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Chapter 158: 158 On the Eve of An Accident, Li Xiwu's Choice

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158 On the Eve of An Accident, Li Xiwu’s Choice

Everyone seemed to have no concept of half a kilometer. They felt that it should be a few rounds. It wasn’t until they really started moving them that they realized how hard it was. Every one-way trip felt like a long, long time.

The hardest part was that it started snowing again during the move.

The snow on the road became thicker and thicker. After stepping on it too much, it became very slippery. Almost everyone fell. Xue Jinzhu and Tao Jing fell the most. Their center of gravity was not very stable, so it was easier for them to fall.

After almost seven or eight rounds, everyone was exhausted. Seeing that half the supplies were moved and there were still seven or eight rounds left, no one looked happy.

[I’m tired just looking at it.]

[Although everyone has worked hard, this public service is so meaningful.]

[Xue Jinzhu is so miserable. She’s been falling.]

[Even Sister Li fell. It hurts just to look at it. Although snow is beautiful, it’s too slippery.]

Finally, after three hours, all the supplies were moved to Hope Primary School.

Li Xiwu raised her hand to wipe her sweat. When she saw that the bungalow that was built into a primary school did not even have a proper sports field, her hand slowly fell. The feeling in her heart was indescribable.

Tang Xian walked over and handed Li Xiwu a bottle of water. Li Xiwu took it and thanked her. Tang Xian said, “Hope Primary School, as the name implies, entrusts the hopes of everyone in Xinzhao Village.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Yes, it’s all hope.”

Tang Xian looked sideways at Li Xiwu. “Aren’t you very emotional?”

Li Xiwu lowered her voice a little, trying to hide the change in her voice. “A little.”

Everyone worked hard to move the supplies for the entire afternoon. When the bell rang and more than 30 students came out one after another, all the hard work was no longer hard work. It was worth it.

Some of those children were eleven or twelve years old, some were seven or eight years old, and some were even younger, only four years old.

They were dressed in colorful clothes. Many of them didn’t fit. Other than the fact that the clothes did not fit, some of them were still thinly dressed. Some of the children had sandals on their feet.

No one was wrong. It was indeed summer sandals.

They looked out at the sports field with cautious curiosity. The people in bright clothes were wearing very thick down jackets. They must be warm. They had never seen furry boots before, and those strange-looking machines. Were they cameras? Would they be cameras that shone people in?

The youngest child timidly hid behind his older brother. His small hand, which had not been washed since he went out, grabbed his older brother’s sleeve and asked timidly, “Why are there so many people today?”

No one was unmoved by this scene.

Min Hanrong looked up and tried to calm herself down because this was the first time she had seen such a heart-wrenching scene.

Xiang Lan didn’t feel good either. She breathed deeply and adjusted her emotions.

Xu Muzhen frowned and bit her lip with a sad expression.

Tao Jing secretly wiped her eyes. She could not believe what she was seeing. It was even more oppressive than she had imagined.

Even the most heartless Xue Jinzhu fell silent and looked at the children quietly.

Tang Xian silently picked up a large bag of down jackets and walked towards the children. Li Xiwu also carried a stack of brand new school bags. Han Qianye picked up the box containing the stationery box and followed.

The others took shoes or socks, and some small bread to eat.

[Boohoohoo, they’ve broken through my defenses.]

[It’s a cold day. Sandals are something I didn’t expect.]

[Their eyes are so clear, but it was sad to look at.]

[Broke my defenses. This public service is really too meaningful.]

[As long as the earth is still spinning, Mother-in-Law Joy will broadcast it live!]

This live broadcast scene was too heartbreaking. Many netizens recorded it and posted it on Weibo. Soon, it became a trending topic.

After a post called #Mother-in-Law Joy Breaks The Defenses Through Public Good# went on the trending searches, it was directly pushed to the top of the trending searches by the Weibo officials.

Not just because it made such significance.

The public good had always been the responsibility of the country.

The Weibo officials very humanely sent the entries to the top of the trending searches. Moreover, they would occupy the entire day’s traffic. Many public welfare officials and big shots would forward them.

Soon, the entire Weibo was filled with topics about Mother-in-Law Joy doing charity.

[After chasing so many variety shows, I really love Mother-in-Law Joy.]

[Many people’s defenses broke because of that little boy in sandals, but my defenses broke because they kept saying thank you after receiving the supplies.]

[Strongly recommend this variety show, it is full of positive energy.]

[I was laughing non-stop when they were carrying supplies and falling, but now I’m crying like dogs.]

After distributing the supplies, there was time to spend with those children. Jumping rope, kicking shuttlecocks, hopscotch, and eagles catching chicks were everyone’s usual favorite games.

Li Xiwu had been a mother hen once, and Xue Jinzhu had been the eagle.

Tao Jing knew how to jump rope, and Xu Muzhen knew how to kick a shuttlecock. The game of hopscotch was taught by the children, and everyone quickly learned it. Every child was having a good time. After that, they participated in a class.

At around five-thirty, the public service live broadcast was finally completed.

And because they had done something very meaningful, everyone was in a good mood.

On the way back, they didn’t feel that the road was difficult. Everyone chatted and laughed, taking photos as they walked and chatting happily.

Then it began to snow again.

It was getting late. Ding Wei looked up at the sky and reminded everyone, “It’s going to snow hard soon. We have to walk faster.”

They were originally expected to leave Xinzhao Village this afternoon. But when they finished public welfare, it was too late. Ding Wei told everyone that they could only wait until tomorrow morning to leave.

And now it was snowing heavily. They wondered if it would affect the journey down the mountain tomorrow.

When everyone heard this, they were all worried.

Min Hanrong did not want to stay another night and expressed that she wanted to leave. Ding Wei expressed his respect and asked for the opinions of the others. After all, it would be dangerous to leave overnight, but if the snow was too heavy tomorrow, they would definitely not be able to leave.

In the end, after the discussion, Min Hanrong was very insistent on leaving tonight. Tao Jing also stood on her mother-in-law’s side. Xue Jinzhu shouted that she had to leave. Staying in a hotel in the city was better than staying here.

Han Qianye was also leaving. Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen did not express their stance, but if everyone left, they would definitely leave.

Only Tang Xian said, “To be safe, I’ll leave tomorrow.”

At this moment, Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu. “Then are you leaving?”

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