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Chapter 156: 156 Han Qianye Turned Hostile: "Little Pretentious Bitch, I Just Don't Like You."

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156 Han Qianye Turned Hostile: “Little Pretentious Bitch, I Just Don’t Like You.”

Li Xiwu thought that Han Qianye was not used to such a bed. So she tossed and turned, unable to sleep. Actually, no one was used to it. This bed was really hard. There was only a cushion under it, and under the cushion were thick wooden planks. It felt uncomfortable lying flat.

Knowing the reason, she threw back the covers and got up. “I’ll accompany you.”

When Han Qianye heard this, she quickly lifted the blanket. When she got up, she was not very fast. She glanced at Tang Xian and Xue Jinzhu, who were already asleep in the other bed. She gathered her coral velvet pajamas and wrapped herself in a thick down jacket before following Li Xiwu out the door quietly.

The two of them had just left.

Xue Jinzhu lifted the blanket and followed them out.

It was cold in the mountains in midwinter. Especially after night fell. Not to mention that it was still snowing outside. It was cold and freezing. Her teeth were chattering from the cold when she just crawled out of bed.

Li Xiwu turned on the flashlight on her phone and walked in front. Han Qianye stepped on the snow under her feet and walked behind. As she walked, the two of them came together. At this moment, Han Qianye suddenly stopped.

At the same time, Li Xiwu stopped. She gripped the phone, her expression tense.

Han Qianye remained motionless. “Did you hear anything?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Yes.”

Both of them heard it!

Han Qianye became nervous. She slowly reached out to touch Li Xiwu’s hand. After touching Li Xiwu’s hand, she immediately grabbed it tightly. She was clearly panicking, but she still said, “You-you-you-you-you… Don’t be afraid. I-I-I-I-I’m here.”

In the middle of the night in the mountains, three sets of footsteps could be heard when two people were walking. Could it be that they had seen a ghost?

The two of them slowly turned around. The light of the phone flashlight shone on an enlarged face. Even Li Xiwu, who was mentally prepared, was shocked, let alone Han Qianye. She screamed in fear.

That magnified face was Xue Jinzhu.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and calmed herself down. “Why did you come out?”

Xue Jinzhu twirled her fingers. “I want to go to the toilet too, but I’m too embarrassed to wake someone up to accompany me. When I saw you guys come out just now, I quickly followed you out…”

Han Qianye, who was still in shock, said in a bad tone, “It’s fine if you follow us out. At least let us know. Do you know how scary it is?”

Xue Jinzhu felt very aggrieved. “I was wrong.”

Xue Jinzhu thought that as long as she admitted her mistake quickly, she would not be scolded. In fact, she was wrong. No matter how quickly she admitted her mistake, Han Qianye still spoke for a long time.

The toilet in the village club was the kind of toilet that was very common in the countryside. It was said that in summer, the sour smell in the toilet would be very strong. It was much better in winter, but one had to be extra careful when going to the toilet because one would miss a step.

This was also why Han Qianye and Xue Jinzhu did not dare to go to the toilet alone. They were afraid that they would miss a step if they came alone.

Xue Jinzhu carefully came out of the toilet and lowered her head to smell her body. “I smell it again.” With that, Xue Jinzhu even put her sleeve in front of Li Xiwu. “Sister Li, smell it. Is this smell very strong?”

Li Xiwu said without changing her expression, “No.”

At this moment, Han Qianye also came out. When she saw Xue Jinzhu’s actions, she stretched out her hand in front of her. “My hand seems to have touched something just now. It’s too dark to see clearly. Smell it and see what I’ve touched.”

Xue Jinzhu dodged and waved her hand in disdain. “Auntie Han, why are you like this?”

Han Qianye chuckled. “Didn’t I learn it from you?”

Xue Jinzhu: “…”

The next second, Xue Jinzhu stuck to Li Xiwu’s side and held her arm. “Sister Li, did I do something wrong? Auntie Han doesn’t seem to like me very much.”

Before Li Xiwu could say anything,

Han Qianye added, “Little pretentious bitch, I just don’t like you.”

Xue Jinzhu turned to Li Xiwu sweetly and said, “Sister Li, listen. She called me a little pretentious bitch.”

There were no cameras and no one else around. It was late at night, and Xue Jinzhu’s mother-in-law was suspected of poaching. Moreover, she had been shocked just now. With all these added up, Han Qianye was now filled with anger.

Han Qianye frowned and said coldly, “Aren’t you a little pretentious bitch? Which normal person speaks like you?”

Xue Jinzhu pouted. “Sister Li, look at her scolding me again. I’m not a pretentious bitch. I’m just innocent. Do you know what innocence means?”

Li Xiwu was between them. Every time Han Qianye said something, Xue Jinzhu would complain. Her left and right ears were extremely noisy. She took a deep breath. “Are you two done arguing?”

The two of them, who were arguing one second ago, fell silent the next.

Li Xiwu closed her eyes hard. When she spoke, she did not persuade the two of them to stop. Instead, she said, “I’m tired. I’ll go in first. It’s a long night. Take your time arguing.”

With that, Li Xiwu turned on the flashlight on her phone and went back along the way.

Only Han Qianye and Xue Jinzhu were left staring at each other.

The next day.

Li Xiwu was woken up early in the morning by the chatter outside—

“Why is it snowing so hard all night? I remember when I went to bed last night. It was clearly very light.”

“I’ve never seen such snow in my life!”

“Great. I can fulfill the snowman’s wish.”

Li Xiwu opened her eyes and stared at the beam for a while. Xue Jinzhu’s voice was still intermittent. Someone answered her. It sounded like Ding Wei and Ah Yue.

Li Xiwu gently lifted the blanket and got out of bed. She put on her down jacket and tied her scarf around her neck before coming out of the house.

She lifted the curtain and was stunned by the scene in front of her. The entire world in her eyes turned white, and everywhere she looked was covered in snow. If she had rarely seen snow, she would definitely be shocked by the scene in front of her.

Although it snowed every year in the capital, compared to the snow on Mount Liang, the mood was different.

Xue Jinzhu ran over, stepping on the thick snow on the ground. “Sister Li, it snowed so heavily last night. Look, it can build a snowman… Ah…!!”

Li Xiwu was about to respond. Xue Jinzhu, who was running towards her, suddenly lost her footing and fell forward. Ding Wei was shocked and quickly came over to help Xue Jinzhu. Immediately after, Xue Jinzhu’s miserable cries sounded. “It hurts so much…”

Li Xiwu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this scene. She was about to go down the steps, but this step was relatively high, and there were only two steps. There was also winter moss on the steps. If she wasn’t careful, she would slip.

Ah Yue ran over quickly. “Sister, sister.”

Li Xiwu looked up and saw Ah Yue running towards her. He walked up to her and reached out to her. “I’ll help you down slowly. Don’t fall.”

The dialect accent was strong, but the intention was warm.

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