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Chapter 154: 154 A Sense of Crisis Came. Even If Her Husband Was Snatched, Her Daughter-in-law Could Not be Snatc

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154 A Sense of Crisis Came. Even If Her Husband Was Snatched, Her Daughter-in-law Could Not be Snatched!

Li Xiwu said no more and ate her own.

Han Qianye was not the only one who did not have an appetite. Min Hanrong and Xue Jinzhu did not have an appetite either. Xiang Lan did not eat much at night. Coupled with the potato starch food, she stopped eating after one or two bites.

Xu Muzhen had an appetite and ate two bowls of rice.

Tao Jing had rested for so long in the afternoon that she had recovered and eaten half a bowl of rice.

After the meal, everyone helped clear the dishes.

Naibao and Ah Yue actively went to wash the dishes. Ding Wei lit a bonfire and everyone sat together to chat about Xinzhao Village over the years, including the donations they had received previously.

They chatted until nine o’clock and ended the live broadcast. As soon as the live broadcast ended, snow began to fall.

Snow fell on Li Xiwu’s hair. She hadn’t noticed it herself. Tang Xian reached out and touched her hair. “Xiwu, look. It’s snowing.”

Li Xiwu looked up upon the sound and into the night sky. Scattered snowflakes drifted across the night sky. Illuminated, they could be reached out and caught, then melted away at a visible speed.

Li Xiwu looked at the sleepy Xue Jinzhu beside her and woke her up. “Jinzhu, it’s snowing.”

Xue Jinzhu replied in a daze, “Oh, it’s snowing.”

Then silence. After dozens of seconds, the sleepy Xue Jinzhu suddenly looked up at the night sky, followed by her noisy voice—

“Wow—!! It’s snowing! It’s snowing!” Xue Jinzhu stood up excitedly. She knew that she couldn’t catch it, but she still wanted to reach out and take the snowflakes.

Amid Xue Jinzhu’s exclamation, everyone realized that it was really snowing. Tao Jing quickly took out her phone and took a photo. Then, she video called Wu Jiacheng and told him that it was snowing at Mount Liang.

The couple chatted happily. Xu Muzhen watched from the side and giggled. As she smiled, she scolded herself and said that she had a husband as well, so she took out her phone and called Liang Sheng to share it.

The tiredness on Xue Jinzhu’s face had long disappeared. She took out her phone and took a few photos before sending them to Chen Xin.

After a few seconds, Chen Xin called. Xue Jinzhu went to the side to answer the call happily. Only Li Xiwu maintained the action of warming herself by the fire and stared quietly at the bonfire, unmoved.

Han Qianye stole a glance at Li Xiwu. She hesitated to say something, but at this moment, her phone rang again. Seeing that it was a call from Lin Yourong, Han Qianye swallowed what she wanted to say and stood up to answer Lin Yourong’s call.

Han Qianye said, “Hello, Rongrong.”

Lin Yourong said with concern, “You’re not used to being in Mount Liang, are you?”

This question touched Han Qianye’s heart. She sighed. “It’s alright.”

Lin Yourong said, “How is it fine? I watched the live broadcast. How can we eat that? Also, the bowls, chopsticks, and table look dirty. Why are you doing charity? You’re going to suffer. Fortunately, we didn’t have these things in Season 1.”

Mother-in-law Joy’s first season was a recording, and it was her first time trying out a variety show, so there were not many arrangements in all aspects. The couples were also very happy on the variety show. Of course, other than Gao Sisi, who had always been targeted by Lin Yourong.

Han Qianye felt uncomfortable when she heard Lin Yourong’s words. “People are born kind. Rongrong, what you said just now was not appropriate.”

Lin Yourong was silent for a few seconds. Although she did not feel that she had said anything wrong, with Han Qianye’s reminder, Lin Yourong could not retort to Han Qianye. “It was indeed inappropriate to shoot my mouth off just now.”

Han Qianye felt a little better when she heard that.

At this moment, Lin Yourong mentioned, “What’s wrong with Group Three’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? They don’t seem to have a good relationship.”

Han Qianye said listlessly, “I’ve been dizzy for the entire day today. How could I be in the mood to observe others?”

Lin Yourong said, “Looks like you didn’t notice.”

