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Chapter 162: 162 Accident, Emergency Rescue (2)

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162 Accident, Emergency Rescue (2)

Halfway through the meal, Ding Wei suddenly received a call. Everyone was chatting and laughing as they ate when they heard Ding Wei ask, “How is everyone? Is everyone okay?”

Everyone looked at Ding Wei in unison.

Ding Wei looked nervous. “Okay, okay, okay. I understand. I’ll be right there.”

After ending the call, the panic on Ding Wei’s face did not decrease. Instead, he became even more anxious and seemed to be in a daze.

Tang Xian quickly put down her bowl and chopsticks and asked, “Weiwei, what happened?”

Ding Wei said only four words. “They had an accident.”

Everyone fell silent.

The call just now had been from the driver. As soon as the driver got up, he called the emergency number first, but it was difficult to get here, and they hadn’t even walked halfway, so he could only call Ding Wei.

The exact situation was that the car overturned and the entire car rolled down the slope. At that time, someone jumped out and someone didn’t jump out. They rolled down with the car. The exact situation was unclear, and the driver wasn’t in a good state.

The chopsticks in Xu Muzhen’s hand fell back onto the table. “The entire car flipped?”

Xiang Lan also put down her bowl and chopsticks. “Then isn’t the situation very serious?”

Li Xiwu asked, “What about the director’s car?”

Ding Wei said, “The director’s car is fine. It has already returned after knowing the situation, but it’s a little far. The director’s car drove very fast all the way. It will take some time to rush back.”

With that, Li Xiwu and Tang Xian had already stood up, looking nervous and worried.

Ding Wei said that he wanted to drive to pick them up immediately, afraid that something would happen if he was too late, although he did not know if anything had happened to anyone other than the driver.

Li Xiwu immediately said, “I’ll go with you.”

Tang Xian grabbed Li Xiwu’s arm. “No, don’t go. It’s too dangerous.”

Ding Wei also said, “All of you, wait here in peace. I’ll arrange the rescue.”

There were not many cameramen in the group live broadcast to begin with. Gao Yueban and the director left early in the afternoon with a portion of the cameramen. Only Yu Jing was left here. The drivers were all local people, so there were only two of them. In total, there was a whole car full of people.

There was also Ding Wei and Ah Yue and Naibao. They needed two cars to get there now.

It was snowing hard. No one came out for a while during the meal. The footprints in the courtyard were covered, and not a single mark could be seen. There was the rustle of snow denting with every step she took.

In the end, Tang Xian could not stop Li Xiwu and watched as she got into the car. Tang Xian stood outside the car door and tried to persuade her. “Xiwu, you can’t do much even if you go. It’s better to wait here.”

Li Xiwu breathed in deeply, “I can’t wait in peace. Nothing can happen to her… Nothing can happen to them. Don’t worry, Auntie Tang. My night vision is very good. It’s easier to find someone.”

Tang Xian knew that she couldn’t persuade her anymore and tried to follow.

Li Xiwu stopped her. “You don’t have to go. I’ll stay in touch.”

Tang Xian sighed. “Alright, remember to keep in touch.”

After the two cars left, the lights in the entire courtyard seemed to dim a little. The heavy snow fell, and a layer of white snow quickly piled up on the people standing in the courtyard.

Xu Muzhen looked up at the sky and clasped his hands together. She muttered, “Polazemo.”

Xiang Lan asked, “Zhenzhen, what are you saying?”

Xu Muzhen said, “Brother Ding said that this means to have a safe trip in the Loloish language.”

After nearly half an hour of driving, the two cars finally arrived at the location of the SUV accident.

The driver’s legs were crushed and he couldn’t move to save anyone. He sat on a large rock, shivering with cold and hugging his body to ward off the cold. Only the light of the phone’s flashlight was still on.

The director’s car had turned back. Just a few minutes ago, everyone had gone down to save them now.

Ding Wei checked the condition of the driver’s legs and shouted, “Ah Yue, Naibao, help the driver into the car. Be careful of his legs. They’re probably broken.”

When they heard that it was broken, the hearts of the other cameramen who rushed over trembled.

Ah Yue and Naibao quickly came over to help. They reached out to help as much as they could. Unable to do physical work, Li Xiwu helped light the way. If any branches blocked their way, she rushed to the front and pulled them away. She was sweating from the heat.

When it couldn’t be pulled, Ah Yue came to help. “Sister, let me do it. I’ll do it.”

Currently, they have already found Min Hanrong and Xue Jinzhu. Both of them were slightly injured and were pressed down, unable to move, but Tao Jing and Han Qianye were nowhere to be seen.

When Min Hanrong was lifted up, she said in a weak voice, “Jingjing jumped out of the car. I asked her to jump. Please look for her.”

Ding Wei comforted her. “Don’t worry. We’ll definitely find her.”

When Xue Jinzhu was lifted up, she kept crying. She cried until she was out of breath and shouted, “Sister Li…”

Li Xiwu shone the light on Xue Jinzhu and held her hand. “Don’t be afraid. It’s fine.”

“There seems to be someone over there!” Someone shouted.

Everyone looked in the direction of the light and could vaguely see a person lying on the ground. No one dared to delay and quickly ran over.

Li Xiwu ran after them. She pushed aside the layers of snow and realized that it was the unconscious Tao Jing.

Ding Wei shouted, “Found one.”

The others quickly came over to lift Tao Jing. After confirming that Tao Jing was safe, Li Xiwu raised the lamp and shone it around, looking for Han Qianye.

Ah Yue’s heart ached for Li Xiwu. He came over and said, “Sister, go rest. I’ll help you find her.”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “It’s fine. I’m not tired.”

After carrying the unconscious Tao Jing away, the remaining people continued to look for Han Qianye.

Li Xiwu raised the light and shouted Han Qianye’s name. No one responded. Someone had discovered rolling traces, suspected to be left behind by a person. They shone it down in that direction, but there was a 90-degree vertical slope below.

Fortunately, the car did not overturn below. Otherwise, everyone in the car would probably have not been spared.

“I think she rolled down, but I’m not sure. The lights didn’t show anyone,” Naibao shouted.

Li Xiwu walked over quickly. “Let me see.”

Those marks did look like human roll marks. There were none here at the ninety-degree vertical slope, so it was very likely that they had rolled down. But it was dangerous down there. No one knew what to expect.

Naibao said, “I’ll go down.”

Ah Yue rushed to say, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it.”

Ding Wei walked over, sweating and panting. “Move aside, you two brats. Let me do it.”

The others wanted to go down but were a little afraid. At this moment, Li Xiwu said, “I’ll go down. I’m lighter. It’s not difficult for you to pull.”

Ding Wei disagreed, but Li Xiwu quickly convinced him. Li Xiwu did not know what she would face next. And Ding Wei could only trust Li Xiwu. He raised his voice and shouted, “Get the rope!”

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