’t look like she’s in a good mood today.]

[Did the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law quarrel?]

[Sister Li, you can’t be like your mother-in-law. This white tofu is really…]

[Although I like Sister Li very much, Sister Li’s perfunctory attitude is… indescribable.]

Many netizens were complaining about Li Xiwu’s lousy performance today. She clearly did not show off her good culinary skills, but in the end, she only made plain tofu.

Even Han Qianye was very surprised. She looked up at Li Xiwu and saw her sitting down calmly. When she sensed her gaze, she looked up at her and smiled without saying anything.

Xue Jinzhu pulled out the seat beside Li Xiwu and sat down. “Sister Li, I’ll sit with you.”

Li Xiwu said, “Whatever.”

Han Qianye could not understand what Li Xiwu was thinking. She pulled out the seat beside her and sat down quietly.

The two most outstanding dishes on the dining table today were Min Hanrong’s stewed beef brisket with tomatoes and Tang Xian’s braised pork with preserved vegetables.

Min Hanrong asked Tang Xian about the way to make braised pork with preserved vegetables. Just now, everyone was doing their own things, so they did not see Tang Xian make pork with preserved vegetables.

Tang Xian generously explained the tutorial method. Everyone was listening carefully. The sensible netizens had already started recording.

During the meal, because no one liked to eat white tofu, there were no two people to pick up the white tofu slices Li Xiwu made. However, in order to give them face, they each picked up a piece.

“Hiss…” Min Hanrong took a bite of the white tofu slice and asked Li Xiwu, “Xiwu, why is this tofu a little cold?”

Li Xiwu answered, “Just got it out of the fridge.”

Min Hanrong stopped eating and placed the remaining tofu slices aside. “It’s not good to eat something too cold in this weather.”

Tang Xian added, “Just eat less. Besides, you probably didn’t dip it in the sauce just now.”

Not only did Min Hanrong not dip the tofu slices in the sauce, but no one else did. Li Xiwu said at the right moment, “The white tofu is indeed tasteless. It will taste a little better with a little sauce.”

Only then did everyone dip the sauce again.

Xue Jinzhu picked up a piece of tofu and waved it over her chopsticks. The tofu slice was very tender, but it would not spread. When cooking, the heat was controlled well and was more tenacious. She dipped it in the sauce and placed it in her mouth. Then, her eyes slowly widened. “Wow…”

Everyone looked at Xue Jinzhu, who suddenly exclaimed.

Tang Xian asked with a smile, “Is the Qianye Ice Tofu dipped in sauce delicious?”

Everyone was stunned, especially Han Qianye. At first, no one cared what the name of Li Xiwu’s white tofu was. They only felt that it was a white tofu slice that was too light and did not have much of an appetite.

Xue Jinzhu asked in surprise, “This dish is called Qianye Ice Tofu?”

Tang Xian nodded. “Yes.”

Xue Jinzhu finished a piece and picked up another piece to dip in the sauce. “This sauce is so delicious.”

“Of course it’ll be good, because the point of this dish is that the sauce is well mixed.” Tang Xian was knowledgeable. She had known which dish it was since Li Xiwu cut the tofu, blanched it, and put it in the fridge.

The others also tasted the tofu slices dipped in sauce.

Xu Muzhen was very surprised. “Wow, the cold tofu slices are mixed with the sweetness and spiciness of the sauce. It tastes amazing.”

Xiang Lan was also stunned. “It’s indeed delicious.”

Tao Jing praised, “Last time, what stunned me was Mapo Tofu with an alluring color. This time, it’s Qianye Ice Tofu. It’s all tofu. There are two completely different flavors.”

At first, Min Hanrong felt that the white tofu slice was too cold after tasting it. She picked up another piece and dipped it in the sauce before putting it in her mouth. She was immediately surprised. This taste was indeed stunning.

How was this sauce mixed? The coldness fused with the sauce and the taste became very good! This was an unexpected method!

Tang Xian called out, “Xiwu.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Tang Xian, who was calling her.

Tang Xian said, “Before I came to the show, I also watched the live broadcast. Everyone knows how good your culinary skills are. Actually, I know you deliberately restrained yourself today just to give me the limelight.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “I just couldn’t think of anything good to do, so I made a random dish.”

“Random?” Xue Jinzhu smiled. “Qianye Ice Tofu. At first glance, I thought this was a dish for Auntie Han.”

Han Qianye, who was suddenly called out, was still stunned and looked a little dazed.

Tang Xian was also smiling. “Those who know are wise. Xiwu is thoughtful at every step.”

[Your words woke me up! Damn, Sister Li is awesome!]

[Ahhhh, Unhappy is coaxing Brainless!]

[Qianye Ice Tofu, hahaha. That’s too thoughtful. Brainless, hurry up and be happy.]

[I originally thought that Sister Li was a little too arrogant today, but in the end, I was too narrow-minded.]

[Li Xiwu really surprises people every time.]

[As the inheritor of embroidery’s intangible cultural heritage, Tang Xian is also a respected figure. Li Xiwu is so broad-minded.]

[If it were me, I would definitely show off my skills today. No one can compare to me! Hahaha, someone save my EQ!]

[Li Xiwu is really amazing. Not only is she good-looking, but she also has culinary skills. Not only is she good at work, but she also has a high EQ!]

[Who doesn’t want a friend like Li Xiwu?]

[Be bold. I want to have a mother like Li Xiwu. In the future, I’ll wear her photo around my neck wherever I go. I’ll say to everyone that this is my mother!]

Han Qianye also tasted a piece of white tofu dipped in sauce.

The tofu slices were neither thin nor thick. They did not spread easily when picked up, and there were no obvious characteristics. However, after dipping them in the sauce, the taste was really stunning.

As she ate, her emotions gradually became complicated. She wondered if she’d overdone it today.

After dinner.

Taking advantage of the lunch break, Han Qianye found an opportunity to talk to Li Xiwu. “Um… today’s Qianye Ice Tofu is alright.”

Li Xiwu explained with a calm expression, “Actually, that dish is called Iced Tofu. It doesn’t have the word Qianye.”

Han Qianye was stunned.

Seeing that Han Qianye’s expression was getting more and more disappointed, Li Xiwu added, “Auntie Tang is from the north. This tofu stacking method is called the Qianye Stacking Method in the north, so it can also be called Qianye Ice Tofu.”

The tofu slices were stacked, and they were stacked irregularly. There was indeed such a method in the north. Li Xiwu did not spout nonsense to please Han Qianye.

Han Qianye was a little discouraged. “Oh, I’ll go back to my room to rest.”

Li Xiwu stopped her. “Auntie.”

Han Qianye said gloomily, “Huh?”

Li Xiwu said, “We’re going to change the venue for tomorrow’s recording. We’re going to Mount Liang to do a public service. I’ll tell you in advance so that you can be mentally prepared. It’ll snow heavily there soon.”

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