Han Qianye was puzzled. “Notice what?”

Lin Yourong said, “In this afternoon’s live broadcast, many netizens feel that Tang Xian and Li Xiwu are more like mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.”

Han Qianye: “Huh?”

Lin Yourong said in a calm tone, “You don’t know, but you and the daughter-in-law of Group Three have been resting this afternoon. That Li Xiwu and Tang Xian are extremely close. At night in the kitchen, Li Xiwu cut her hand. Tang Xian was more worried than anyone else. Everyone said that Tang Xian and Li Xiwu look like real mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.”

Han Qianye, who was stabbed in the heart: “…”

Lin Yourong did not know what Han Qianye was feeling through the phone and continued, “Then Xue something… Oh, Xue Jinzhu! That Xue Jinzhu and Tang Xian’s son are still in a relationship. Isn’t that the same as Fan Ling from last season? I remember that half a year after the end of the variety show, Fan Ling broke up with Liu Yan’s son. Qianye, do you think Xue Jinzhu will break up with Tang Xian’s son after this season?”

Han Qianye was immediately alarmed. “What do you mean?”

Lin Yourong came up with bad ideas one after another. “Think about it. Is it possible that after the second season of the variety show ends, Xue Jinzhu will break up with Tang Xian’s son soon? In that case, why don’t we matchmake Li Xiwu to be Tang Xian’s daughter-in-law? Everyone will be happy.”

Han Qianye was furious. “Nonsense.”

Lin Yourong could hear the gunpowder in Han Qianye’s tone. “What’s wrong, Qianye? Why are you angry?”

Han Qianye was furious. “Alright, let’s not talk anymore. I’ll hang up first.”

With that, she hung up on Lin Yourong. Lin Yourong called again, but she did not answer. Han Qianye gripped her phone and turned around. Just as she was about to go back, she suddenly saw Tang Xian raise her hand and carefully do Li Xiwu’s hair. After doing her hair, she even considerately pulled up the hat on Li Xiwu’s down jacket and put it on her.

Seeing this, Han Qianye felt sour.

Although she didn’t want to admit it, looking at it this way, Tang Xian and Xixi really looked more like mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.

This Tang Xian didn’t treat her unmarried daughter-in-law well, but instead took care of her daughter-in-law. What did she mean? Was she really not trying to steal her? Xixi was so outstanding and knew everything. Who didn’t want to be family with her? No, she had to brace herself.

At this moment, Han Qianye felt upset.

On the capital’s side, Pei Jingzhou felt even more upset. He had just come out of the company and was sitting in the car. Pei Jingzhou was still reviewing the report.

The driver drove quietly.

Chen Xin, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, was also quietly sending WeChat messages to inform him of the content of the meeting tomorrow.

At this moment, Chen Xin’s phone suddenly rang.

Chen Xin had two phones, one for work. It was currently in silent mode. One was a private phone, currently in non-silent mode. Now, his private phone rang. Chen Xin saw the caller ID and turned to Pei Jingzhou. “Mr. Pei, I’ll take this call.”

Pei Jingzhou didn’t mind and nodded.

Chen Xin picked up the phone. “Is the live broadcast over?”

Xue Jinzhu’s soft voice came from the receiver. “Brother, the live broadcast is over. I’ll share something very happy with you.”

Chen Xin’s tone was gentle. “What is it?”

Xue Jinzhu’s cheerful voice said, “It’s snowing here.”

Chen Xin was surprised. “Really? Did you take a photo?”

Xue Jinzhu giggled. “Yes, I’ve sent it to you immediately.”

The two of them did not chat for long because they were in the car. Chen Xin could not disturb Pei Jingzhou’s review report. After chatting for a while, he seriously looked at the photo of the snow sent by Xue Jinzhu. Chen Xin’s exhaustion from working closely all day was cured.

Chen Xin had just put away his phone when Pei Jingzhou’s cold voice came from behind. “Is it snowing at Mount Liang?”

“Yes, Mr. Pei.” Chen Xin immediately turned around and replied, “It’s snowing tonight in Mount Liang.” After answering, Chen Xin casually asked, “Miss Li should have sent Mr. Pei a photo, right? Although it’s not very heavy snow, it’s really beautiful.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced at the phone on his seat and fell into deep thought.

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