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Chapter 153: 153 You Can Fan An Unpopular Group, But You Can't Fan A Heretic Group!

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153 You Can Fan An Unpopular Group, But You Can’t Fan A Heretic Group!

[It’s not easy to hold on for eight years.]

[There’s a lack of people like Ding Wei now.]

[As expected of Tang Xian. The production team has found the right person this time.]

[I inexplicably feel that Sister Li and Master Tang look more like mother-in-law and daughter-in-law when they stand together.]

[Sister Li is cold and wise, and Master Tang is calm and generous. This matter is the best combination of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in my heart.]

[If Brainless were to see the comments, she might faint from crying in the toilet.]

Li Xiwu took a packet of tissues from her pocket and was about to pull one out and hand it to Ding Wei. Ding Wei smiled through his tears and raised his hand to wipe his wet and hot eyes with his sleeve. “I’ll move the supplies now.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and put away the tissue. It would take some time to move the supplies in the two trucks. There were not many people in the village club. There were only five people, including Ding Wei and the two local colleagues.

Tang Xian and Li Xiwu helped count and receive some scattered supplies. Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen helped move some. In addition, the production team’s driver would help move the goods. There was strength in numbers, so it was not a problem to move them before five.

Although the day was cold, she sweated when moving goods.

Li Xiwu raised her hand to wipe her sweat. Tang Xian handed her a tissue. “Let me help you wipe it.”

Li Xiwu lowered her raised hand. “Thank you.”

Tang Xian smiled. “What are you thanking me for? Don’t be so polite.”

Wiping her sweat was just a small matter. Li Xiwu did not think too much about it. It was not until Tang Xian’s concern for her increased and became more obvious that Li Xiwu realized that something was amiss.

After moving the supplies, it was almost six o’clock. It was winter, and the sky was already dark.

The supplies would be distributed tomorrow. After that, they still had to go to Xinzhao Village Primary School. Currently, other than the two truck drivers driving away, the entire production team would stay in the village club tonight.

The production team had made arrangements in advance, so there was completely enough room to rest.

After Naibao and Ah Yue moved the supplies, they returned to the kitchen and busied themselves preparing for dinner tonight. The ingredients were all local dishes. In order to restore their true life in the poor mountainous area, the entire production team had to cooperate with the food here.

At this moment, Han Qianye, Min Hanrong, and the others had already gotten out of the car and were sitting in the village club drinking soup.

Min Hanrong despised the chipped bowl in her hand. She did not know how many decades it had been used. Although it was clean, it did not look too clean. She could not eat it a few times.

Han Qianye was similar to Min Hanrong. The wife of a wealthy family had never come into contact with this before. Her brows were knitted together.

Tao Jing could barely adapt, mainly because she did not dare to show her disdain on her face. On the other hand, Xue Jinzhu really could not take it anymore and showed all her unhappiness on her face.

In the kitchen.

Li Xiwu helped Ah Yue peel the potatoes. Earlier, Ah Yue had told her, “The potatoes produced in Mount Liang are very famous. Weiwei said that he would make a few more tonight. Weiwei’s culinary skills are very good. I hope you will like them.”

Ah Yue was a little shy and spoke with a strong dialect accent, but if one listened carefully, they could understand what he was saying.

At first, Ah Yue didn’t say much. Every time Ding Wei said something, he just smiled shyly. It was only when she took the initiative to talk to Ah Yue that he gradually became more talkative. He would say something to Li Xiwu about whatever he was holding. He always liked to share.

After interacting with him for a while, Li Xiwu realized that Ah Yue was actually not shy. He was born in this poor mountainous area with an inferiority complex.

[I’ve seen and experienced it before. I’ve substituted some of Ah Yue’s experiences. I’m also 19 years old. I lie on the sofa watching television and don’t do my homework, while Ah Yue only went to primary school.]

[This episode is really too meaningful.]

[I heard that the situation of the village club is relatively good, but in our opinion, the village club is already very poor. I can’t imagine how poor the other villagers are…]

[I announce that I’m a die-hard fan of Mother-in-Law Joy from now on.]

The knife used to peel potatoes was a little blunt, probably because it had been used for many years. Sometimes it was difficult to control the force.

When Li Xiwu was peeling the fifth potato, she suddenly lost control of her strength and accidentally cut her finger. Ah Yue went to find water in a panic. “Sister, wash your hands quickly.”

Li Xiwu looked at her fingertips carefully and smiled faintly. “A little wound. I’ll be fine.” With that, she washed her hands in the water and dried them with the tissues she was wearing. The blood seeped out only a little. It wasn’t serious.

Ah Yue was still worried. He went to find Ding Wei, who was cooking. “Weiwei, Sister’s hand is cut!”

When Ding Wei heard this, he quickly handed the spatula in his hand to Ah Yue. “Watch the pot. I’ll go find a Band-Aid.”

Ah Yue quickly took the spatula and looked distractedly in Li Xiwu’s direction as he flipped the frying pan.

Ding Wei went to find a long-standing Band-Aid for Li Xiwu. Li Xiwu thanked him, and Ding Wei felt very guilty. “Ah Yue and Naibao can do these. Miss Li, go rest over there.”

Li Xiwu’s tone was gentle. “It’s fine.”

Tang Xian walked over. “I’ll stick it on for you.”

It was such a small matter that she could do it herself. Li Xiwu was about to refuse with a smile when Tang Xian took the Band-Aid from her hand and picked up her hand. “Here, stick out your finger.”

Tang Xian had already opened the band-aid. Li Xiwu couldn’t reject it, so she held out her hand.


[Everyone, calm down. You can fan an unpopular group, but you can’t fan a heretic group!! Sister Li has a mother-in-law, and Tang Xian also has a daughter-in-law!!]

[Brainless and Unhappy was already interesting, but I’ve found that Unhappy and Happy is also interesting.]

[Tang Xian is really a model mother-in-law.]

[I envy Xue Jinzhu for having such a good mother-in-law. I heard that her boyfriend is very handsome.]

[I have something to say that I don’t know if I should say…]

The light in the kitchen wasn’t very bright at first. The cameraman switched on a large light and it lit up the entire kitchen.

In Naibao’s words, “I’ve never seen the kitchen so bright in my life. I can tell by all the stoves I don’t usually clean.”

Everyone roared with laughter. Even the cameraman was laughing.

When dinner was ready, they served it one at a time.

The food alone consisted of three dishes: whipped potato, shredded potatoes, and steamed potatoes. It couldn’t be helped. There were many potatoes in Mount Liang. There were wholesalers all over the country, but because the prices were low, they couldn’t earn much money.

Anyway, they had enough to eat.

Ding Wei had arranged a total of two tables. One was for the driver, cameraman, and other staff, and the other was for four groups of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, as well as the people from the village club.

Han Qianye looked at the dishes on the table and did not have much of an appetite, so she did not eat much.

Li Xiwu lowered her voice and reminded her, “Eat more or you’ll be hungry tonight.”

There was no natural gas here, no induction stove. If she was hungry in the middle of the night, she had to light up the fire and cook. And it was cold at night. It might snow tonight and she will be cold and hungry.

Han Qianye raised her hand and tried to convince herself to eat. But she still didn’t reach out with her chopsticks. She sighed. “I’m not that hungry. You can eat.”

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