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Chapter 139: 139 Li Xiwu's Speculation Was Too Awesome!

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139 Li Xiwu’s Speculation Was Too Awesome!

“Mount Liang? Doing charity work? Wouldn’t that be far away? In the mountains?”

Four consecutive questions blurted out.

Li Xiwu replied with one word in general. “Yes.”

Han Qianye turned around and came back. “Is the mountain area difficult?”

Li Xiwu answered truthfully. “A little.”

Han Qianye asked, “How much is a little?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and said in a calm voice, “The production team won’t arrange a particularly difficult place. You can rest assured about that.”

It seemed easier to accept this answer than to be precise.

Han Qianye nodded. “I’ll be mentally prepared.” And with that, Han Qianye looked up at Li Xiwu again and let go of the words she was holding back. “Remember to bring two more thick clothes.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “I know.”

This afternoon’s mission was to enter the mountain to find Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu. With the help of Cheng Zhongqing or Du Xu, they would successfully find a Grade 1 rare protected plant and record it.


Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu, the two plant experts, were in a corner of the mountain. When the four groups of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law set off, they went their separate ways. It depended on which group was the luckiest to meet these two experts first.

If they did not meet Cheng Zhongqing or Du Xu, today’s mission would be very difficult to complete. Because rare protected plants were harder to identify than wild protected animals.

On the way out, Li Xiwu carried a small basket. Han Qianye put on her hat and asked, “Then what should I carry?”

Li Xiwu said, “Just carry your mission forward.”

Han Qianye couldn’t help but laugh.

Li Xiwu’s expression was normal. “Everyone can tell that you’re in a bad mood today.”

Han Qianye was stunned. “So you don’t know why I’m in a bad mood?”

This time, it was Li Xiwu who was slightly stunned.

Han Qianye knew from Li Xiwu’s expression that she had been in a show alone. She had originally thought that the Qianye Ice Tofu was just something Li Xiwu was unwilling to admit to making for her.

Now she believed it.

That was just ice tofu. It really had nothing to do with her.

The way into the mountains was easy. Even if they took a fork, the cameraman and the other staff would quietly warn them. The entire recording process went very smoothly.

Han Qianye felt hot and wanted to take off her coat.

Li Xiwu walked behind and reminded Han Qianye when she saw that she was about to take it off, “Be careful not to catch a cold.”

Han Qianye quietly and obediently gathered her coat. After walking for a while, Han Qianye casually said that she was thirsty. As soon as she finished speaking, Li Xiwu handed her a bottle of mineral water. “Here.”

Han Qianye was stunned when she saw the bottle of mineral water Li Xiwu handed her. “You brought it?”

Li Xiwu nodded.

Han Qianye held the mineral water and did not unscrew it to drink. “Is there anything else?”

Li Xiwu thought that Han Qianye was too thirsty and that a bottle of mineral water was not enough, so she handed her bottle to Han Qianye. “Here.”

Han Qianye said, “I’m not going to drink two bottles. I’m…” I’m worried that if you give me the only bottle, you won’t have it.

However, she did not say this out loud. She turned around and unscrewed the cap of the bottle to drink silently.

They walked and stopped.

The netizens also admired the scenery of Fu Town.

Fu Town was indeed a good town. The country focused on protecting wildlife everywhere and many rare plants. This was also why the control over tourists entering Fu Town had been relatively strict in the past few years.

[I have to go to Fu Town in my lifetime. This forest is too beautiful. As expected of the country’s priority habitat for protecting wild animals and plants.]

[I feel that it’s very difficult to meet Specialist Cheng. I didn’t meet anyone in Group Four’s live-stream.]

[Don’t the production team arrange any clues? I’m so anxious.]

[I feel that Brainless is exhausted. Hahaha.]

[It’s good to be young. Sister Li’s breathing is even. Han Qianye is almost out of breath.]

They were almost halfway up the hill.

Li Xiwu took out her own mini binoculars and looked into the wide field of view.

Han Qianye was still on the slope. She was exhausted. “There are no clues. How can we find Specialist Cheng? This mission is too difficult.”

Li Xiwu put away the binoculars. “We have a lead.”

Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu. “What lead? Why didn’t I see it? Where is it?”

Li Xiwu pointed to the ground. “At our feet.”

Han Qianye: “?”

At her feet? Han Qianye looked down. There was grass and moss underfoot. Did the grass have some clue? Or had there been a mark on the moss? Thinking back, she really didn’t seem to have looked down carefully at the grass and moss under her feet along the way.

At this thought, Han Qianye immediately perked up and squatted down. “I’ll study it carefully.”

The result of careful research was that after staring at a moss for a long time, she could not see any different marks.

Li Xiwu walked over and squatted down beside Han Qianye. “Did you see anything?”

Han Qianye looked up. “I’m still looking. Wait for me to take a closer look.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips slightly. “There’s no need to look. There’s no mark on the moss.”

Han Qianye was puzzled. “Then why did you say that the clues are at our feet?”

Li Xiwu pointed at the morning vine beside her. “There are most quilted plants everywhere under our feet. Didn’t you notice that there are almost no ferns?”

Han Qianye knew about quilted plants and ferns. But she couldn’t tell which were quilted plants and ferns because there were thousands of plants. It was too difficult to remember them all!

“Most ferns live in moist, shaded places,” Li Xiwu continued. “Uncle Cheng and Aunt Du’s tracks should also be in these places… Of course, this is only my guess.”

Li Xiwu wasn’t very sure. It wasn’t easy to guess what other people were thinking, but it was hard to guess correctly.

Han Qianye understood. “So, in the end, it still depends on luck.”

Li Xiwu said, “I guess.”

[I thought the clue was to leave a mark or something. In the end, this is too difficult.]

[Li Xiwu’s analysis is correct, but there are very few ferns around. It really depends on luck.]

[Just some actual markings will do.]

[I have to say, the probability of finding rare and protected plants in ferns is higher. Li Xiwu’s speculation is too awesome.]

At this moment, Tang Xian and Xue Jinzhu had already walked to a place with red flags.

Many netizens guessed that it should be a mark. It represented the mark of Cheng Zhongqing and the others nearby. The netizens were right. Cheng Zhongqing was really near the red flag, but Cheng Zhongqing was alone and Du Xu was nowhere to be seen.

Li Xiwu and Han Qianye prepared to set off for a place with moister air and cooler shade. But at this moment, they suddenly received a notification—

“The third group, Tang Xian and Xue Jinzhu, have successfully met Cheng Zhongqing!”

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