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Chapter 142: 142 Li Xiwu Was Shocked To Discover A Secret!

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142 Li Xiwu Was Shocked To Discover A Secret!

“Miss Li!” At this moment, Cheng Zhongqing walked towards Li Xiwu and greeted her with a smile.

Li Xiwu gestured for Xue Jinzhu to behave herself, then turned around and greeted, “Uncle Cheng.”

Cheng Zhongqing had always had a deep impression of Li Xiwu. This time, he thought that he would meet Li Xiwu in the forest and seriously discuss botany and zoology with her. Unfortunately, he did not meet her.

Cheng Zhongqing walked over and asked with certainty, “Miss Li, you must have gained something today, right?”

The moment that was said, everyone looked at Li Xiwu.

Han Qianye spoke first. “Of course we’ve gained something! And we’ve gained a lot!”

When Min Hanrong heard this, her eyebrows twitched. “…Really?” She thought that only Han Qianye and Li Xiwu had not completed the mission! Originally, she and Jingjing could not complete the mission. She was the one who shamelessly went over and took a chance.

Han Qianye smiled. “Why would I lie to you?”

Next, it was time to complete the mission. The photos taken by each group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would be printed. Then, Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu would specially explain these first-level endangered protected plants to everyone.

Min Hanrong happily handed in the photo. It was the diagram of the Calycopteris floribunda.

Tang Xian and Xue Jinzhu’s group took a photo of the Parrotia subaequalis.

Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen took a photo of the Kingdonia uniflora Balf.

All of them met the production team’s requirements. They were all level-one endangered rare and protected plants. In the end, everyone looked at Han Qianye.

Han Qianye showed two photos.

Tang Xian was surprised. “Qianye, you actually found two endangered plants?”

Han Qianye raised her eyebrows. “Of course.”

Cheng Zhongqing took the two photos and saw the golden-haired dog fern first. He recognized it at a glance and hissed, “This is the golden-haired dog fern, but…”

Everyone looked at Cheng Zhongqing, waiting for him to continue.

Cheng Zhongqing said, “But the golden dog fern is a level-two protected plant.”

As soon as he said this, Min Hanrong almost couldn’t help but laugh. Suppressing the smile on her lips, she turned around and comforted Han Qianye. “Qianye, it’s okay. A level-two protected plant is also very powerful. Moreover, you recognized it yourself.”

These words were more or less insincere.

[If I hadn’t been in the live-stream the entire time, I would have laughed too.]

[They’re all guests who relied on plant experts to complete their missions. No one can fight. Li Xiwu is still the best.]

[Min Hanrong more or less is a little pretentious.]

[My father said that Min Hanrong is being realistic. Forgive me for not understanding this kind of reality.]

Xiang Lan, who didn’t speak, said, “You recognized it by yourselves. That’s impressive.”

Du Xu took the photo and looked at it. She said pertinently, “Actually, it’s easier to recognize the golden-haired dog fern. The one you took looks very good so far.”

Just as she finished, they heard Cheng Zhongqing hiss again. Everyone looked at Cheng Zhongqing in unison. Cheng Zhongqing pointed at another photo in his hand. “Is this the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes.”

Cheng Zhongqing’s eyes widened. “You actually met a Cystoathyrium chinense Ching!”

Du Xu hurriedly took the photo and looked at it. She said in surprise, “It’s really a Cystoathyrium chinense Ching!”

Everyone naturally did not miss Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu’s shocked expressions. Not long after the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching was marked, Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu had yet to go take a look. They did not expect Li Xiwu and Han Qianye to meet it first!

Min Hanrong asked curiously, “Is this Cystoathyrium chinense Ching also a level-one protected plant?”

“Of course,” Cheng Zhongqing replied. “Moreover, it was not long after it was marked. There is only one that has been found in the entire mountain. It’s already an extremely endangered plant.”

The moment he said that—

Everyone sighed.

