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Chapter 146: 146 He Had The Wrong Person. His Gaze Was Fixed on Li Xiwu.

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146 He Had The Wrong Person. His Gaze Was Fixed on Li Xiwu.

The temperature today was even lower than yesterday. When Li Xiwu followed Xue Jinzhu out, she adjusted her collar. A cold air raid came. She also put on the hood of her down jacket to cover her face.

Seeing this, Xue Jinzhu said, “It’s getting colder and colder recently.”

Li Xiwu said slowly, “It’s going to snow at Mount Liang soon. It’s probably colder than here.”

Xue Jinzhu looked like she had nothing to live for. “It’s really torture.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Remember to bring two thicker clothes.”

Xue Jinzhu agreed. Then, taking advantage of the fact that no one was around, she asked, “Sister Li, did you misunderstand something about Brother and me?”

Li Xiwu: “…”

Caught off guard, Li Xiwu didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

Xue Jinzhu looked at Li Xiwu’s expression and guessed, “Sister Li, don’t tell me you think I’m having an affair with President Pei?”

Li Xiwu took a shallow breath but still did not respond. She thought that if she did not say anything, this topic would end quickly, but she forgot the fact that Xue Jinzhu was a talker.

Xue Jinzhu was certain of her guess, and her smile was even brighter than before. “Sister Li, why did you misunderstand that I’m related to President Pei? I was born pampered and couldn’t stand cold faces. President Pei is such a cold person. He can freeze me to death eight hundred times a day. My brother is so good. He dotes on me and coaxes me.

“To tell you the truth, I’m a person who can’t even look President Pei in the eye. Although the last time I said that he was exploiting his employees, I only dared to say that because Brother was beside me. If I were as fierce as last time, I wouldn’t dare to do it again.”

Xue Jinzhu kept talking.

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and asked after a while, “Did Chen Xin arrange for you to enter Hua Guan Media and become a resource celebrity?”

“…Not entirely.” Xue Jinzhu twirled her fingers and said truthfully, “Brother did help me arrange the best manager in Hua Guan, which is you, Sister Li. However, my father was the one who spent all his money on me.”

There was a pause. Xue Jinzhu continued, “Brother was also the one who helped me get this opportunity to attend the in-law variety show. Then, my father also used money to help me.”

Chen Xin indeed did not have the ability to directly make Xue Jinzhu a resource celebrity. However, the connections he had accumulated over the years could give Xue Jinzhu very good resources.

Which meant…

Xue Jinzhu’s debut was so smooth-sailing because Chen Xin contributed and Father Xue paid.

After knowing the true background of Xue Jinzhu’s debut, Li Xiwu was surprisingly calm. She looked down at the road and reminded her faintly, “Most resource celebrities have prominent family backgrounds, especially those celebrities with political backgrounds. They can do whatever they want in the entertainment industry. Aren’t you afraid of emptying your family’s money?”

Xue Jinzhu giggled. “Even when the water in the Yangtze River has dried up, my family’s money isn’t finished.”

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Xue Jinzhu.

Xue Jinzhu said, “My family has a mine. I don’t know when it will be out of ores.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

The conversation with Director Gao yesterday morning flashed through her mind frame by frame. Director Gao had mentioned that Xue Jinzhu’s family had a mine.

As expected, her worries were really unnecessary.

“Sister Li, look. Auntie Tang is standing there alone.” Xue Jinzhu pointed over.

Li Xiwu looked up at that and into the distance. A black car was parked not far away. Tang Xian was the only one standing beside the car. She was holding a heat pack in her arms.

Xue Jinzhu was puzzled. “Why don’t I see Auntie Tang’s son?”

Li Xiwu said, “Maybe he left.”

“Left?” Xue Jinzhu grinned. “That’s great.”

Seeing that Xue Jinzhu was happy too early, Li Xiwu had to remind her, “I was just guessing. It’s not necessarily true.”

The smile on Xue Jinzhu’s lips froze. Sure enough, it was too early to laugh. She would smile after confirming that Tang Xian’s son had left. Walking over, Xue Jinzhu shouted, “Auntie Tang!”

Tang Xian turned around and saw Xue Jinzhu and Li Xiwu walking over together. She smiled. “Zhuzhu, Xiwu, you’re here.”

Xue Jinzhu smiled brightly. “Auntie Tang, I just heard that your son is here?”

Tang Xian couldn’t help but laugh. “Don’t always say ‘your son’. Just call him Lanshi. Otherwise, others will expose you.”

Xue Jinzhu nodded. “Oh, got it.”

Actually, she wanted to call him by his name too, but ever since she called him wrongly the first time, she could not tell if Tang Xian’s son was called Lanshi or Shilan. She was afraid that if she called him wrongly again, it would make her look like she never took that person seriously, so it became ‘your son’.

Tang Xian said, “Lanshi just arrived. There’s a problem with the information about his appointment in Fu Town. He needs to record it again. He’s gone there now and will be back soon.”

Xue Jinzhu came to a realization. “I see.” As expected, he hadn’t left yet! She was happy too early!

Tang Xian smiled faintly. “Have you packed your luggage?”

Xue Jinzhu said, “Done.”

Tang Xian turned to look at Li Xiwu again. “Is Xiwu’s luggage packed too?”

Li Xiwu took off the hood of her down jacket, revealing her fair face. Her clear voice was like a spring breeze. “There’s not much luggage. There’s still time to pack later.”

Tang Xian nodded.

Li Xiwu had actually not finished packing. The video call last night was still vivid in her mind, but she was not sure if Pei Jingzhou would really come today. Thinking of her misunderstanding of him, she felt a little frustrated for no reason.

She couldn’t say or show this frustration on her face. It was hidden in her heart. No one could see it. Only she knew. As her thoughts drifted, she suddenly felt her body warm. A thicker coat was draped over her.

Li Xiwu was stunned. Was it Pei Jingzhou? Why was he here so early? Li Xiwu’s eyes softened unconsciously. When she turned around and saw that the person who draped her clothes behind her was an unfamiliar face, she was stunned.

Who was this person?

Li Xiwu was only stunned for a few seconds. When she reacted, she immediately took half a step back and distanced herself from this man. She looked up at him.

The man looked at Li Xiwu gently. “I heard from my mother that you don’t have a very thick coat. I prepared a winter coat for you before I came over.”

With that, the man reached over again.

Li Xiwu subconsciously avoided his hand and frowned slightly.

The man explained, “I wanted to test if the winter coat was too big, but you have a down jacket. The winter coat will be a little heavy on you.”

Li Xiwu quickly took off her winter coat and handed it back to the unfamiliar man opposite her. “We don’t know each other.”

The man’s lips quivered. “Don’t know…”

Xue Jinzhu, who had been stunned, immediately said, “Hey, what are you doing? My Sister Li doesn’t know you. Don’t touch her. There are many people here. Do you believe that if I shout, someone will immediately rush out and hit you!”

As Xue Jinzhu spoke, she stepped forward to block Li Xiwu. Although she was also a little afraid, she stood firmly in front of Li Xiwu.

The man’s voice was gentle. “I know there are many people here, and I know where this is.”

Xue Jinzhu raised her eyebrows. “If you know, why are you still touching her? Back off!”

The man raised his hand and scratched his brow with his fingertips. The smile on his lips was pursed as he took two steps back.

Seeing that the other party was quite a gentleman, Xue Jinzhu relaxed a little. She was about to question the other party’s intentions.

At this moment, Tang Xian walked over with a smile. “Lanshi, you’ve got the wrong person.”

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