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Chapter 161: 161 Accident, Emergency Rescue (1)

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161 Accident, Emergency Rescue (1)

Li Xiwu had a very cold image of a beauty. Those people would never have thought that the female guest in smoky makeup on the blind date show was Li Xiwu herself. Therefore, no one had ever checked her background before.

Qiao Qiao was extremely vexed. In the past, she had always clicked on visible categories on her WeChat Moments, but this time, she posted it so quickly that she completely forgot about it.

Li Xiwu didn’t wait for Qiao Qiao’s reply and made a call.

Qiao Qiao picked it up guiltily. “Bae, I…”

Li Xiwu asked, “Were you seen?”

Qiao Qiao didn’t dare lie. “I’ve already deleted it, but I’m not sure if the shills saw it. Anyway, they didn’t like it.”

Li Xiwu focused and breathed in deeply, “I hope they didn’t see it.”

Qiao Qiao felt guilty. “I’m sorry, Bae. I was careless.” After a pause, Qiao Qiao suddenly thought of something. “Why don’t I beautify the photo and repost it in Changbai? Everyone knows that you’re at Mount Liang anyway. I’m thousands of miles away from you in Changbai.”

Li Xiwu thought for a few seconds. “Forget it. It’s not easy to tell from the photos. But I’m on camera today. My clothes and hairstyle haven’t changed. If you post the location again, you’ll look even more guilty.”

Qiao Qiao was very anxious. “Then why don’t I say that we’re twins when they find out and ask?”

Li Xiwu chuckled. “Things aren’t completely irreversible yet. Let’s see. Maybe they didn’t see it at all.”

Qiao Qiao knew that Li Xiwu was guiding her not to blame herself too much and to look on the bright side.

Seriously, she was stupid.

After ending Qiao Qiao’s call, Li Xiwu’s expression darkened. Tang Xian saw that her mood had turned bad after the call and asked with concern, “Did something happen?”

Li Xiwu turned to look at Tang Xian. “Nothing.”

Since Li Xiwu did not say anything, Tang Xian could not ask further. As the two of them walked in, Tang Xian took the initiative to ask, “Xiwu, how are you doing at the Pei residence?”

Li Xiwu was surprised that Tang Xian knew about the Pei family. This was something that had yet to be exposed.

Tang Xian could tell what Li Xiwu was thinking and explained, “I heard from Lanshi that your husband’s family is the Pei family in the capital.”

That powerful Pei family!

Tang Xian was afraid that Li Xiwu would be suspicious, so she explained how Gu Lanshi knew about the Pei family. Hence, Li Xiwu also heard the name Li Huaisheng from Tang Xian.

“Li Huaisheng…” She murmured the unfamiliar name. She was clearly stunned for a moment.

Tang Xian had been paying attention to Li Xiwu’s expression. “He’s Lanshi’s teacher. Lanshi is also Mr. Li’s most valued student.” At this point, Tang Xian teased, “I remember that Mr. Li thought very highly of his daughter and Lanshi becoming a couple.”

Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “Then, did they get together?”

Tang Xian lowered her eyes. “No.” After a pause, Tang Xian said, “It’s fate.”

Li Xiwu read the flash of regret in Tang Xian’s expression and guessed that something must have happened in between, so the two of them did not get together in the end.

This was not a good topic. It made her sad for no reason.

Therefore, Li Xiwu ended the topic and changed the topic.

As they chatted, Tang Xian changed the topic back to the Pei family and mentioned Han Qianye’s attitude towards Li Xiwu in the afternoon.

Tang Xian spoke appropriately. She did not deliberately badmouth Han Qianye. She just mentioned Han Qianye’s attitude and asked Li Xiwu if she had suffered the same treatment as Han Qianye in the Pei family.

Li Xiwu said, “I don’t see her much.”

Tang Xian asked, “You don’t live together?”

Li Xiwu shook her head.

Tang Xian looked thoughtful. After a moment, she reached out to take Li Xiwu’s hand. “Let’s go in.” When she touched Li Xiwu’s hand, she realized that it was very cold. Tang Xian asked with concern, “Xiwu, are you cold?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “My hands and feet are naturally cold. I rarely feel warm.”

Tang Xian asked, “Was it before?”

Li Xiwu nodded.

Tang Xian tightened her grip on Li Xiwu’s hand. “Then let’s hurry in and warm ourselves by the fire.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.”

Half of the people had already left tonight, so there was only one table for dinner. Everyone sat together. The pot of whipped potato was the most on the table, and the other dishes were vegetables and a piece of bacon. It smelled very good.

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