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Chapter 140: 140 Impressive! Stunned by Li Xiwu again!

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140 Impressive! Stunned by Li Xiwu again!

When Han Qianye heard the notification, she instantly felt her spirit dampen. “There’s no chance.”

Li Xiwu took out the mineral water from the basket on her back, unscrewed it, and took a sip. “Not necessarily.”

When Han Qianye heard Li Xiwu’s words, her eyes lit up with hope.

However! The next second!

A notification came from the phone again—

“Group Two, Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen, have successfully met Du Xu.”

Han Qianye: “…”

Li Xiwu paused in the act of twisting the cap off the bottle.

[The second and third groups are so fast!]

[With the plant expert around, Group Two and Group Three will definitely complete the mission. It’s hard to say for Group One and Group Two.]

[Sister Li probably has no choice this time.]

[This time, we’re looking for a level-one rare protected plant. Without two plant experts, it’s very difficult to find it.]

[The show is fair. We can’t always give Li Xiwu all kinds of halos, right? Unless she finds out for herself.]

[This is too difficult. It’s normal not to be able to find it. She’s not an expert in this field.]

Han Qianye was dejected. “Are we going back now?”

Li Xiwu looked up and did not say anything after retracting her gaze.

Han Qianye stood up and rubbed her knees. Her voice was muffled. “I’m tired. I want to go back first.”

Li Xiwu did not stop her and watched Han Qianye leave. The staff beside her planned to persuade Han Qianye. Li Xiwu said, “No need.”

The staff said, “But…”

Li Xiwu was certain. “She’ll be back soon.”

The staff looked at Han Qianye’s departing figure and wanted to ask, “Miss Li, are you sure your mother-in-law will come back?”

Li Xiwu looked at the staff member’s disbelieving expression. “She’ll probably say that her feet were numb.”

Staff: ?

Why did it sound so unreliable! No, he had to persuade her. The staff turned around and had just taken two steps when Han Qianye, who had left elegantly, suddenly returned!

The staff asked, “Sister Han, aren’t you going back?”

Han Qianye said, “My feet are numb. I’m walking around to relieve them. Who said I’m going back?”

The staff: “…” Holy shit!

[I’m dying of laughter. Li Xiwu predicted everything.]

[Unhappy understood Brainless too well. Even the line about numb feet is so precise.]

[Who said that the two of them are not familiar with each other? They are simply too familiar with each other. Their predictions are super accurate.]

[Why do I feel that Han Qianye and Li Xiwu’s roles have changed!]

Han Qianye walked back to Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu suppressed her smile and handed her the bottle of mineral water Han Qianye had drunk from the basket. “Let’s go back.”

Han Qianye asked, “We’re not looking anymore?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “We won’t find it anyway.” She didn’t know where she would be if she continued deeper. The air gradually became a little humid, and it was indeed a little cool.

Han Qianye had originally thought that she might meet one of Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu when she walked in. But Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu had been found by Group Two and Group Three. Even if she and Li Xiwu went in, they might not know those protected plants.

The two of them finally reached the foot of the mountain.

Han Qianye felt much more relaxed. “I’m finally down.” When she did not hear Li Xiwu’s reply, Han Qianye turned to look at her. Realizing that Li Xiwu was staring in a direction, Han Qianye asked, “What are you looking at?”

Li Xiwu looked away and suddenly smiled. Then she walked over. “Come with me.”

Han Qianye was very curious. She followed and saw a fern. Han Qianye was overjoyed, but after a few seconds, she was stunned. She pointed at a ball of fur under the fern and asked, “Is that the corpse of a weasel?”

Li Xiwu said, “No.”

With that, Li Xiwu took out her phone and took a photo of the ‘animal corpse’ Han Qianye had pointed at. After taking the photo, Li Xiwu explained to Han Qianye, “This is a golden-haired dog fern. Its roots have a layer of golden fur, like the fur of a golden-haired dog. It’s also a level-two protected plant protected by the law.”

[Damn! Li Xiwu is really knowledgeable!]

[The golden-haired dog fern is still easy to recognize. It’s mainly because it looks very unique.]

[That layer of fur really looks like a golden retriever. There was news last year that someone was imprisoned for destroying the golden-haired dog fern.]

[This Fu Town is really prisonable everywhere.]

Han Qianye said melancholically, “But the program arranged to find a level-one protected plant.”

Li Xiwu didn’t care about this. “As long as there’s something to be gained.”

Han Qianye suddenly asked, “How do you know this golden-haired dog fern?”

Li Xiwu said, “I saw it in the newspaper by chance.”

Han Qianye was curious. “Then you’ve seen too many. You know about protected animals and protected plants.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and smiled. She didn’t know how to explain it, either. She couldn’t remember much of her previous messy life. Many of her past was a little blurry in her memory. Probably because it was so bad, she chose to only look forward.

The diploma she had was actually not high, but she realized that she knew a lot of things. It was as if she had dabbled in a lot, even many languages. At one point, she thought it was her talent, but sometimes she suspected that it was ridiculous.

After gathering her thoughts, Li Xiwu realized that Han Qianye was no longer beside her. When she turned around, she saw Han Qianye squatting on the other side, reaching for another fern.

Li Xiwu’s eyebrows jumped. “Don’t move!”

Han Qianye’s hand paused in midair. After looking at each other for a few seconds, Han Qianye explained, “This seems to be a fern too, but I just noticed that there’s a rope tied to the root of this fern. This rope will affect the growth of the plant, right? I plan to untie this rope.” As she spoke, Han Qianye reached out again.

Li Xiwu quickly shouted, “Don’t take it off!”

Seeing Li Xiwu’s anxious expression, Han Qianye suddenly realized the seriousness of the matter. However, she did not want to pluck this grass. She just wanted to pluck the rope.

She was being kind. But was this kindness not used correctly?

[Li Xiwu looks so nervous.]

[I feel that if Han Qianye really removes the rope, Li Xiwu will kneel.]

[So lucky? She discovered protected plants again?]

[She just discovered a golden-haired dog fern, and now she’s discovered a fern. Li Xiwu and Han Qianye’s group are so lucky.]

[What is this grass tied to a rope?]

Seeing Li Xiwu walk over, Han Qianye retracted her hand in embarrassment and stood up. “I heard you say that just now. Now that I see ferns, I’m more careful and don’t hurt it.”

Li Xiwu broke out in a cold sweat. “Sorry about that.”

Han Qianye was stunned. She was still wondering if she had done something wrong, but Li Xiwu wondered if the shouting had frightened her. Han Qianye’s heart was in turmoil. “I’m not scared.” With that, she pointed to the fern on the ground. “Is the rope tied to its rhizome to protect it?”

That was probably the only way to understand it.

Li Xiwu inhaled. “Not to protect it, but to protect you.”

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