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Chapter 141: 141 As Expected of Mother-in-Law Joy, Laughing to Death

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141 As Expected of Mother-in-Law Joy, Laughing to Death

Han Qianye: “?”

The netizens in the live-stream were laughing like crazy.

They typed in the comments section crazily—

[As expected of Mother-in-Law Joy. What a joke.]

[Miss Li is still as serious and laughable as ever.]

[I remember the last time was to buy a house in prison, hahaha…]

[Li Xiwu is right. The rope on the roots of the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching is not used to protect the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching, but to protect outsiders.]

[F*ck! Above three years and below seven years. That is to protect people.]

[I didn’t expect this to be a Cystoathyrium chinense Ching. It’s almost extinct.]

[Speaking of which, what major is Li Xiwu studying? She’s dabbled in too many aspects.]

Han Qianye was dumbfounded.

The rope on the roots was to protect her? But she had nothing to do with that rope. Li Xiwu had stopped her before she even touched it. Why did she say it was to protect her?

Just as Han Qianye was confused, she heard Li Xiwu’s explanation. “If I’m not wrong, this should be a Cystoathyrium chinense Ching.”

Han Qianye asked, “Cystoathyrium chinense Ching?”

Although Han Qianye had never seen a Cystoathyrium chinense Ching before, from the name and Li Xiwu’s nervous expression just now, she could roughly guess that… they should be lucky?!

Li Xiwu squatted down and picked up the end of the rope from the stem of the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching. After taking a closer look, she said, “It’s indeed a Cystoathyrium chinense Ching. This is its serial number. There’s also a QR code below. One sweep and you’ll know all the detailed introductions to this Cystoathyrium chinense Ching.”

Han Qianye looked unprecedented. “It actually has a serial number?”

Li Xiwu nodded. Then she clicked on the phone and scanned the QR code below the serial number. Soon, the name of the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching appeared on the phone page, as well as when it had been discovered and recorded the growth time after it was discovered. At the bottom was a more detailed introduction to the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching.

Han Qianye saw the words. “Extremely rare level-one protected plant.”

After reading that line of words, Han Qianye suddenly understood why Li Xiwu had said that the rope was used to protect her!

Endangered sounded serious enough! They used the words “extremely rare” for this! It meant that it was already very, very rare and could go extinct at any moment! Not only could she not touch it, but she had to avoid it when she saw it!

However, Han Qianye was curious about one thing. “Don’t ferns grow in moist and cool places? There are two ferns here.”

And they were at the foot of the mountain!

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Different ferns have different light requirements for their growth periods. For example, golden-haired dog ferns and Cystoathyrium chinense Ching like to grow in places with sufficient light.”

With that, Li Xiwu clicked on the camera and took a photo of the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching.

Han Qianye crossed her arms. “These protected plants are really difficult to recognize.”

Li Xiwu replied to Han Qianye, “Just remember an incantation.”

Han Qianye raised her eyebrows. “What incantation?”

Li Xiwu said, “The uglier a plant is, the longer the jail term. The stranger it is, the faster it will be judged.”

Han Qianye: “…”

[This incantation is amazing!]

[Hurry up, Miss Li has started class. Hurry up and take out your notebook to record it! Otherwise, it will be more than three years and less than seven years.]

[Many rare plants do look very strange now. Typically, they can’t be recognized at all!]

[I didn’t expect this Cystoathyrium chinense Ching to be in extreme danger.]

[The source of joy today was given by Sister Li again.]

[I just want to see Sister Li laugh seriously.]

On the way back, Han Qianye was very quiet and did not find a topic like before. The two of them returned to the inn. The other guests were not back yet. Li Xiwu printed out the photos of the mission first. Before long, the other three groups of guests returned to the inn one after another.

Tang Xian and Cheng Zhongqing walked in, chatting and laughing. Xue Jinzhu limped with a dejected expression. Xiang Lan and Du Xu were also chatting about something along the way. Xu Muzhen listened with relish.

Min Hanrong’s face was radiant, and Tao Jing was smiling. She estimated that she had gained something this afternoon.

“Qianye!” Min Hanrong shouted.

Han Qianye looked up at Min Hanrong, who was walking over. “Hanrong seems to be in a good mood.”

Min Hanrong was all smiles. “Jingjing and I were really lucky today. We thought that we were going to return empty-handed today. Unexpectedly, as we walked forward, we met Specialist Cheng and Tang Xian. I thought that since we’ve met, we’ll broaden our horizons with them. Look, this is the Calycopteris floribunda we took.”

As she spoke, Min Hanrong took out her phone and showed Han Qianye the photo of the Calycopteris floribunda. After reading it, Min Hanrong asked, “Qianye, did you meet Specialist Du?”

Han Qianye said, “No.”

Min Hanrong said regretfully, “Actually, it’s very difficult to recognize such a level-one rare and protected plant. Although it has a label, how can we know this? Most of us will miss it.”

Han Qianye nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

Min Hanrong looked at Han Qianye’s expression and comforted her. “Actually, we relied on luck this time. It was a mission that could only be completed by Specialist Cheng and Specialist Du. If we didn’t meet them, there’s really nothing we could do.”

Han Qianye nodded in agreement again. “That makes sense.”

Li Xiwu had just put away her phone when Xue Jinzhu pounced on her. She subconsciously held her. “What’s wrong?”

Xue Jinzhu pouted aggrievedly. “My feet hurt.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Did you sprain your ankle?”

Xue Jinzhu sounded even sadder. “The soles of my feet are blistering.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She had walked too much into the mountains today and there were countless slopes along the way. The key was that Xue Jinzhu was wearing a pair of small sheepskin boots with a high heel. She had suffered a lot along the way, so it would be strange if her feet did not blister.

On the way back, she was in so much pain that her expression was ugly. Because Specialist Cheng was around, she could only grit her teeth and endure it all the way back.

Li Xiwu said gently, “Go change your shoes first.”

Xue Jinzhu did not go. She leaned on Li Xiwu’s shoulder and said coquettishly, “I want to hear Sister Li say a few sweet words to comfort me.”

Li Xiwu said, “I can’t.”

Xue Jinzhu held Li Xiwu’s arm. “How about this? I’ll say to Sister Li. You’re a tribulation I can’t overcome in my life. One more look and my heart will soften. A hug and I’ll fall for you~”

Li Xiwu’s expression was normal. “If you have the time to sweet-talk, why don’t you change your shoes first?”

Xue Jinzhu suddenly said, “Sister Li smells so good. I can’t bear to leave.”

Han Qianye couldn’t stand it anymore. She tried her best to be polite. “Can you not be so clingy to Xiwu?”

Xue Jinzhu smiled charmingly. “Auntie, don’t you think Sister Li smells very good? She attracts people to cling to her.”

Han Qianye choked. Well, actually, she felt the same way!

Han Qianye was very angry! She was so angry that she couldn’t look! Xue Jinzhu’s words just now made her unable to even find a reason to refute.

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