Han Qianye’s smug expression was almost overflowing from the screen. “I happened to see it and almost got into trouble by accident. Xiwu reminded me that it was an extremely rare plant, Cystoathyrium chinense Ching.”

Everyone looked at the calm Li Xiwu.

Cheng Zhongqing said, “Miss Li, I knew you were extraordinary.”

Li Xiwu was modest. “There are serial numbers and QR codes on the roots of the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching. Scan the code and you can see the specific information of this plant.”

Han Qianye immediately said, “Xiwu recognized it as a Cystoathyrium chinense Ching first. Then, she scanned the QR code and matched it. This is recorded in the live broadcast.”

Cheng Zhongqing’s eyes were filled with praise for Li Xiwu. “Miss Li, you surprise people every time.”

Du Xu was also convinced. “Miss Li, it seems that you have some research in botany.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “I studied some when I was bored.”

It would be hard to explain if she didn’t have any. In fact, she didn’t really study it. She didn’t even know when she had come into contact with this knowledge.

Next, Cheng Zhongqing carefully explained the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching to everyone. The professional explanation of knowledge made people listen with interest. They finished talking about the first three protected plants in ten or twenty sentences. When it came to the Cystoathyrium chinense Ching, they talked non-stop and even pulled out many ferns.

Han Qianye’s face was filled with joy, and she felt extremely comfortable.

The day’s live broadcast ended at five-thirty.

After everyone sat together for dinner, Gao Yueban announced the next day’s schedule.

Without a doubt, other than Han Qianye, who already knew, everyone else was very surprised. Why were they going to Mount Liang? However, after hearing the reason Gao Yueban said, everyone expressed their understanding.

Because of Xie Wen’s matter, although the live broadcast today was quite popular, it was inevitable that the premiere would cause criticism. After all, there had been two episodes of the show.

That was why the production team had to arrange some positive things. Several groups of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law went back to their rooms.

Li Xiwu’s room was out of water. She came down to get some water when she was thirsty. Just as she arrived downstairs, she saw Xue Jinzhu sneak out of the inn.

Li Xiwu was not curious about what Xue Jinzhu was doing. She poured some water and prepared to go back upstairs.

At this moment, Yu Jing walked in. “Miss Li, good evening.”

Li Xiwu replied, “Why isn’t Director Yu resting yet?”

Yu Jing said, “I went out for a smoke. I’m going to rest now.” After a pause, Yu Jing pointed outside. “I saw Miss Xue go out just now. I think her boyfriend drove to see her.”

Li Xiwu’s grip on the kettle tightened. “Boyfriend?”

Yu Jing said, “Should be her boyfriend, right? I saw Miss Xue rush over and throw herself into his arms. The light was too dark, so I couldn’t see clearly. Let’s not talk anymore. I’m going to rest. I still have to pack up and leave for Mount Liang tomorrow. Miss Li, rest early too.”

Li Xiwu inhaled. “Okay.”

She waited for Yu Jing to go upstairs. Li Xiwu was also preparing to go upstairs. At this moment, she looked tense, probably because her molars were clenched tightly. Stepping on the stairs, she hesitated for a few seconds before preparing to go out and take a look.

Placing the kettle on the table, she headed out of the inn.

There was a car parked not far from the inn. Li Xiwu recognized that car. It was Pei Jingzhou’s business car. Most of the time, Chen Xin was in charge of driving this car. Li Xiwu had also sat in it several times.

Pei Jingzhou was really here?!

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and closed her eyes hard. She secretly told herself not to go over. Out of sight, out of mind. Going back upstairs to sleep was the main thing. It was best to pretend not to know anything.

But her feet still wouldn’t obey her. She walked towards the MPV. Every step she took was light. When she was about to approach, Li Xiwu heard a strange sound. It seemed to be… the sound of men and women panting.

Li Xiwu’s body stiffened.

Coldness spread from head to toe. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, the car door suddenly opened—

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