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Chapter 159: 159 Take A Photo of Li Xiwu And Secretly Send It To Another Person

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159 Take A Photo of Li Xiwu And Secretly Send It To Another Person

For safety and all other considerations, Li Xiwu planned to leave tomorrow morning. If she couldn’t leave due to the snow, she would wait until she could. In any case, she didn’t have to record a show tomorrow. It didn’t matter to her if she stayed in the mountains for another day.

So she made her stance clear.

Han Qianye’s eyelids drooped. “Are you really not leaving?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “I’ll leave tomorrow. I also suggest that you leave tomorrow. To be safe.”

She meant well. How could Han Qianye not understand? Han Qianye wanted to go along with Li Xiwu, but she felt that she almost had no bottom line. If she continued like this, Li Xiwu would completely control her.

Therefore, Han Qianye put on the aura of a mother-in-law and said, “You have to leave with me tonight.”

As soon as she said this, everyone looked at Li Xiwu and Han Qianye—

Li Xiwu’s expression did not change much, and her voice was calm. “I’m not leaving tonight.”

At this moment, Tang Xian said, “Qianye, Xiwu also said just now that for safety’s sake, what if something happens tonight? Listen to Xiwu. Don’t leave.”

Humans could not withstand provocation. When Han Qianye heard Tang Xian interrupt, she restrained her anger and said, “It’s up to you to leave. I want to leave anyway.”

Tang Xian knew that her words had provoked Han Qianye, so she did not say anything else.

Min Hanrong walked over to Han Qianye. “The driver drives this road all year round. You don’t have to worry about safety at all. On the other hand, if it snows too much tonight, it will be even harder to leave tomorrow. Those who aren’t leaving, think carefully.”

Putting aside the fact that she was fanning the flames, Min Hanrong was not wrong. However, no one could guarantee safety.

Xue Jinzhu added, “Are you leaving or not? If you want to leave, report the number. Those that are leaving, get in the car. If we don’t leave, it’ll be dark.”

Everyone looked up at the sky. It was getting late. It was indeed getting dark. Min Hanrong asked Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen if they were leaving.

Xiang Lan, who had originally decided to follow everyone, hesitated. Xu Muzhen wanted Ding Wei’s whipped potato and wanted to eat all the potatoes here. After hesitating for a while, she said to Xiang Lan, “Mom, why don’t we stay tonight?”

This time, Xiang Lan couldn’t make up her mind. Hearing that Zhenzhen was not leaving, Xiang Lan immediately made up her mind. “Alright, then I won’t leave. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

After the agreement, only Han Qianye, Xue Jinzhu, Min Hanrong, and Tao Jing were leaving. The others were the director, a portion of the cameramen, and the staff.

Li Xiwu, Tang Xian, and Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen chose to stay for the night for safety and leave tomorrow. When they returned to the village cliub’s office, the four of them took their luggage and left in the car arranged by the production team.

Ding Wei watched the two cars leave and clapped her hands together. “Polazemo.”

Xu Muzhen walked over to Ding Wei. “Brother Ding, what did you just say?”

Ding Wei turned around, his age-stained face filled with a sincere smile. “It means to have a safe trip, and it’s also the Loloish language here.”

Xu Muzhen followed suit and clasped her hands together. “Is that what you said, Polazemo?”

Tindwyl nodded. “Yeah.”

Xu Muzhen put away her hand and asked with a smile, “Brother Ding, can you make more whipped potatoes tonight?”

Ding Wei patted Xu Muzhen’s head gently. “As long as you like it, I can make as many as you want. You have to know that there’s no lack of potatoes in Mount Liang.”

Xu Muzhen was overjoyed. She gave herself a thumbs up for the decision she had chosen to stay behind tonight.

On the other side of the courtyard.

For once, Li Xiwu had the leisure to pile a small snowman on the washing table that Ding Wei had built in his early years. Tang Xian found a branch, broke it into two, and handed it to Li Xiwu. “Look at these two branches. Can you make them into the hands of a little snowman?”

Li Xiwu took it and looked at it. “It should work.”

After plugging it in, she looked at the finished product.

Tang Xian smiled and said, “It’s quite cute.” With that, she quickly took out her phone from her pocket and unlocked it. She opened the camera and took a photo of the little snowman. “I’ll send it to Lanshi to take a look.”

Li Xiwu moved aside to make room for Tang Xian to take photos.

Tang Xian quickly said, “Xiwu, just stand there. I’ll take another photo of you and the snowman in the same frame.”

Li Xiwu was surprised. “Taking photos of me and the snowman?”

Tang Xian nodded. “Yes, I want to leave a photo of you in my phone.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and did not squirm. She stood gracefully beside the little snowman she had piled up and faced Tang Xian’s camera. The twilight was gray. One of the cameramen who had not left thoughtfully came over and turned on the light. This way, the photos taken would be very clear.

Li Xiwu had never been used to being photographed. When she specially took photos, her smile would look unnatural on her face. But she never knew that the more unnatural her smile was, the more beautiful she looked. When the coldness faded, only the beauty was left.

At this moment, Tang Xian said, “Xiwu, make another gesture.”

Li Xiwu hesitated, then slowly raised her hand and extended her middle and index fingers. She gestured. She was a little silly, and a little cute.

She was completely different from her usual coldness and indifference. She was like the most beautiful doll that had suddenly been injected with vitality, but in fact, she was so beautiful at all times that it was impossible to forget her.

After taking the photo, Tang Xian opened WeChat and sent it to a WeChat friend named ‘Son’. Then, in one smooth motion, she sent her son the two photos she had taken of Li Xiwu. Just as she finished sending the photo, she heard Li Xiwu say, “Auntie Tang, can you send me a copy of the photo just now?”

Tang Xian smiled and asked, “Are you sending it to your lover?”

Li Xiwu only smiled and did not explain.

Tang Xian nodded. “I’ll send it to you now.”

A minute later, the two of them officially added each other on WeChat. Li Xiwu’s phone received a WeChat notification. She opened it and saw that it was a photo from Tang Xian.

Two photos.

She looks silly in one photo. In the other, she raised her fingers in a V, looking even more silly. Looking at the two dumb photos, Li Xiwu gave up the idea of posting them on her Moments. Forget it, they were too dumb.

It was better to send it to Qiao Qiao alone.

Hence, Li Xiwu opened Qiao Qiao’s WeChat and clicked on the original photo. She sent the two photos Tang Xian had taken of her to Qiao Qiao. She was about to put away her phone when Qiao Qiao sent four voice messages—

[I’m really impressed by you, a beautiful fairy!]

[Look! Look for yourself! Is this level of looks really reasonable?]

[If I were Da Vinci, the picture hanging in the Louvre would be you.]

[Also, I have to remind you that it’s illegal to be too beautiful.]

After hearing the voice message, Li Xiwu was speechless. Qiao Qiao’s rainbow fart would never disappoint.

Li Xiwu typed a reply: [I took it just now. I sent it to you first.]

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