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Chapter 164: 164 Li Xiwu Was Sent To The Emergency Room

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164 Li Xiwu Was Sent To The Emergency Room

At this moment, someone shouted from below—

“Weiwei, something happened to Sister!”

Ding Wei was shocked. “What? Something happened to Miss Li?”

Naibao was preparing to go down when he heard Ah Yue’s shout. He was shocked. “I’ll be down soon.”

Yu Jing and the cameraman stepped forward together. Yu Jing’s face was filled with worry as he pressed his palms together and prayed. “Miss Li, nothing must happen to you. If anything happens to you, our entire production team will be finished.”

The cameraman was also worried that Li Xiwu would be injured. But he didn’t expect that the entire production team would be finished once Li Xiwu was injured. This seriousness frightened him a little.

He asked nervously, “Director Yu, it can’t be, right?”

Yu Jing raised his hand and slapped the back of the cameraman’s head. “Hurry up and pray.”

Before long, Ah Yue was pulled up by everyone with Li Xiwu on his back. Without another word, Ding Wei picked up the unconscious Li Xiwu and walked back. “Make way quickly. Those who are following the way, quickly illuminate the way. Don’t delay.”

Everyone was cooperating.

Yu Jing grabbed the tearful Ah Yue and asked, “What’s wrong with Miss Li?”

Ah Yue cried, “Sister fell and hit a big rock. Her head was covered in blood…”

Yu Jing was so frightened that his face was even paler than the snow. “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and find someone to drive her to the hospital!!”

Ding Wei carried Li Xiwu back and got into another empty car. He was worried about the production team being the driver. Because he was unfamiliar with this road, he called Ah Yue to take good care of Li Xiwu. He drove himself.

Han Qianye heard dense footsteps outside and looked out. At this moment, the car door opened. It was the cameraman who had spoken to her just now.

Han Qianye quickly asked, “Did you find her?”

The cameraman carefully sized up Han Qianye’s face. Han Qianye was confused. She was about to ask what was wrong and why he was looking at her like that when she saw Yu Jing walk over and pull the cameraman away. He also sized her up carefully.

After staring at her for a long time, Yu Jing probed, “Are you really Han Qianye?”

Han Qianye: “…”

Yu Jing did not care anymore. He reached in and pulled Han Qianye’s arm, causing her pain. “Director Yu, why are you pinching me?”

Yu Jing suddenly heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s real.”

Han Qianye was a little angry. “What do you mean? You’d better explain clearly.”

“There’s no time to explain. Sorry, sorry.” With that, Yu Jing raised his chin and gestured for the cameraman to drive. Then he got in and closed the car door.

The journey was still bumpy. Yu Jing asked again worriedly, “Do you feel any pain in your body? Or can’t you lift your hands and feet?”

Han Qianye shook her head. “No, I’m just a little dizzy. I suspect it’s a slight concussion. I won’t know until I go to the hospital for a checkup.”

Yu Jing replied, “Alright, rest well first.”

Han Qianye asked weakly, “Is Min Hanrong alright?”

Yu Jing looked nervous. “She’s fine…” It was your daughter-in-law who was not fine…

Yu Jing did not know how to explain the exact situation. He thought that Han Qianye might have a slight concussion. If he said it, she would be too worried and probably faint again in the next second.

He could only wait until she was at the hospital and had a physical examination before telling her.

Tonight, it was snowing non-stop. After more than twenty minutes of driving, the car finally arrived at the county hospital with difficulty.

Li Xiwu was taken to the emergency room.

Han Qianye was sent for a full-body checkup, but when she got out of the car, she noticed another emergency stretcher being pushed in. She asked Yu Jing, “Is that Min Hanrong?”

Yu Jing did not know how to answer. He said, “Go and do a checkup first.”

Han Qianye retracted her gaze and sighed. “I didn’t expect Min Hanrong to be so seriously injured. You just said that she was fine. But she was pushed in on the emergency stretcher. It looks like not only is she not fine, but the matter is also quite serious.”

Yu Jing smiled awkwardly. “It shouldn’t be a big problem. Maybe her legs are injured.”

After Han Qianye finished her checkup and confirmed that she was fine, she stayed in the hospital ward.

Tao Jing had already woken up on the way to the hospital. When she woke up, she felt nauseous and wanted to vomit. From time to time, her ears would ring, which was an obvious symptom of a mild concussion.

Accompanied by Min Hanrong, Tao Jing finished her physical examination. There were no other superficial wounds on her body, but Xue Jinzhu had some superficial wounds. Her legs were pressed and it hurt a little. She could not walk for the time being and needed to lie down properly.

The three of them stayed in the same ward. The only driver had broken his leg and had been sent to the Orthopedics Department.

At around nine, Li Xiwu left the emergency room and was sent to a normal ward.

At this moment, the ward was surrounded by people. Ding Wei stood at the front, and Ah Yue squeezed through the gap and crawled to the bed to guard it. Director Yu, Director Gao, and the others were outside.

The doctor said, “Medium concussion. Let her rest. We’ll talk about everything tomorrow when she wakes up.”

The situation was not serious, and everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Gao Yueban pulled Yu Jing out to talk. There was no one in the corridor. Gao Yueban asked, “Did Han Qianye call President Pei?”

Yu Jing shook his head. “Not yet. Han Qianye doesn’t know about Li Xiwu’s injury yet. She thinks it’s Min Hanrong.”

Gao Yueban’s heart skipped a beat. “We can’t hide this from President Pei.”

Yu Jing said, “Of course I know we can’t hide it, but it’s already so late. Let’s wait until Li Xiwu wakes up tomorrow. After everything that happened tonight, everyone should rest well.”

Gao Yueban sighed and said with a hint of self-reproach, “If I had known, I wouldn’t have driven so fast. The driver behind must have wanted to catch up to our car. Who knew that something would happen?”

Yu Jing also sighed. “When I left the village club, I should have left Li Xiwu there no matter what. Now that something has happened, it’s really difficult to explain to President Pei.”

Gao Yueban turned around and walked in. “If Li Xiwu wasn’t injured, someone else would have been injured. At that time, I only went back to drive them to the hospital when Li Xiwu went down. I remember that before I left, which was before Li Xiwu went down, other than Ding Wei and the two boys, no one in our production team dared to go down.”

Yu Jing remained silent.

Because Gao Yueban was telling the truth.

The person who realized that Han Qianye might have fallen was the production team’s cameraman. The person who said to save her was also from the production team. The two little boys took the initiative to go down. Ding Wei was extremely tired and still wanted to beat them to it. None of the production team dared to say anything.

In the end, Li Xiwu convinced Ding Wei that she could go down.

In any case, no matter who went down, they might be injured.

In the ward.

Ah Yue guarded the bed with red eyes. From time to time, he would glance at Li Xiwu, who was still unconscious. When he couldn’t control his emotions, he turned to ask Ding Wei, “Weiwei, will Sister wake up?”

Naibao patted Ah Yue’s head and said softly, “Think well. Sister will be fine.”

Ah Yue sobbed. “But there’s a lot of blood on Sister’s head…”

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